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Test 400

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From what i've heard it's a vet product but it is also manufactured by some underground labs. If it's a blend of different esters then it would be similar to sust 250 but with a higher amount of test. Do you know what brand it is?

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Well it is almost 36 hours after my first shot - and really, there is hardly any pain at all.

I've read around on some of those US forums wynton and as you said, they complain that it hurts like hell. Strange that.

A little trick that i've learn't (and you will do this if you ever use syntherol) is to heavily massage the injection site after the poke. REally work that juice into the muscle so that it doesn't sit there like a big lump and get real fuckn sore.

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Made in Australia exported to mexico and has a good reputation as a quality product.

haha, am i reading this right? made in australia exported to mexico? shouldn't it be the other way around :/

2guns, stop being noob

Yes thats right Denkall is an

Australian company that makes steroids which a lot of which are exported to Mexico and resold, often on the black market back to Australia I guess, but thats where they come from. Australia is one of th lead suppliers in the world of vet grade,nearly all of which is exported.

I read an interesting article on it not so long ago.

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