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Steroid Half-Life's

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This is something to think about before you take Steroids.

This is simply the amount of time a steroid takes to drop 50% from the time it was first administered. A good example would be oral Dianabol. The half life of this popular steroid would be approximately 4.5 - 6 days. Then for it to drop to 50% again would take another 4.5 - 6 days. This formula would be reducing in stages of 50% every 4.5 - 6 days

Another example could be the injectable depot Testosterone Enanthate. The half life for this little beauty would be approximately 10.5 days then it would reduce by 50% in the same time.

Sustanon - My personal favourite has a half life of 15-18 days. So, one has to realize that there would be several different reductions by 50% before we can safely say that the steroids are no longer in the body. Half lives are mainly a guide not to see how long the drug is in the body but rether to assist the user in avoiding peaks and troughs whilst on the steroid of choice.

Now an ester is where a steroid has a fatty acid added (esterification) to make the steroid compound more oil soluble. This make it more difficult for the rate at which the steroid compound can leave the injection site, hence the steroid will release slowly for days. See what I mean?

Here are a few examples of a few popular steroid half lives for you to take in:


Winstrol - 9 hrs

Dianabol - 4.5 - 6 hrs

Anadrol - 8-9 hrs

Anavar - 9 hours

Injectable depot steroid half lives

Sustanon - 15 to 18 days

Deca-Durabolin (nandrolone decatonate) - 14 days

Primobolan - 10.5 days

Testosterone Cypionate - 12 days

Testosterone Enanthate - 10.5 days

Equipoise - 14 days

Finaject (trenbolone) - 3 days

Testosterone Propionate - 4.5 days

Winstrol ( stanozolol) - 1 day

Good luck with this.


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For the sustanon the longest ester might have a half life of 18 days but the shorter ones do not. A cursury glance of the half lives might suggest to people that sustanon can be shot with longer intervals when in fact it needs to be administered eod for blood levels to remain stable.

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From what I have been told most people who go to HRT clinics get injections either once a month or once a fortnight. I only know one guy in NZ to go to a clinic and last I heard he was once every two weeks.

But they are only dealing with low dosages, for bodybuilders on higher dosages you want levels to be as stable as possible, so you would definatly want far more frequent injections than HRT clinics do.

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