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  1. Buy Citra 100mg online

    Citra 100mg is a perfect opioid, aids in pain relief faster than other medications. If used correctly, the drug can also improve your overall health. The medication does not repair the injury; instead, it acts on the brain to make you feel better. Citra 100mg works by lowering pain rather than curing the injury. Although the injury will take time to heal, the pain can be managed to a significant extent. As a result of the medicine’s action on numb nerves, the pain sensation gradually fades.
  2. Cenforce 100mg Tablet Using Sildenafil Citrate in Men About Which ED Tablet called Cenforce 100mg is classified as a generic drug (equivalent to its brand name counterpart, finasteride) and can be prescribed by doctors as an agent to treat erectile dysfunction (Impotence) in men. The drug, sildenafil citrate, is a prodrug for the active form of the medication contained in its tablet. Cenforce 100mg is the brand produced by Centurion Pharmaceuticals in India. The product contains the salt of sildenafil citrate is used for male sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction (ED). The drug comes in different pack sizes with wide price ranges as per the convenience of a patient. It is an Rx drug, i.e., can be purchased when a doctor writes this medicine for a patient on a piece of paper called prescription. The same salt is available in the USA with the brand name of Viagra, produced by one of the prominent pharmaceutical industry, i.e., Pfizer.Cenforce 100 mg comes with the generic name of sildenafil citrate in the dose strength of 100 mg. The drug is used when a male does not get a satisfying erection in the penis while having sex. Sildenafil causes the hardening of the penis and a prolonged erection. Cenforce 100 mg is available on every platform. One can buy it from any medical store or any online pharmacy. It is available in the whole world. Cenforce 100mg is used for erotic disorders, a situation we commonly say as impotence. A male experiences no erection during sexual stimulation or intercourse, sildenafil helps in erecting the penis by increasing the blood flow to the penis. This situation is generally found in males of age above 30 years, the reason may be their age or health issues such as diabetes, hypertension, anxiety, etc. or it may be psychological. The drug is to be taken generally 30 minutes before sex, a shorter duration treatment for the described condition
  3. Maintaining excellent health by eating the correct foods is not difficult. By using the advice in this article, you'll be able to choose healthier foods. There are easy strategies to ensure that the nutrients in your diet are balance. Eat a mix of fresh fruits and vegetables and nuts. It is ideal to avoid snacking at all costs, but if you really must have something to eat during the day or at night, fruit can be your best option. Even though it has a similar number of calories as a cupcake or cookie cupcake, it is healthier. One of the most vital nutrients for your body is water. Drink a lot of water to stay hydrated throughout the day. Although it shouldn't be use for littering, tap water may help safeguard your health from poisons or impurities in the water you consume. Increase the amount of white meat you consume each day. This kind of meat has the least amount of protein from animal fat in comparison to red and white meat. Chicken, turkey, and even pig have excellent white meat. They go well with soups, stews, salads, sandwiches, and more. There are many alternatives. A crucial component of nutrition is nutritional density. What kind of nourishment do the foods you consume provide? When compared to red meats, broccoli is a great example of a vegetable that is startlingly high in protein. However, broccoli is a better option if you're managing your calorie intake since it has more fiber and is richer in vitamin C and B6. For a physique that is balance It's crucial to eat a variety of healthful meals. cenforce 200mg Lean meats like chicken and turkey, as well as fish high in omega-3, must be consume often. Whole grains and nuts are additional choices, as are a range of fruits and vegetables, as well as nuts. Milk contains calcium as well. By finding substitutes, you may avoid soda and other sweetened beverages. Why not give fruit juice a try if you have a sweet tooth? Fruit juice and water, or even better, water alone, should be combine. Oranges can be squeeze by you on your own. For the same result, a broad range of fruits and beverages may be use. You may guarantee that your diet is nutrient-rich by choosing health. Organic foods are often more nutrient-dense since they are more readily available. You should pay special attention to the organic foods in your diet since they come straight from the ground. When you try these meals, you'll see the difference. Calculating your daily caloric intake is an excellent approach to enhance your health. Depending on your gender, weight, height, and other characteristics, you require a varied number of calories. If you're going to dine out, split the tab with someone you can trust. A pair could be unable to eat anything with a lot of calories. If you divide up your supper with a companion, you'll save money and consume less calories. You can avoid sabotaging your supper plans by doing this. Pay attention to the nutritional details on the groceries you purchase. Make careful to choose products with a moderate level of saturated fat. Reducing your consumption of saturated fats makes it simpler to lose weight and get your body back in shape. You may feel fuller for longer and lose weight more easily by include whole grains and fiber in your diet. Simply sprinkle it over ordinary whole grain cereal if you don't want to get very excited about the wheat germ. Nutrient-rich bananas are a simple way to add more variety to your diet. buy fildena 100mg These fruits and vegetables are rich in potassium, fiber, and vitamins B6 and B6. They are the ideal travel companions because to their sturdy construction and biodegradable packaging. They are simple to swallow and chew. What you consume on a daily basis depends on the constitution of your body. You may find out how much fat, muscle, or water is in your body by doing a body fat measurement. To maintain optimum health, it's important to keep your body fat percentage low. When the amount of fat in your diet is too high for you, reduce it. If you have a lot of muscles, you should think about include protein in your diet to nourish them. Make sure your youngster gets adequate playtime and nutrition to avoid obesity. A balanced diet and at least 30 minutes of daily physical activity are necessary for your child's health. The finest piece of advise for those who care about their health is to avoid dieting. Trying an extreme diet is not a good idea. Instead, strive to maintain your current eating patterns while gradually altering them. If you are attempting to diet, you won't get the long-term results you want. Once you begin adopting the tips into your everyday routine, you won't need to give it a second thought. Healthy eating may be simpler to implement into you if you've learnt the fundamentals. You are in capable hands!
  4. Modern life is full of stress. We've all been "stressed out" at some point, and the list of things that stress us out seems never-ending. Here are a few ideas for a quick respite from the pressures of daily life. Try reading a book to alleviate some of the tension you've been carrying around. Taking a break from reality by immersing yourself in a fantasy, sci-fi, or romance novel may be a terrific way to put your mind on autopilot. Rather of worrying about the outside world, you'll be able to immerse yourself in the story's environment. If you have a lot of dry skin on your face, getting a facial is a great method to reduce tension. If you do this, your skin will be able to breathe, and you'll stay feeling great all day. Take a break from your worries and give yourself a facial to alleviate your tension. Are you under a lot of strain? Take a drive around the countryside! As a result, you'll be less stressed. Take a leisurely journey to relax and appreciate the beauty of nature. In this busy world people are doing lots of things for external happiness, Buy they are not very careful about their health. Most of the time majority of people are suffering from bad health due to their personal problems like ED and these are things they don't want to share with others. Here are some products which you can order online like; Vidalista 20 and Cenforce 100 but before using them have a word with your doctor regarding your problems. Feel the wind on your face, bask in the sun, and gaze up at the sky that is perfectly clear. It's possible to see the world while reducing your stress level. It's a good idea to treat yourself every once in a while as a way of de-stressing. There are a variety of ways you may pamper yourself. For a splurge, you may go out for a fantastic meal, or you can treat yourself to an item of clothing that you've always desired. Reduce your anxiety by planning your route ahead of time and making sure you get at your destination in plenty of time. Arriving late to work or a crucial meeting may be quite stressful. Stress may be reduced by arriving early or on time for appointments. Taking your mind off your problems by playing a game is a terrific approach to relieve tension. Dinner and dessert will be served at the conclusion of a board game night with a few pals. This will provide you a much-needed break from your stressful schedule. Consider modifying your food as a strategy to cope with stress. This is important since it is likely that your food has a direct impact on your emotions or sentiments. Consider adjusting your diet to see if it makes a difference in how you feel. Calming and stress-relieving effects may be achieved via the use of aromatherapy. Citrus and lavender have both been shown to be effective in this regard. Around the shower, you may use scented soaps, or you can use candles or hot oils in your house to create a relaxing atmosphere. You may lessen the amount of tension you experience at home by surrounding yourself with calming smells. Taking a break from watching the news at night is a simple method to lower your stress level. Doom and gloom fill today's news programmers, making them everything but inspiring. It's possible that they might make you feel anxious and agitated. Instead, keep up with current events by reading the headlines on the internet. Do not allow yourself to get engrossed in the minutiae of the situation. Take a lengthy night drive when you have a lot on your mind. Drive for a few minutes without thinking about anything to help you de-stress. An excellent method to get rid of your worries and concentrate on the essential things in your life is to do this. Get help from a tutor in case you're struggling with your academics. Doing so alleviates your tension and allows you to focus on the task at hand. You'll be less stressed and more confident when you're well-prepared. In this busy world people are doing lots of things for external happiness, Buy they are not very careful about their health. Most of the time majority of people are suffering from bad health due to their personal problems like ED and these are things they don't want to share with others. Here are some products which you can order online like; Vidalista 20 and Cenforce 100 but before using them have a word with your doctor regarding your problems. Plan your workouts to reduce your levels of stress hormones and other brain chemicals. A stress-relieving regimen should always begin with some kind of physical activity. Our bodies have been hardwired to escape in the face of stress for millennia. We can make use of this fact about our development. Avoid the things that are giving you stress as much as possible. Do anything you can to avoid these circumstances, even though they're almost difficult to avoid in most instances. If your work is giving you undue stress, you should think about finding another one. Take a self-defense lesson if you're worried all the time. When you learn to protect yourself, you'll also gain self-confidence, which will help you feel better about yourself. Find methods to laugh to lessen the number of stress chemicals in your body! Studies have shown that one of the greatest ways the body can combat stress is via laughter. When you're feeling down, take a look at some of your favorite hilarious photographs, videos, or jokes you've saved for later. When you laugh, you'll be astonished at how much better you feel. Make a list of the day's most stressful events each night before you go to bed. Determine which concerns are beyond your control and remove them from the list. Then, using the solutions you've already jotted down, sort the rest into the order of importance. Begin with the smallest tasks and work toward completing at least one item on your to-do list each day. You will soon find your everyday worries melting away instead of swelling into mountains if you are proactive and engaged in your coping mechanisms. Take heed to these suggestions whenever you begin to feel anxious. You may find that one or all of these works for you at various times, so try them out. Remember that tension is just temporary. In the midst of all your present anxiety, remember that this too will pass.
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  6. Fildena 100mg is one of the best drugs made from an active ingredient called sildenafil citrate, a drug used to treat erectile dysfunction in men. Are you also unable to have sex with your partner with a strong erection during sexual activity??? So buy fildena today and get rid of your sexual problem forever. This drug improved blood flow to the penis in men and enables them to have sex longer. This drug usually gives effective results within 24-36 hours. This medicine is 100% safe and effective medicine. Its consumption does not cause any side effects.
  7. https://www.beemedz.com/vardenafil Vardenafil is a drug used to treat erectile dysfunction. It is used to treat the physical cause of erectile dysfunction, which is often a result of blocked blood vessels.
  8. Vidalista 2.5 is used to alleviate the problem of erection in men. Strong erection can be achieved by using this drug about 30 to 40 minutes before sex. This medicine should be used only once a day. In this disorder, the patient is unable to achieve a proper penile erection during sexual intercourse. It is being recommended by doctors around the world and is considered to be one of the safest and efficient drugs in the treatment of ED. You can buy vidalista 2.5 online from our store. Visit our website vidalistatablet.us for more information
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  11. Green Xanax S 90 3 Pills Online In Florida

    What Is Green Xanax? Buy Green Xanax Bars online as a brand name for alprazolam. The Green Xanax drug class is known as soothing hypnotics, and, as referred to, it is a benzodiazepine. Green Xanax Bars is a temporary acting benzodiazepine. Disregarding its practicality for explicit clinical uses, it has dangerous withdrawal impacts — especially after deferred use — and can make opiates generously more unsafe. What is Green Xanax Bars Used For? Individuals generally Buy green Xanax online for two clinical vocations. The FDA endorsed this drug to treat: 1. Nervousness problems mostly summed up tension issue (GAD) 2. Panic issue Despite its affirmed utilizes, people also Buy Green Xanax Bars online to routinely used off-mark (i.e., without FDA underwriting) for other clinical purposes: 3. Seizure treatment or evasion 4. Sedation and inciting rest 5. Discouragement (despite the way that this utilization isn’t primarily maintained) 6. Liquor withdrawal (due to seizure evasion and sedation) Doses and Administration As demonstrated by the FDA, the Green Xanax S 90 3 Bars portion for treating nervousness should begin between 0.25 mg to 0.5 mg, multiple times every day. The dose can increment whenever required, every three to four days to a total most substantial ordinary portion of 4 mg. The FDA decides to suggest that higher dosages of S 90 3 Xanax Pills may get expected to treat alarm problems. Taking everything into account, the starting portion is 0.5 mg, multiple times every day. On the off chance that important, the dose can build every three to four days by including near 1 mg for consistently. Portions of up to 10 mg every day may get needed for treating alarm assaults or frenzy issues. What Does Green Xanax Bars Resemble? Following are all the available sizes and appearances of brand-name Green Xanax: 2 mg: green-hued, bar or rectangular-formed, scored with three lines with “GREEN XANAX” engraved on one side and “2” on the opposite side. Routinely called a Green Xanax Bars. Street Names for Green Xanax Because of its pervasiveness as medicine of misuse frequently, victimizers made slang names for Green Xanax. Some common Real Green Xanax Bars S 90 3 street names, for instance, include: 1. Hulk Xanax 2. mass Xanax 3. green beast 4. Xannies Side effects of Green Xanax The guideline Green Xanax S 90 3 Bars results are for the most part related to its quieting and loosening up effects: 1. Drowsiness 2. Happiness 3. Dizziness 4. Ricochet back a sleeping disorder after the drug wears off 5. Loss of equilibrium and coordination 6. Hindered memory, transient amnesia 7. Possible birth relinquishes in pregnancy Other expected Green Xanax Bars results are: 1. Physical and mental reliance (compulsion) 2. Dry mouth 3. Clogging 4. Low pulse 5. Obscured vision 6. Rash 7. Hypersensitive responses S 90 3 Pills users’ responses are considering how the medicine gets apportioned from the body for the most part quickly. How Long Does Green Xanax Bars Stay in Your System? Green S 90 3 Pills shows up at high levels in the blood one to two hours in the wake of taking the drug and removing half-existence of 11.2 hours. A half-life is a period it takes the body to measure and releases half of the medication. The timeframe that the drug can be available in individuals’ framework depends upon how the testing completes. There are more current and better medicine testing methods being reliably developed. The testing methodologies and the period of time that drug can get perceived after use varies between labs. The rate at which people measure and discard Green Xanax from their body depends upon various individual segments: 1. Genetic and foundation condition 2. Race 3. The overall condition of wellbeing 4. The strength of kidneys and liver 5. The sum Green Xanax took 6. Age and sexual direction 7. Bodyweight and proportion of muscle to fat proportion 8. A proportion of actual development after Green Xanax S 90 3 Bars use 9. If the individual smokes 10. The stretch of time Green Xanax remains in the body depends upon various factors Buy Green Xanax Bars Online Green Xanax Bars Cheap S 90 3 Pills For Sale Buy Xanax 3mg Bars Online Where Can I Buy Green Xanax S 90 3 Bars? Green S 90 3 Pills Order Green Xanax S 90 3 Bars Buy Green Xanax Online With Credit Card Overnight Green Xanax Bars Monster Xanax Bars For Sale Hulk Xanax Bars Green Xanax S 90 3 Bars of Xanax Order green Xanax online Green Xanax bars buy green Xanax online buy green Xanax online without prescription buy green Xanax online cheap cheap green Xanax online cheap green Xanax online overnight delivery buying green Xanax online cheap buy green Xanax online USA green Xanax buy online green Xanax online pharmacy buy green Xanax online no prescription can you buy green Xanax online where to buy green Xanax online buy cheapest green Xanax online where can I buy green Xanax online buy green Xanax online without a prescription buy green Xanax online overnight
  12. It is not easy coping with anxiety when it is extreme. Everything seems to be falling, including all the coping mechanisms. You feel drained, exhausted, and wrapped up with overthinking & dark thoughts. Over time, the symptoms of anxiety worsen and lead to severe results. Therefore, looking for anxiety treatment earlier can save you from hitting other severe diseases. One of the highest offered treatments for dealing with chronic anxiety is Xanax bars. Let’s take you through some amazing facts about alprazolam before you buy Xanax online. Christmas Sale up to 40% Off use code : XMAS21 ‌ No Prescription Required! The Lowest Prices Online and Free Bonuses! Free Shipping! 15 Days Money Back! Safe & Secure Ordering Complete PRIVACY Some astonishing facts about Xanax bars: Xanax bars stand out as the highly assigned benzo for anxiety in the US. It is not effective in managing severe depression but can be helpful in the mild. Mixing Xanax bars with other prescription drugs can result in severe interaction. Combining Xanax and alcohol can cause results like death. Never evade its usage suddenly after being under treatment for the long term. You may have a Xanax addiction within short-term usage too. What is Xanax prescribed for? Xanax comes into the market as benzo that primarily functions for the management of anxiety and panic disorder. This medication works effectively for treating such conditions by accelerating the calming effects. On the other hand, it is active in treating conditions like depression, seizures, and insomnia. You should take this medication up only after the doctor’s approval for secondary treatment. Taking this medication without a doctor’s advice can make you prone to its effects. Note: The doctor approves Xanax bars only after appraising the health status and previous medical history. In case if you are not safe for using it, you may ask to get other treatments. Is Xanax available online? Yes, you can buy Xanax online too. However, to get this online, you must have a legal prescription for it. You will not be eligible to get Xanax without a prescription, neither online nor offline. Firstly, you will have to go for a physical consultation. With the consultation and physical diagnosis, you are caught under anxiety, you may ask for Xanax usage. Online pharmacies are not supposed to prescribe Xanax online. Dosing is against the law. If any online pharmacy out there is ready to assign you a Xanax prescription online, it might be fake online pharmacies. Is ordering Xanax online safe? Yes, ordering Xanax bars online is completely safe. However, you should make the purchase only through an authorized pharmacy. There are so many online pharmacies present that are fake and looting the money. Therefore, before you buy Xanax online, you must check whether the store is reliable and authentic or not. ‌ ‌ ###################################################### ‌ The prevalentcall of Xanax is Alprazolam online. And Xanax(Alprazolam) belongs to the eleganceof medicationknown as Benzodiazepines. Therefore Xanax remedy is beneficial for the remedyof hysteria disorder. So after taking Xanax medication, it acts at thevaluablefearful system (CNS). Hence it attempts to lessen the hobbywithinside the mind, and calm the mind. Therefore human beings with ADHD sense a sedating and tranquilizing impact after taking this medication. Additionally, docs prescribe this remedyin step with the age, weight, sex, and clinicalsituations of the people. However, docsgenerally prescribe 0.25g to 3mg as an preliminary dose for a youngerperson person. Also, the doses can range for each individual. Additionally, you couldpurchase Xanax for tension after taking the prescription from a doctor. So you couldpurchase Xanax on-linewith out prescription from any on-line drug save. Also, you should buy this medicine from any close bytabletssaveon your locality. Is 3mg of Xanax a high dose? The doses of Xanax medicinal drugrange from individual to individual. Also, the doses of this medicinal drugrely on many elements like- age, sex, weight, and scientificcircumstance of the people. So 3mg of Xanax isn't for a younger adult. But, a dose of Xanax 2mg on linemay be an overdose for kids and senior persons. However, it'd beexceptionalin case you take this medicine after taking the prescription out of your doctor. How strong is Valium compared to Xanax? Xanax and Valium eachremedy are beneficialwithinside theremedy of Anxiety. Also, eachremedy belongs to the equalmagnificenceof medicineknown as Benzodiazepines. But the important thingdistinction in eachmedicinal drugs is that valium works a chunkquicker than Xanax. ‌ What doctors will prescribe Xanax? Doctors prescribe this medicine for the remedyof hysteria disorder. Also, that is a managed substance. So you cannotpurchase Xanax medicinewith out a prescription. Hence you could get Xanax on the market at a low rate at an internet pharmacy. Also, you could get it from any drug keepto your locality. Can I get Adderall and Xanax in the USA without a prescription? Adderall and Xanax are managed substances. So in case you take this medicinal drug for an extended time, you may be structuredin thismedicinal drug. Also, similarly in can result independancyto those medications. Additionally, many humans use this medicinal drug as abuse. So it's milesunlawfulto shop for or promote this medicinal drugwith out a prescription. However, you maypurchasethosemedicinal drugs after taking the prescription from a doctor. So you may order Xanax on-linein a single dayshipping to get immediaterapidshippingfor your doorsteps. Conclusion- Xanax(Alprazolam) is useful for treating tension disorder. So this remedy works with the aid of usingliberating dopamine and differentchemical compoundswithinside themind. Also, this remedy reduces the hobbywithinside themind and calms the mind. Therefore it offers sedative results to human beings with ADHD. Additionally, you maypurchase this medicinal drughandiest after taking the prescription from a doctor. So, you should purchasereasonably-priced Xanax on-line to get rapiddomestic delivery. Also, you may get Xanax XR 3mg legally from any drug shopfor your locality. ‌ Xanax shipped with no prescription no prescription next day delivery Xanax buy Xanax without a prescription or membership Compare Meds Price — www.compare.purduepharm.com/ Read Health Blogs — https://buyambienpills.com/blog/
  13. Building your brand on social media is challenging in today’s scenario. Additionally, if you deal in business-to-business services, the challenges double. Therefore, if you have not defined your social media objectives, adopting b2b social media strategies is of no use. B2B social media strategy requires lots of techniques and practices to adopt. Thus, if you are new to social media marketing, prefer learning the basics. Therefore, before jumping to the strategies, explore the basics of social media strategies. What Is The Meaning Of B2B Social Media Strategy? First, let’s know the meaning of social media strategies. Therefore, your activities to build your social media followers and audience fall under its definition. However, the goal differs for each b2b company. For instance, a startup may want more audience; a well-established company may require quality clients rather than an audience base. Therefore, to build your b2b social media strategy, it is crucial to know your social media objectives first.
  14. Meal plan

    Hi. I’ve been going to gym for about 2 years now. When I first started I weighed 84kg and now I’m up to 97. Now I’ve hit a plateau and can’t seem to put on more size. any help in terms of good muscle building meals would be highly appreciated. Cheers guys
  15. Selling breast milk

    Would anyone be interested in purchasing breast milk as another form of protein? I've read that there's quite a market for it among bodybuilders.
  16. Due to some allergies (eggs) and some protein sources bing too harsh on my stomach (beef, but also chicken) I've decided to switch to some form of milk protein. So far i have the following to choose from: 1- https://www.mightyape.co.nz/product/horleys-protein-hit-low-carb-chocolate-fudge-12-x-420ml/22816379 2- https://www.anchor.co.nz/product/protein-plus/ any further suggestions would be welcome. from the looks of those two products, the first one seems to have a lot less sugar than the anchor one
  17. Just protein code

    Hey guys, Thought i'd drop a note if you are wanting to try something new or a more natural protein source check out the Just Protein stash. free delivery on already cheap stuff. my code is tyler15 for 15% off, so makes it even better! http://www.justprotein.co.nz/ I've been using for a while now, pretty damn awesome esp the Super Protein. I'm not just saying that either. Drop a comment if you have tried or questions for me. Cheers, MT
  18. Hey everyone, just thought I would share this you as I think it is a really good price for pure NZ whey. Kiwi Nutrition is a new online nutrition company that doesn't have stores, so has low overheads and amazing prices - I haven't found better than $25 per kg. They even donate 10% of their profit to NZ Cancer Society, which I think is pretty cool and worth supporting. I have been using their whey for a few weeks now and absolutely love it. It mixes really well without lumps in a shaker or blender. Because it is 100% whey, it doesn't have any sickly sweet flavours so it I can add fruit or chocolate powder to it, depending on the flavour I want at the time. Nutrition wise, it is 80% protein so pretty standard, giving 24g of protein per 30g serve. Their website is www.kiwinutrition.co.nz, and they have a facebook page too at https://www.facebook.com/kiwinutrition.co.nz/ Hope that helps a few of you out! Cheers Martin
  19. Hi Guys! I am looking for a healthy delivery meals package per week, any recommendation? I've tried muscle chow the food is horrible! Thanks in advanced have a great week
  20. Not sure if its bodybuilding, fitness, powerlifting or just sick of the downward spiral at this stage. GASP hits 57yo and 109kgs so Ive kicked my ass back into some hard training lately and will log it to keep the pressure on. I may be forced to do one more comp next year after being reminded of some late night bet.Its 16 years since the 2000 Nationals though but the body is intact apart from one disc flattening out. Ill be combining high rep med weight with semi peaking heavies but dropping back frequently. I used this process a few years ago in an attempt to squat 200 x 10 and believe this is the process that will still work for me. Ive read a lot from Jack LALANNE and share his thoughts about limited rest days when you have a goal and need to get out there to keep the metabolism up. His logic isnt shared by all but is sound when motivated to a goal. Bent over rowing 60kgs x 10 60kgs x 10 100 x 10 120 x 10 130 x 10 135 x 10 8 sets of lat pull-downs Today Squats (deep) 60kg x 12 80kgs x 10 100kgs x 10 125 x 6 150 x 10 150 x 8 100 x 10
  21. DYD Diary

    So I've joined a 12 weeks challenge called Discipline Your Dedication run by a fitness-personality Pauline Nordin. Pauline is promoting her Fighterdiet concept which is basically an advice to stuff yourself with low calorie, low GI vegetables so you can have large (&healthy) meals, reach satiety and not binge on crappy foods. And she sells branded supplements and expensive e-books on how exactly you should eat to get lean and stay that way. There's even quite a variety of these e-books i tell ya! But "nothing new under the sun", and as she puts it - "you don't get fat from what you don't eat" so I believed that motto and never spent time studying the details of what she preaches, and never bought anything of her. But now I did. I've joined this challenge, spent good 60 USD and intend to make them work for me, and record my progress. The actual challenge starts on 1 August 2016, which is very conveniently a Monday (and it's always good to start a new virtuous habit on a Monday, especially when it's also the first day of a month!) Until then, I have no idea what the instructions will be - will it only be a meal-plan to follow, or workout schedule and plan too. I'd like to have a way to record how it goes and reflect on it later so for the moment I'll be posting this stuff here. As part of this challenge I'll be taking weekly progress pictures - which I believe is excessive but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do. So before these 12 weeks start on Monday, I'll submit my pics and stats. Will keep this journal alive for the whole 12 weeks? Either here, or in a proper blog, or in my little green gym-notebook - I will. Alright. DYD Dairy - 3 days to start. P.S. Still haven't found a gym buddy girl, so I guess I'll be asking random strangers to check my form and help with the last few reps. (Who am I kidding, I'm not lifting that heavy. Not yet )
  22. Cheap (but reliable) whey?

    Hi everyone, being a student money is pretty hard to come by and I've noticed how protein powder is just so much more expensive in NZ !! Considering I already need to pay for 4000+ calories worth of food, paying for a reliable protein powder seems to be becoming an issue. I have stuck with optimum nutrion's gold standard for a while now to stay clear of all the amino spiking issues going around but that was back when I was having to eat much less and could afford it. Getting to the point, whats the cheapest whey protein you can find in new-zealand that you can trust to believe that what they say on the label is actually what you are getting? My guess would have been with myprotein's impact whey but you can't seem to get that here in NZ and ordering it from UK or USA just raises it to the price of the other good quality protein brands here. P.S- cheapest supplement store to buy the whey that you recommend?
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