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haha when i first joined i needed a training partner and used it and pseudonym's name came up. would like to find a training partner who a bodybuilder and way above my level but dont think they would want to waste their time. as everyone wants someone bigger and stronger to push them

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hah. well maybe we need to start a thread instead. I go to BTS (used to be colosseum) in mt eden, and I can go pretty much anytime - 4 days a week. Any takers?

I thought with a user name of liftathomeguy, you'd be lifting at home.......guy :pfft:

Funny thing is, when I saw you'd started this thread I thought you wanted someone to come to your place to train with you :lol:

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Far yeah I needa spotting partner.

At the moment, I just ask any random dude at the gym if he can give me a spot. Or I ask if I can jump in with his sets, he does a set I do a set. Then ask if he needs a spot and vice versa. 8)

There are a couple of techniques to go beond the failure barrier if your training alone...

if u want to know any just name the lift and ill describe the failure breaking technique.

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Oh, go on then... :wink:

ok u asked for it. but dont go telling everybody some of my training techniques are kinda secret.


BENCH PRESS DB - failure fighters.(one armed bandits)

1.lay on bench in regular position.

2. select 2 DB's of even weight which u would regularly fail of your 5th* rep on

3. on your fith* rep let out your battle cry and throw the weights with all of your might! then as u begin to fail fight it hard for 3 solid seconds.

4. now time for u second battle cry as u throw your left" handed DB to the ground.( keep your right" DB firmly fighting hard in postion!).

5. take your now free left hand and lightly* assit your right hand to comeplete the move ment.

6. as your lower for the negative make sure NO ASSITANCE is provided.

7. provide as much assitance nessacary to complete 3 more reps on the postives.


*number of reps depends on goals / total reps wanted.

" alternate left and right hand roles each set.

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Your Best PAL

Self-reliance may just be the best training partner you’ve ever had

The three musketeers had the “All for one and one for all” thing working for them. Unfortunately for you, there’s no such similar credo in fitness. While I believe there is merit to a team spirit-driven philosophy, I don’t believe that a more-the-merrier approach is the salvation for all training shortcomings. Ultimately, it boils down to something much closer to real life: you are responsible for you.

The day you look in the mirror and come to terms with the person staring back at you being your training partner for life, the better off you’ll be-and the better your workouts will be.

A training partner may start out like the best thing since wholemeal organic bread, but he may turn into a sliced white loaf by workout No. 3. Training partners can let you down in a number of ways. Some of the more charming ones include tardiness, lack of intensity, inability or unwillingness to push themselves (or you, for that matter), personal hygiene (hard to get past that one long term) and their incessant need to alter the time of your training sessions.

Not to say that every training partnership is doomed. Many are very successful, mainly because they’re built on a 50/50 relationship in which each participant is a much concerned with his partner’s progress as his own.

Now don’t get me wrong; I don’t mind letting someone work in. And I have no problem being friendly and polite at the crossover cables. In fact, I’m even okay having the occasional short conversation during my workout as long as the other person is also working out. But the thought og having to rely on someone else to light my workout fire doesn’t work for me.

Unless you’ve found a perfect training partner, my advice is to keep your own training pilot light lit all the time.

Turn up your heat as you need to during certain times of the year, during certain workouts. Be honest with yourself. You’ll know when you’re not. You’re doing this for you, only you. Remember, passion is pushing your-self when there’s no one else around. So get passionate, push yourself. That partner in the mirror is counting on you.

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I've never had a training partner - probably never will.

My mates are all lazy bastards & blame lack of time to hit the gym - they've always got time to drink & watch tv though :lol:

I quite enjoy my own company at the gym - I don't feel pressured to have to be all nice & chatty to anyone if I've had a rough day but I can if I choose to.

It's my time out!

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I quite enjoy my own company at the gym - I don't feel pressured to have to be all nice & chatty to anyone if I've had a rough day but I can if I choose to.

It's my time out!

i always get pissed off at my training partner lol, and viceversa.

i only have on on shoulder and chest days and sometimes back so i got best of both worlds :lol:

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