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This question came up in someone's journal just a little while back, I think. Do a search for "emule".

Like you, I don't really care what music they play in the gym - although it does help if it's not too sleep-inducing and soporific! The only thing I care about is whether it's quiet enough to be able to talk over, but loud enough to cover the sounds of my grunts! (Ever trained in an empty gym after closing time once the music's been turned off? Man, it's disconcerting! :pfft:)

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yea man thers so many places wher u can dl music for free its so easy. i use limewire because i find it easy to use altho sumtimes its hard to find a specific song only if its not well known tho. um ther are sum beta ones out ther but i would recommend limewire as its simple and i think its user friendly. ther is a pro version which allows u dl music faster and gives u a broader search < it costs money> but because this is teh internet u can dl the pro version off limewire itself i havnt done this yet as a virus may be in sum of these i would only take limwire pro off a mates comp tht has already dl it.

u say u sound stinge not wanting to buy the music..thts ridiculous i dnt think i would ever buy a cd now its jst a waste of time whn u can dl it for free, sounds bad i knw but hey thts technology :P

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limewire pro is the best and easiest, just type it into any search engine and it will come up, just make sure you include "free" in the search bar

Its also best to only use the "audio" only search tool, unless you want to pollute your search with stuff involving young women (and sometimes men) & various objects,creatures etc.

Also make sure you turn off the upload function, or people can strip your monthly bandwidth in a couple of days.

once you have downloaded, just transfer the songs to itunes, that way you can play them or tranfer to your ipod easy

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as a side to this, does anyone have a list of favorite songs that gets you going and really in the zone for that next lift??

i love old school hip hop stuff, but sometimes something angry gets you going better.

I mostly listen to old school gangsta rap during workouts.. but here's some others on my ipod right now:

Disturbed - down with the sickness, stupified

DMX - up in here

Creed - my sacrifice, higher, arms wide open

Jay Z & Linkin Park - numb/encore

Eminem - lose yourself

Fort Minor - Remember the Name

Range against the machine are pretty kewl too

And I find long drum n bass tracks good for cardio 'cos the beats can be timed to steps

Try this thread as well:


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Hmmmm, I mainly listen to hiphop and rap.

Songs with that hype up feeling...


Heres where you get the pro version, it gets updated everytime limewire updates theres 8) Ill remove it, if ya not allowed ta link.

But Im sure none of you wont mind 8)

btw even though I have downloaded from here and no viruses was found, if "out of nowhere" you get a virus etc............. Dont blame me :pfft:

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