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PCT does anyone do it?

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It really disapoints me when i hear som many people neglecting PCT, it is essential, its as simple as that. If, for whatever reason you dont do PCT, firstly, you are going to have a massively increased recovery period between cycles, you hormone levels are goin to stay out of whack for a long time, natural test will remain extremely low for ages, whilst estrogen runs rampant, leading to gyno, increased fat storgage, the list goes on, the low test levels WILL make you feel lethargic, lazy, depressed even. You will most likely not be bothered going to the gym which will even further worsen things for you, as the work you do in the gym post cycle is as important if not more important than the work you did on cycle.

Sometimes i wonder if people even realise that POST cycle is where most of the gyno occurs, but if your not planing on PCT then you probabley dont have anything on hand incase you get the ichies during a cycle.

For soooo many reasons, ditching PCT is such a bad idea, please, do not even consider a cycle without at the very least soem basic for of PCT

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