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Found 22 results

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  2. until
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  3. Digitizing restaurant menus are a great way to increase the amount of traffic your venue receives! With digital menu boards, you can create one or more different screens that show off your menu and also offer specials. Plus, these menus can be updated in real-time to reflect any changes or additions that happen throughout the day. What is Menu Boards? Menu boards are the visual representation of a restaurant's menu. They act as a menu itself, visually displaying the dishes that are on offer and what they cost. Menu boards can be digital or physical and typically have a magnetic surface for easy organizing.
  4. Meal plan

    Hi. I’ve been going to gym for about 2 years now. When I first started I weighed 84kg and now I’m up to 97. Now I’ve hit a plateau and can’t seem to put on more size. any help in terms of good muscle building meals would be highly appreciated. Cheers guys
  5. Selling breast milk

    Would anyone be interested in purchasing breast milk as another form of protein? I've read that there's quite a market for it among bodybuilders.
  6. Training etc

    Decided to do a powerlifting comp middle of this year. The goal is an 800kg+ total. 9/3/16 Bench 100x7 150x5 180x5 180x3 180x4 (with liftoff) 180x2 (with liftoff) Db bench 65x8 65x8 65x7 65x7 65x6 11/3/16 Squat 120x5 (belt) 180x5 (belt + wrist wraps) 200x5 (belt + wrist wraps + knee wraps) 220x5 (belt + wrist wraps + knee wraps) 240×1 (belt + wrist wraps + knee wraps) 180x5 (belt + wrist wraps) Did 3 or 4 sets each of leg extension and hamstring curls after the squats. Was first time giving wraps a proper go (without ripping them off after a single rep and deciding to never use again) and seemed alright although didnt wrap very tight. Wrapped from the top down which seemed to mitigate the back of leg pain. Struggled walking out the 240 and my wrists/forearms were quite sore from wrapping by that stage. Something ill just have to get used to.
  7. Balance IntrAmino

    Hey check out Balance's new IntrAmino intra-workout drink. It's a pretty solid formula that comes in grape and watermelon flavour. The formula is pretty straightforward: 8g of BCAAs (2:1:1 ratio), 3.7g of Glutamine, added B vitamins. I've been smashing it back during my workouts, I reckon it's good stuff - But I work for Balance, so you be the judge. Let me know what you guys think...
  8. Kia ora I tore my hamstring near the start of the year playing rugby yet it still hasn't fully come right. From what the physio says it's the bicep femoris that has been damaged. I can jog comfortably on ithe only flats but once I start to try get some speed up I can feel it pulling. It's getting annoying because I'd like to start sprint training and working out again. Just need some advice on what else I can do to get my hammy back on track.
  9. While I’m not a Bodybuilder or Powerlifter I do like to come on here for motivation and inspiration. And, yet again I have come out of winter and thought “Oh, Sugar Honey Ice Tea! I’m Fat. Again” So, here I go again scrambling to look half decent for the summer. While I could blame work, kids, study, life for this, really it’s my own damn fault for eating too much and not moving enough. *sigh Anyway, I have been good this week. Went to the gym at 6am on Monday and then got up this morning and did 20min bike. I need to work on my food. Seriously. I can’t get to the gym much but I can try for 2/3 times a week and I have made it my goal to exert myself for at least 30min every day. I weighed myself this morning. 62.1kg. I need to lose 14kg total by February but right now I’m aiming for 10kg by December. That gives me 12 weeks. Off to remind myself how to eat like a boss. Oh, and I took a photo of myself this moring in my goal bikini. Heyzuse! It's scary.
  10. Fun n Games

    Ok my come back Christmas 2013 weighed at least 120kg 30% lard plus Jan 25th brought matrix rower and went back to a body for life diet I had from 2008 Feb 19th first day back at gym March 8th flying from another club I hopped on there scales 116.5kg in disblief a weighed in at the gym on the 11th 116.5kg A lot of hard work and a bobby kazemi diet plan in July - August 14th broke the 100kg at 99.9kg and told 16% lard Workout 5 on and weekend off Day 1 Back, Deads Day 2 Chest Day 3 Shoulders, Traps Day 4 Legs Day 5 Arms typically row 16min at home then to the gym, post gym walk the dog 1.5km, or treadmill if pissing down Today front pull downs 38 - 15, 60 - 10, 72 - 8, 84 - 6, 96 - 6, body weight pull up - 4 cable row 60 - 10, 72 - 8, 84 - 8, 96 - 6 t bar row bench 15 - 12, 30 - 10, 45 - 8, 55 - 6 deads 70 - 10, 90 - 8, 110 - 6, 130 - 4, (150 - 2, 170 - 1 belt n straps ) abbs Dog walk Current Pb's bench 120kg touch n go, squat (parallel) 140kg, dead 171.4 ( equaled it today )
  11. Basically if I am 92kgs 6 ft 1, 16% body fat how much fat would I have to loose to drop 1% of body fat? Can you please work this out and post how you worked it out for not only me but others so I know in future as I am too dyslexic to figure this shit out myself using a google guide...
  12. New to the Journey

    Hi all, I'm John, nice to meet you gymnation! A litte background info: I'm currently on a big fat loss journey and I'll be using these forums as a form of accountability for myself and maybe motivate others as well. I'm not new to weight loss, and have fluctuated several times +-10kg but because of the way I went about with the diet (just eat nothing, and do some cardio) I pretty much always gained the weight back shortly after due to my gluttonous love of food. This time, I decided to cut the bullsh*t and do it properly with regular exercise and good nutrition. I'll use these forums to pretty much keep my entire journey transparent and maybe get some tips/opinions along the way! Current Stats as of 30/07/2014: Age: 22 (M) Height: 170cm Weight: 89kg BF%: Maybe around 28-30? Current Diet: Total Consumed – 1900~ calories per day Macros · Protein – 130 grams (520 calories) · Carbs – 215 grams (860 calories) · Fats – 60 grams (540 calories) I'm kind of doing a IIFYM where I'm just aiming to hit around 130g protein and 60g fats, then whatever's left into carbs. I'm not so great at sticking completely to a pre-set meal course so I kind of make it up and caluclate everything as I go. I'll be attaching a word document for my current food log which has about a week or so of progress so far. Diet Goal: I'd like to aim for about 1kg - 1.5kg loss per week to begin with since I have a lot of bodyfat to lose. On my current diet of 1900~ kcal I managed to lose about 0.5kg in a week. I did the math and my first week was around 18840 kcal consumed (and since I lost 0.5kg I think I used about 22340 kcal last week). I figure in order to get 1kg a week, I'll try to progressively cut more kcal daily and do more cardio and measure every week and adjust as neccessary. Current Workout Right now I'm on Stronglift's 5x5 and plan to stick to it for the next 12 weeks at least. I don't use excel or word for this since I have the app on my phone. Right now I'm really struggling with hip flexor mobility on the squat and shoulder mobility for OHP (consequences of the years of sitting on my ass). To address this I am following Omarisuf, Elliot Hulse and Candito's videos. I'll also link my "Workout Forms" document which has all the stretches I am doing daily (sometimes more) and notes on form etc. (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ou2tI4bUOaYa3aMMtSaWDGIOdYGLt6alLYHlRUw5m_4/edit?usp=sharing) I'm also doing some light cardio work on my off days, 3 times a week and resting completely on Saturday. Workout Goal: I don't really have a specific goal in mind in terms of weights since I'll be cutting for quite some time and I don't know how that will affect my linear progression. Right now I just want to be able to comfortably squat parallel in 4 weeks and make sure I eat well and do my workouts every week consistently with good form. Final Thoughts Right now I'm really loving weights (feels so good), and I just wish I could lift everyday at 100% effort 7 days a week! Dieting feels the best it's ever been, and I'm rarely ever hungry. Hopefully I can get my BF% down to sub 15% so I can go on a lean bulk and start putting on some muscle. Fatty pic down below :3 Food Log_0.docx
  13. Building Baroness

    This is my first entry into a training journal. It wont be very exciting as I am a squishy, overweight, pushing 40 mum, who is looking to lose weight and tighten up. I have been on this journey forever.... I have done just about every diet *sigh* I have yoyo-ed in weight, and just hit my heaviest (apart from pregnancies) weight. I have been counting calories (unsuccessfully) on and off for 8 years. This time I am trying something new. I joined a gym and have started Stronglifts 5x5. I am not logging my food (at this stage) and just making better choices nutritionally. I had a Bioscan done at the gym when I started on 21/5/14. Weight 75kg. Height 170cm. Body fat 37.7%. Body fat 28.2 kgs. BMI 26. GULP...well at least its a starting point. Bioscan rebooked for 18/06 so hopefully some improvements by then. I have done 6 Stronglifts workouts so far. I started with bodyweight exercises to work on form. My first Squat session I did with 8 kgs and then I couldnt walk without pain for 3 days....So went back to body weight for all exercises. Monday 02/06 Workout A Squat 12 kgs 5x5, Overhead Press 9.5kgs 5x5, Deadlift 16.5 kgs 1x5. These weights are quite easy for me at the moment, but Im steadily increasing the weight while working on form. Yesterday, Tuesday 03/06, Appt at gym with instructor to check my form. All lifts good, some tweaking needed and tips learnt. Deadlift needs the most improvement. Cardio - warm up 10mins treadmill, 30 mins elliptical program, cool down 10 mins treadmill. Next gym session Wednesday 04/06. Todays weight 73.4 - Yay! I definately feel better, I enjoy my workouts, starting to feel stronger.
  14. Weight loss 146kgs 98kgs

    So i recently just won post of the month here on Gym Nation with the biggest shock to know that i had won! so heres the inside to my success plus a shirtless selfie the admins had asked for so first time ive dont the shirtless picture felt outter my comfort zone but just had to do it to get behind the cause! My Training Regime 2x monday wednesday friday at gym tuesday and thursday 1x gym plus Rugbly league training in evenings 45-60 minutes cardio (gym) 30-45 minutes weight training (gym) Saturday - morning walk with my daughters and fiance (1hour), GAME DAY!! Sunday - Pool session and rest! im on no specific diet i just cut ties with all my main foods which was bread pies and sugars alongside with takeaways its been as easy as that for me to come from 146 kgs to 98 kgs now!
  15. Weight Loss

    I am so overwhelmed that i won the Photo/Post of the month competition! Ive never used supplements during my weight loss regime but now thanks to yous i have the opportunity too! This is like a confidence booster been given this opportunity to try supplements to keep on keeping on! I will definitly keep you's all up to date with my progress and on top of that my gym (anytime fitness) have asked if they could borrow my before and after pictures, funny thing is ive only been signed to that gym for 13 days i never lost all my weight at there gym i lost it at home in my shed and running the park behind my house, so what fo you guys reckon? 146kg - 97.5kg
  16. Never alone on here!

    ive never had anyone to talk to about my training situations and this site helps me vent, Ive only put 2 posts up and yet the comments and support you get from everyone on here (gymnation) makes you realize that there is someone who is going through the same circumstances and just offering that extra guidance that i had never took into consideration! Yesterday i was on the urge to give up on all things training and gym but that little enlightenment from everyone helped me to analyze and asess the situation in an orderly manner! On a personal note, back in the gym again this morning felt good had a nice hour cardio finished off with a weight session ready to face all the dead end obstacles that with stand my way! never give up i say now just express how you feel on this site theres always someone who can give you that extra to make things better! you are not alone in gymnation.. cheers everyone and better living no pain no gain! Lewie!
  17. that feeling of giving up!

    As some are aware, i weighed 146kgs and now standing on the scales at 95kgs there have never been any rocky roads as to my training and eating regimes. over the last 6 months i have been training out of my garage with drips and drabs of different gym equipment friends and family have lent to me to borrow! Friday the 28th March i signed up to the gym with the support of my partner! since then nothing has felt better than working out in the gym where there is every equipment you need to benefit yourself and body. its like a kid going into the candy store for the first time! thats how the feeling was for me! ts only been 3 days and i have been to the gym 5x in those 3days last workout was this morning! However theres always that 1 dead end we always come to meet up with and thats the partner saying why do you need to go to the gym again? its like your putting the gym before her and the kids! the thing is when you get into the gym world after hibernating in a rusty old garage sheding sweat and pain is that you see changes in your body after each cardio session on the tredmill or bike and all the weights you just pushed! i know because i feel these changes and are noticing it still doesnt mean i am putting the gym first! Signing up to the gym i acknowledged to my partner that i would like to make a daily planner so that my gym life balances with my home life and family life,, during our time we had our debacle today about the circumstances of me putting the gym first i told her i wanted to go to the gym because im feeling because its a new me a new beginning a new chapter to my body something she will never understand! as a result to the conflict things never got resolved and we left eachother on bad terms! in my mind if she is thinking that im trying to put the gym first over her and our family then what good is it me being at the gym if she feels this way! i just wanna give it all up seems like me losing weight and feeling great day in day out was just not to be! i wanna feel good but not if my lady is feeling the way she is! so i guess this is it! the end of an era that was suppose to be something great to making that sacrifice to make her happy and quiet!
  18. Weight Loss Success

    A year and a half ago i was diagnosed with sleep aponea due to the fact that i was 146 kilograms, over the last 6 months i have been training consistantly and eating right and have gone from 146 kilograms now to 95 kilograms. achieving such an amasive amount of weight loss i have now kicked sleep aponea in the ass and now can sleep peacefuly! my drive and motives for my determination into losing weight is thanks to the love and support of my 2 daughters and fiance!
  19. So i guess here it is, In july I started at 109 Kgs, after finding out about diabetes I decided I had to change my shit. With a little Hard work and determination my diet went to a 1200 calorie diabetic diet which ill post up later. My work out has been 4 days aweek working everything I can then one day rest and one day boot camp and yoga so have been pressing my self hard which gets results but have recently slowen down so dont know what to do next really. My First lot of measurments were: Weight: 109.9 KGs Waist: 112cm Hips: 122cm Arms: 39cm Legs: 57cm Butt: 123cm Boobs: 127cm Height: 5.11 So yea and this was bad diet, no excericse. really embarrased about the photo at the same time cheak out my next entry
  20. I hope this works, it's a little something i decided i would do one day. i understand the quality isnt great and i'm sorry about that. it's a youtube vid so here is the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jgqUEQwPfZg Cory
  21. *back into it after injury*

    just recently been able to work out again after shoulder injury. time to start training!!!
  22. Getting Strong

    After a three month layoff..time to get back into it. Had work benchpress comp friday night 85kgx20reps was hard but got there. 5x5 nice place to start. Squat ATG 100kgx5x5 Bench 115kgx5x5 DeadLift 110x5x3 130x5x2 5 min run