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w/out diary begins


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wtf, this has got to be easier than writting in my tattered note book.

I generally follow a 3-day split cycled through a 4 day training week for a month or more, then rotate in a 4-day split cycled through a 5 day training week.

I'll start with Mon 19th, which was the last week of my 3-day split, then continue on from there

I list only plate weights (don't count the bar), and list only weight per single DB (not total weight of both DB's)

19th June

Squats, 4 sets total

60x16, 80x12

drop set 110(12)70(8)50(9)

drop set with pause/continue 120(6)80(9+5)60(7+5+3)

L/press, 2 sets total

drop set 270(16)200(9)160(11)

drop set with pause/continue 270(12)200(8+6)160(9+7+4)

DB lunges, 2 sets total

drop set 17.5(12)10(8)body(7)

drop set 17.5(9)10(8)body(5)

Seated calf raises, 4 sets total

60x35, 65x30, 65x25, 65x20

Calf press, 3 sets total


drop set 200(14)160(12)120(12)

drop set with p/c 200(12)160(10)120(9)

20th June

Flat BB press, 4 sets total

60x20, 80x15

drop set 110(6)70(8)50(8

drop set with pause/continue 120(4)80(8+6)60(8+5+3)

Incline BB press, 2 sets total

drop set 90(8)60(7)40(10)

drop set with p/c 110(4)70(8+6)50(9+6+4)

X-overs, 2 sets total


drop set 36(16)30(12)24(10)

Seated shoulder press, 3 sets total


drop set 100(6)70(8)50(9)

drop set with p/c 100(5)70(8+6)50(7+5+3)

DB reverse flyes, 2 sets

drop sets x 2



Seat lateral raises, 2 sets

drop sets x 2



BB Shrugs, 3 sets




22 June

Wide pulldowns to front, 4 sets

66x12, 72x12

drop set 78(10)54(9)48(10)

drop set with p/c 78(8)54(9+8)48(8+8+6)

Low cable rows, neutral grip, 2 sets

drop set 96(12)72(9)54(7)

drop set with p/c 96(10)72(8+7)54(7)

Narrow chins, neutral grip, 2 sets @ body weight


Wide grip "T" bar rows, 2 sets

drop set 45(12)30(8)20(10)

drop set with p/c 45(8)30(8+7)20(7+6+5)

Narrow BB press, 3 sets




Pushdowns, 2 sets

drop set 78(10)54(8)36(10)


Z-bar curls, 3 sets




DB hammer curls, 2 sets

10x12, 10x8

23 June

BB Squats, 4 sets

80x10x2, 110x7, 120x6

leg press, 2 sets

300x14, 310x12

Sissy squats, 2 sets, body weight only

12 + 8

Leg curls, 4 sets

60x12, 60x10, 60x10, 60x8

Calf press, 4 sets

200x20x2, 200x12, 200x10

Seated raises, 3 sets


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July 3rd to July 7th, 2nd week of 4-day split.

3 July, chest + biceps

Cable X-overs, 3 sets

36x30, 36x27, 36x20

BB Flat press, 5 sets

60x16 , 80x12, 110x8, 120x5, 125x4

Incline DB Flyes, 3 sets

22.5x16, 22.5x12, 22.5x8

Incline DB press, 2 sets


Cable curls, 2 sets


E-Z bar curls, 3 sets

40x8, 45x6x2

DB hamer curls, 2 sets


4th July, hams + quads + calves

Leg curls, 4 sets

60x16x3, 60x10

Leg press, 3 sets

270x16, 300x12, 320x10

Squats, 4 sets

80x11, 110x9, 110x6, 120x4

Leg ext'ns, 1 set

drop set 54(12)48(9)36(6)

Calf press, 4 sets

200x16x2, 200x12, 200x10

Seated calf raises, 3 sets

65x30x2, 65x26

6th July, shoulders + triceps

Seated DB side raises, 4 sets

9x20x2, 10x16x2

DB reversed flyes, 3 sets

8x20x2, 10x12

Upright cable rows, 2 sets


Seated shoulder press, 4 sets

80x16, 100x12, 110x9, 120x7

Narrow BB press, 4 sets

60x12, 80x12, 110x6, 110x3

Pushdowns, 3 sets

78x20, 78x16x2

DB Kick backs, 1 set

drop set 9(10)7(10)5(9)

7th July, back + hams

Wide pulldown to front, 4 sets

60x12, 72x10x2, 54x16

Low cable rows (close, neutral grip), 3 sets

90x12, 96x12, 96x10

Pull ups (close, neutral grip)2 sets, body weight only

6 + 6

BB shrugs, 3 sets

40x16, 80x8, 80x7

Leg curls, 3 sets

54x16, 60x12x2

Romanian deadlifts, 2 sets


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10 July - Mon - Chest & Biceps

Low incline BB press (15 deg), 5 sets

60x16, 80x12, 100x9

drop set 110(6)80(7)60(9)40(9)

drop set 115(3)80(5)60(7)40(7)

Low incline cable flyes (15 deg), 3 sets

36x26, 36x20, 36x17

Flat BB press, 4 sets

80x12, 100x9

drop set 110(7)80(7)60(9)40(5)

drop set 115(6)80(6)60(6)40(4)

Bilateral/unilateral cable curls (back to pulleys, stirrup handles), 3 sets

24x20+8, 36x16+7

drop set 36(10+6)30(7+4)24(6+4)

E-Z bar curls, 3 sets

40x10, 50x6

drop set 50(5)35(7)20(9)

DB hammer curls, 2 sets


drop set 9(16)7.5(9)

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chest work looks good. Qustion: Do you always do drop sets? Are you using drop sets to get a pump or are you using it as means to further exhaust your muscles?

Instead of expending that much work load energy on drop sets, wouldnt you be better of doing a couple of high intensity heavy low rep sets and then more sets @ a h igher rep range to get the pump effecT?

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I have a 3-day split & a 4-day split routine that I cycle through on a 4-6 week rotational basis.

Within these cycles, I follow seperate cycles of low rep high weight (10 sets of 5x5+2x3+3x2) until a target weight is regularly achieved, followed by straight sets for a short period of time to force higher reps with that newly achieved training weight.(5 sets of 1x10+2x8+2x6)

Then I use standard drop sets, drop sets with pause continue, supersets, pre-exhaust sets etc, using that same achieved training weight in as many different ways as possible until it becomes quite easy to regularly achieve 12 to 15 reps with that weight during a straight set session, before trying to move on to a new, higher target weight for a specific muscle group using low reps again.

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11 July - Tues - Quads + Hams + Calves

Missed lunch, training partners arrived 1/2 hr late, felt "flat"

BB squats, narrow, parallel, stance (2.5kg plate between feet as spacer)

60x16, 80x12, 100x10x2 sets, 110x7x3 sets, 110x6x2 sets

DB lunges, 3 sets

17.5x16, 17.5x12x2 sets

Leg ext'n - unilateral, 2 sets


Leg ext'n - bilateral, 2 sets

54x20, 54x16

Seated leg curls, 3 sets

60x16x2, 66x8

Calf press, 5 sets

140x30, 160x26, 200x20

drop set 200(16)160(10)120(9)

drop set 200(12)160(10)120(9)

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I did achieve 160x6x3 sets earlier in the year doing standard Olympic style squats (feet slightly wider than shoulders), but I hurt my lower back, while stupidly trying for 210 on deadlifts (I had already done 5 sets, building up to my intended target of 200x2, it felt so easy, I thought "....just one more set........with a little more weight.......")

As a result I've had to back off completely with deadlifts, shrugs, squats, clean & press.

Now I try to make the most out of the weight I can lift before the lower back ache sets in for the rest of the sets.

Bent-over BB rows (my favourite for back) are completely out of my routines now :banging:

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Just plain ol' stupidity & improper form.

I have thought about it a number of times since, just going through, in my head what I did.

Instead of breathing in deeply, bracing then lifting......I tried breathing in quickly and lifting at the same time, my legs ended up near straight before the weights had lifted very far off the ground, so a massive percentage of the load was forced onto my lower back :cry:

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13 July - Thurs - Delts & Triceps

Reverse DB flyes on low incline bench, 4 sets

7x20x2 sets,


drop set 9(15)7(10)

Seated side raises, 3 sets

10x12x2 sets

drop set 10(10)7(7)5(9)

Upright cable rows, 2 sets


Seated shoulder press, 4 sets

80x12x2, 90x10

drop set 100(8)70(7)40(6)

Narrow BB press, 4 sets

80x10x2, 90x8 100x6x2

Push downs 2 sets

78x20, 78x16

DB kickback, 2 sets


Reverse ext'ns, 2 sets

18x12x2 sets

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14 July - Fri - Back, Traps & Hamies

Wide pulldowns s/s with straight arm pulldowns, 2 sets

60x16 + 36x20, 66x16 + 36x16

Wide pulldowns, 2 sets

78x12x2 sets

Narrow pull-ups, 3 sets

7 + 6 + 4 reps

Low cable rows, 5 sets

90x18, 90x15, 96x16, 54x20, 48x20

BB shrugs s/s with DB shrugs, 3 sets

60x12 + 22x12, 60x12 + 22x10, 60x10 + 22x10

Seated leg curls s/s with Romanian DB deadlifts, 3 sets

60x16 + 15x20, 60x16 + 15x20, 60x12 + 22x10

Ham/glute raises, 1 sets

3 reps......ouch :x !!!!

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17 July - Mon - Chest & biceps

Cable X-overs, 4 sets

24x25, 30x20, 36x16x2 sets

Flat BB press, 6 sets

60x16, 80x12, 80x10, 110x7, 110x6

Drop set 120(3)80(10)40(14)

Wide dips, 3 sets

body weight x16, b/w+15kg x12

Drop set b/w +15(12)b/w(7)

Alt cable curls (back to pulleys) s/s with Zottman curls, 3 sets

24x20 + 9x12, 30x15 + 9x12, 36x10 + 9x10

DB hammer curls, 1 set


Incline bench spider curls, (face down on low incline bench, use EZ bar) 3 sets

10x16x2, 10x10

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18 July - Tues - Quads, Hamies & Calves

Narrow stance BB squats (2.5kg plate as spacer between feet), 7 sets

60x12x2, 80x10x2, 100x10x2

Drop set 120(2)100(9)80(9)60(7)40(4)

Leg press, 2 sets


Giant set, 3 cycles

Leg ext'ns + Leg press + Calf press + Seated leg curls

48x12 + 200x12 + 200x12 + 54x16

54x10 + 200x12 + 200x10 + 60x12

54x10 + 200x12 + 200x10 + 60x10

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19 July - Wed

Wide grip pulldowns (hold contraction for 5 count, each rep), 4 sets

54x16x3, 60x16

Reverse grip pulldowns, 2 sets



80x16x3, 110x12x3, 140x10x2

Bench BB fore-arm curls, 3 sets

10x12x2, 15x10

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20 July - Thurs - Delts & Tri's

Seated DB lateral raises s/s seated shoulder press, 4 sets

9x20 + 80x20, 9x20 + 80x16, 9x16 + 100x12, 9x16 + 100x10

Alt DB front raises, 3 sets (reps per arm)


Reverse DB flyes on low incline bench, 3 sets


Seated alt DB press, 2 sets (reps per arm)

22.5x20, 22.5x15

Narrow BB press, 4 sets

60x16x2, 80x12x2

Pushdowns, 3 sets

78x20, 78x16x2

Unilateral reverse grip ext'ns, 3 sets

18x16, 18x12x2

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21 July - Fri - Back, Traps & Hamies

Wide pulldowns (slow pull & hold contraction for 2 secs), 5 sets

60x16x2, 66x16, 66x12x2

Low cable rows s/s with straight arm pulldowns, 3 sets

(90x16 + 36x12)x3 sets

Pull ups (narrow, parallel grip), 3 sets

6x2 + 5

BB shrugs s/s with DB shrugs (hold contraction for 2 secs), 3 sets

60x6 + 20'sx12 (60 too hvy to hold contraction)

(40x12 + 20'sx16)x2

Seated leg curls (hold for 2 secs) s/s with Romanian DB lifts, 3 sets

(54x16 + 20'sx12)x2 sets

60x11 + 20'sx10

Ham/glute raises

failed on 1st rep.......

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I suffer quite badly with tennis elbow and tendon injury of the left fore-arm.

The ultra-light fore-arm routine I tried on Sunday was because my left arm was killing me due to Friday's back/traps routine, which, although was not heavy, really hurt my arm,.........I ended up having to take sleeping tabs on Friday night because the discomfort was keeping me awake.

The DB's I was using were too light, but the skinny diameter of the grips atleast allowed me curl, hold, contract then lower under control without too much discomfort,.....ended up doing high reps out of sheer frustration,......stopped at 100 reps out of boredom!!!

Strangely though the lower bicep area of both arms feel "worked" this morning, not sore as after my usual bicep routine, just very firm and slightly achey!

Hopefully I'll still be able to do a decent Chest & Biceps routine tonight :banging:

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I've been going for physio, (having needle insertion trigger point release treatment & joint manipulation treatment) but because I just do not want to give up training, it's sometimes a three-steps-forward-two-steps-back scenario I find myself in, especially the day-after my back routine, but sometimes after biceps too.

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24 July - Mon

Flat BB press, 5 sets

60x16, 80x16, 80x12x2

drop set 100(7)80(9)60(7)40(7)

Low incline DB fly/press (1 fly + 1 press = 1 rep), 3 sets

22.5x14, 22.5x12+4 extra DB presses, 22.5x10+4 extra DB presses

X-overs (hold contraction for 2 secs) s/s with wide body weight dips, 3 sets

24x16+12, 24x12+12, 24x10+10

Alt cable curls (back to pulleys), 4 sets

24x30, 30x20, 36x12

drop set 36(10)30(10)24(10)18(10)

Low incline bench E-Z spider curls (hold contraction for 2 secs), 3 sets

10x12, 15x12x2

Zottman curls, 3 sets


Cable pushdowns, 4 sets

66x20, 66x16, 66x12x2

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