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What happens on Halloween out there?

Trick-or-treaters come home with white pills

Police search area with children to find the source

Vancouver police were last night scouring south-east Vancouver after four families reported white pills in their children's Halloween bounty.

I heard on the news the little bags with the pills also had an oreo cookie and a tea bag. I assume the person handing it out is fairly new to the country and doesn't generally celebrate the occasion.

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It's certainly not as big here as in the US and (I presume) Canada. It kind of depends on where you live, too.

I don't think we had any treat-or-treaters here this year - which is always nice. Call me a spoilsport, but I'm not a big fan of Halloween. In essence, it really is just commercialised blackmail - "Give me something nice, or else..."

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I was walking home from the gym and some kids who were all of about 8/9 years old, unsupervised and no costumes asked me 'trick or treat'.. I said I don't have any treats so lets see a trick.. and they said 'f*&k off b*stard'.. :evil:

Oooh... I wanted to give them a good kick up the bum! :shifty:

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i always love how kids from out of the area arrive, generally specific ethnic groups, and always in vanloads. i often wonder...do you even know what halloween is?or you just think its a day you get free food you wouldnt normally have??

thankfully it appears to be lessening each year, maybe the message about obesity is getting through...either that or all the freaks out there scare parents so much they wont let there kids out.

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I took my 10 year old son out trick or treating with some of his friends, they were all dressed up and really enjoyed it. When I was that age we never went trick or treating, I feel that I've missed out....unless I pretend to be Andre the Giant next halloween :twisted:

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