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hullo folks. i have returned to NZBB with a rather strange question. as a 6th former, i'm always learning things at school. recently in biology, in the topic of biochemistry, i discovered that Calcium is not only used in making bones and teeth, but also used for muscle contraction.

that spawned this question... does calcium have any relevance to bodybuilding or lifting weights? by that i mean, can it improve strength and stuff??

the mind of a 17 year old can be so easily fascinated.....

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yes calcium is very important to bodybuilders. it transports large numbers of amino acids and also creatine and these two things are very important for getting BIG MUSCLES!!! :nod:

by the way - hows yr training going? how much weight u put on from the westwave days?

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realy? i wouldve thought u would've been, u seemed real big when i first saw u (when i first started at West Wave)

lol haha.

when i started at west wave i was like 70kg id just turned 17

but when i joined i was probably 18 and wighing about 78,79kg...

yeah ill try get some more pics up soon as well then

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As far as i remember from uni that when you want to contract a muscle the signal gets sent to the motor neuron that releases Ach and crosses the synaptic cleft (i think) and contiues down the T Tubule where Calcium is released and eventually bind with actin which release their heads (kind of like little hooks) and they grab on to the mysosin and pull each other closer i.e the muscle contracts and or shortens.

So if there is not enough calcium then not all the actin can be activated which would result in less powerful contractions, in severe cases a lack of calcium can cause spasms and the inablality for a muscle to contract or relax.

There are some steps missing here but i think thats all we need to know really.

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