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You may or may not have noticed, but subtle changes are taking place here at NZBB.

Recently we moved to a bigger, faster server. Over the weekend, we passed the 800 members milestone. There have been a few small cosmetic changes to the site, too (quite disproportionate to the amount of time that went into them!).

But here’s the most important change: due to our ever-increasing numbers, it’s time to announce the latest addition to our moderating team - Deegee.

I’m sure you’ll all be as confident as I am in his ability to dispense swift, firm justice to naughty trolls and quell the bitterest arguments with a single glare. Except, of course, this is NZBB, and there really aren’t any.

The culture here of listening to other peoples’ views and your (mostly!) excellent behaviour makes moderating this forum pretty easy. We keep a log of every Mod Edit we’ve ever had to do… and even including spammers, it still fits on one page!

As I’ve said before, “You guys debate all the issues, but you do it politely and without getting personal.” That’s still absolutely true, so once again, I’d like to thank you guys for being such mature, well-behaved bodybuilders.


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Thanks for the vote of confidence pseudo, as I told you, I will do my best.

As many of you probably notice I spend a bit of time on here and though many people on this board are more accomplished than me in knowledge and the science of the sport, and in the different ares of competing, I still hope that I can add something useful.

I really dont anticipate that I will have to take much intervention other than to delete the odd spammer thread that crops up.

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