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Training while sick


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I have just come down with the flu just as I was getting back into the swing of dieting and training alwys seems to happen Start of a cutting cycle.anyone train while ill .How the hell do u eat when u feel like crap I have no appetite its as annoying as .Any suggestions as to what to do :(

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Hey man,

pushing hard when your sick will make it worse.

The reason you get sick when you start cutting is, your not getting enough nutrients and the bodys immune system drops.

I highly reccomend not dropping that many calories instantly. Maybe half the amount, get acclamatized to it, over a week or 2 then drop the other half.

Also start supplementing with a GOOD multi vitamin, Multi Mineral and 5 - 10g of glutamine a day.

Vitamin c helps too.



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I am over it now .I am probably not a hard man i guess I did attempt to train however any exertion was resulting in a coughing fit not a great look so I missed 3 days in the gym an a week of cardio.Back into the swing now strengh seems to be returning no probs and just did an hours cardio.Cheers for the comments :)

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