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Found 2 results

  1. Selling breast milk

    Would anyone be interested in purchasing breast milk as another form of protein? I've read that there's quite a market for it among bodybuilders.
  2. Training etc

    Decided to do a powerlifting comp middle of this year. The goal is an 800kg+ total. 9/3/16 Bench 100x7 150x5 180x5 180x3 180x4 (with liftoff) 180x2 (with liftoff) Db bench 65x8 65x8 65x7 65x7 65x6 11/3/16 Squat 120x5 (belt) 180x5 (belt + wrist wraps) 200x5 (belt + wrist wraps + knee wraps) 220x5 (belt + wrist wraps + knee wraps) 240×1 (belt + wrist wraps + knee wraps) 180x5 (belt + wrist wraps) Did 3 or 4 sets each of leg extension and hamstring curls after the squats. Was first time giving wraps a proper go (without ripping them off after a single rep and deciding to never use again) and seemed alright although didnt wrap very tight. Wrapped from the top down which seemed to mitigate the back of leg pain. Struggled walking out the 240 and my wrists/forearms were quite sore from wrapping by that stage. Something ill just have to get used to.