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Why inject into muscles?

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"Sub" comes from, well, sub... meaning "under". And "cutaneous" comes from the same root as cuticle, I guess... which is skin (specifically, the bit on fingernails and toenails). All together, subcutaneous means "under the skin".

In terms of injection sites, this means into the layer of fat between skin and muscle. This is why you might see diabetics injecting into the stomach area - they're not actually injecting into the stomach area itself, but into the layer of fat on top of the abs.

Why inject insulin subcutaneously? I don't know. Some drugs do it to slow the absorption rate. Perhaps someone can confirm whether this is the case with insulin? And if you can do it with insulin, why not with other steroids as well?

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Well where else you would inject it?



I seriously suggest not to try the latter.

Subcutaneous however, insulin, GH, hcg is usually administered this way.

Most others - vaccines, steroids and the like are intra muscular injection.

Well, I have been told to aspirate and make sure a blood vessel has not been hit when injecting into a muscle... You need to draw back, make sure no blood runs back up the needle - then you're sweet to inject.

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