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Hi guys, my names Jono. I just turned 19 and live in East Auckland.

I'm not a BB. Basically just started focussing solely on oly lifting, before that did shot put. Have done a PL meet, a strongman comp (I beat the Mitre 10 guy, Levi, but only cause he retired hurt!) and a few Highland games.

Am 1.94m tall and 130kg and gaining, so not the most ripped person on the forum :pfft:

Didn't know this site existed, so props to Expensiveurine for sending me over.

Hope to just browse around, learn a bit and maybe throw some nutrition questions around.

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Welcome. Good to see more people into the lifting side joining. Is that the highland games you are participating in ?

Thanks man. Left to right the pictures are

NZ schools shot put, 240kg 2 years ago and the 25kg weight for distance at Paeroa highland games.

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Welcome bro, great to see another sttrenght oriented competitior. Are you still actively training for PL meets and whats your PL training routine look like ?



Hey man. Nah I'm not and never actually have. Basically never did deadlifts or bench, just got invited to do a PL meet at BTS gym in Symonds street. Pretty much trained exclusively for throwing, mainly with some heavy circuit training with cleans, squats, snatch, rows etc.

Now its just oly lifting training, looking forward to some bigger weights later in the year.

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Gidday Jono. That's a very impressive squat. Stick around.

Great pics btw - so that's the answer to that old question of what the Scots wear under their kilts, is it? :grin:

Thanks man. I plan on sticking around for sure.

Most of the dudes wear spandex under their kilts, not a good look to hang free when the kilts ride up like in my pic! We want to be family friendly too :pfft:

'Sup Jono!

Big Hola to the strongest Russian in NZ! :grin:

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