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Found 571 results

  1. Building your brand on social media is challenging in today’s scenario. Additionally, if you deal in business-to-business services, the challenges double. Therefore, if you have not defined your social media objectives, adopting b2b social media strategies is of no use. B2B social media strategy requires lots of techniques and practices to adopt. Thus, if you are new to social media marketing, prefer learning the basics. Therefore, before jumping to the strategies, explore the basics of social media strategies. What Is The Meaning Of B2B Social Media Strategy? First, let’s know the meaning of social media strategies. Therefore, your activities to build your social media followers and audience fall under its definition. However, the goal differs for each b2b company. For instance, a startup may want more audience; a well-established company may require quality clients rather than an audience base. Therefore, to build your b2b social media strategy, it is crucial to know your social media objectives first.
  2. Meal plan

    Hi. I’ve been going to gym for about 2 years now. When I first started I weighed 84kg and now I’m up to 97. Now I’ve hit a plateau and can’t seem to put on more size. any help in terms of good muscle building meals would be highly appreciated. Cheers guys
  3. Selling breast milk

    Would anyone be interested in purchasing breast milk as another form of protein? I've read that there's quite a market for it among bodybuilders.
  4. Due to some allergies (eggs) and some protein sources bing too harsh on my stomach (beef, but also chicken) I've decided to switch to some form of milk protein. So far i have the following to choose from: 1- https://www.mightyape.co.nz/product/horleys-protein-hit-low-carb-chocolate-fudge-12-x-420ml/22816379 2- https://www.anchor.co.nz/product/protein-plus/ any further suggestions would be welcome. from the looks of those two products, the first one seems to have a lot less sugar than the anchor one
  5. Just protein code

    Hey guys, Thought i'd drop a note if you are wanting to try something new or a more natural protein source check out the Just Protein stash. free delivery on already cheap stuff. my code is tyler15 for 15% off, so makes it even better! http://www.justprotein.co.nz/ I've been using for a while now, pretty damn awesome esp the Super Protein. I'm not just saying that either. Drop a comment if you have tried or questions for me. Cheers, MT
  6. Hey everyone, just thought I would share this you as I think it is a really good price for pure NZ whey. Kiwi Nutrition is a new online nutrition company that doesn't have stores, so has low overheads and amazing prices - I haven't found better than $25 per kg. They even donate 10% of their profit to NZ Cancer Society, which I think is pretty cool and worth supporting. I have been using their whey for a few weeks now and absolutely love it. It mixes really well without lumps in a shaker or blender. Because it is 100% whey, it doesn't have any sickly sweet flavours so it I can add fruit or chocolate powder to it, depending on the flavour I want at the time. Nutrition wise, it is 80% protein so pretty standard, giving 24g of protein per 30g serve. Their website is www.kiwinutrition.co.nz, and they have a facebook page too at https://www.facebook.com/kiwinutrition.co.nz/ Hope that helps a few of you out! Cheers Martin
  7. Hi Guys! I am looking for a healthy delivery meals package per week, any recommendation? I've tried muscle chow the food is horrible! Thanks in advanced have a great week
  8. Not sure if its bodybuilding, fitness, powerlifting or just sick of the downward spiral at this stage. GASP hits 57yo and 109kgs so Ive kicked my ass back into some hard training lately and will log it to keep the pressure on. I may be forced to do one more comp next year after being reminded of some late night bet.Its 16 years since the 2000 Nationals though but the body is intact apart from one disc flattening out. Ill be combining high rep med weight with semi peaking heavies but dropping back frequently. I used this process a few years ago in an attempt to squat 200 x 10 and believe this is the process that will still work for me. Ive read a lot from Jack LALANNE and share his thoughts about limited rest days when you have a goal and need to get out there to keep the metabolism up. His logic isnt shared by all but is sound when motivated to a goal. Bent over rowing 60kgs x 10 60kgs x 10 100 x 10 120 x 10 130 x 10 135 x 10 8 sets of lat pull-downs Today Squats (deep) 60kg x 12 80kgs x 10 100kgs x 10 125 x 6 150 x 10 150 x 8 100 x 10
  9. DYD Diary

    So I've joined a 12 weeks challenge called Discipline Your Dedication run by a fitness-personality Pauline Nordin. Pauline is promoting her Fighterdiet concept which is basically an advice to stuff yourself with low calorie, low GI vegetables so you can have large (&healthy) meals, reach satiety and not binge on crappy foods. And she sells branded supplements and expensive e-books on how exactly you should eat to get lean and stay that way. There's even quite a variety of these e-books i tell ya! But "nothing new under the sun", and as she puts it - "you don't get fat from what you don't eat" so I believed that motto and never spent time studying the details of what she preaches, and never bought anything of her. But now I did. I've joined this challenge, spent good 60 USD and intend to make them work for me, and record my progress. The actual challenge starts on 1 August 2016, which is very conveniently a Monday (and it's always good to start a new virtuous habit on a Monday, especially when it's also the first day of a month!) Until then, I have no idea what the instructions will be - will it only be a meal-plan to follow, or workout schedule and plan too. I'd like to have a way to record how it goes and reflect on it later so for the moment I'll be posting this stuff here. As part of this challenge I'll be taking weekly progress pictures - which I believe is excessive but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do. So before these 12 weeks start on Monday, I'll submit my pics and stats. Will keep this journal alive for the whole 12 weeks? Either here, or in a proper blog, or in my little green gym-notebook - I will. Alright. DYD Dairy - 3 days to start. P.S. Still haven't found a gym buddy girl, so I guess I'll be asking random strangers to check my form and help with the last few reps. (Who am I kidding, I'm not lifting that heavy. Not yet )
  10. Cheap (but reliable) whey?

    Hi everyone, being a student money is pretty hard to come by and I've noticed how protein powder is just so much more expensive in NZ !! Considering I already need to pay for 4000+ calories worth of food, paying for a reliable protein powder seems to be becoming an issue. I have stuck with optimum nutrion's gold standard for a while now to stay clear of all the amino spiking issues going around but that was back when I was having to eat much less and could afford it. Getting to the point, whats the cheapest whey protein you can find in new-zealand that you can trust to believe that what they say on the label is actually what you are getting? My guess would have been with myprotein's impact whey but you can't seem to get that here in NZ and ordering it from UK or USA just raises it to the price of the other good quality protein brands here. P.S- cheapest supplement store to buy the whey that you recommend?
  11. NABBA Taranaki Champs

  12. NZIFBB South Island Champs

  13. NZIFBB Counties Manukau Champs

  14. Cheap Whey Protein

    Hey guys I posted the other day about finding some cheap protein and have gotten a quote from Davis Trading for the ALACEN 450 WHEY PROTEIN CONCENTRATE INSTANT which is 79% protein and unflavored. I have attached the nutrition information if anyone wants that as well. It only comes in 20 kg sacks so i am looking for some keen people in Christchurch that want some of the remaining 9 kg. I will be charging $70 for 3 kg . If you are keen let me know. Also if this post is outside the site guidelines please delete it. Cheers newzealand80.pdf
  15. Balance IntrAmino

    Hey check out Balance's new IntrAmino intra-workout drink. It's a pretty solid formula that comes in grape and watermelon flavour. The formula is pretty straightforward: 8g of BCAAs (2:1:1 ratio), 3.7g of Glutamine, added B vitamins. I've been smashing it back during my workouts, I reckon it's good stuff - But I work for Balance, so you be the judge. Let me know what you guys think...
  16. NZIFBB Pro-Am Champs 2016

  17. sustenon 250

    Hello everyone, i was wondering im 21 and i really want to start my cycle of sustenon 250 i wanted some advice what is the best pct for it and what else should i take while on my cycle in order to prevent any damage to my body and also to see great results, beside eating clean how much food should i consume, should i increase my carbs more than my protein? im currently 170lbs and have around 15 body fat
  18. Well moving on now as we all must do, last year I trained heavy and hard for nine months, in 2013 I competed at 58.5 kg in 2014 60 kg. OMG it was a hard fought battle for 1.5 kg. This year program will be a little different but just as hard if not harder I suspect. First 4 weeks will be a consolidation period just re establishing strength levels and allowing body to recover post competition. Then back to heavy training again. Anyway training this week has been different: MONDAY - Chest and Back - Pec Dec / Machine Row supersetted 4 sets - Flat bb press / Bent over row supersetted 4 sets - Incline bb press / T bar row supersetted 4 sets - Machine press / Pullover supersetted 4 sets TUESDAY - Shoulders and Arms - Db shoulder press 5 sets - Rear deltoid machine 4 sets - Side raise machine 4 sets - Barbell curl / Skull crushers supersetted 4 sets - Machine curl / Tricep pushdowns 4 sets - Seated db curl / lying tricep extension supersetted 3 sets WEDNESDAY - Legs - Squats 5 sets 10 reps 60kg 80 kg 90 kg 90 kg 80 kg - Leg extension / seated leg curl supersetted 4 sets - Hack squat / lying leg curl supersetted 4 sets - Standing calf raise 100 reps This sounds easy when writing it down but I tough training program for me at moment.
  19. MOD NOTE: Figured from the photos that Azide was posting in Gyzzbrah's log, he's big enough to need his own space now. So his logs have been split into a journal that's all his very own. Readers, you have been warned...
  20. G'DAY guys i'll throw down a few stats then to begin with height-184cm weight -97kg (218lbs) years training- 7 (note very broken up from things like being away with army,serious injury,OE, etc.) Attached image is roughly 2 weeks ago i had been keeping my calories very low for the last 3 months around 2100-2600 a day with the odd large cheat day. i have upped my calories significantly over the last 10 days from fat (not counting calories) eating alot more whole eggs,bacon chicken thighs etc and i am now sitting at 97 from 95 in the picture (slightly softer in midsection). starting on the 10th of October 14 ill be back to counting calories looking to add roughly .3-5kgs a week using recommendation from Ben Pakulskis mi40x which has my calories sitting at 4000 calories if i start to add fat to quickly i will adjust though. Training - Following Bpaks mi40x real change for me previously using Christian Thibaudeaus 20 minute muscle builder for 8 weeks but was also biking about 40-50km a day( my car got wiped out and didn't have insurance not by my own choice haha)
  21. aesthetics diary etc

    This journal will chronicle my journey in becoming the next pseudo-zyzz. It will be a both fascinating and factual account of my training, diet, life, thoughts etc presented mostly in first person past tense narrative. If you wanna waste your time reading other peoples journals thats cool, but TBH not really any point because they mostly about touching basketball hoops or being small and/or fat and weak etc (couple exceptions)and this is where its all happening. Probably more productive to spend that time fapping instead IMO.
  22. Thought I start a new journal up after my last one went down the loo. Saturday will be three weeks out from nationals which is very exciting for me. Currently training six days a week . Before dropping it down five times a week. From the 29th to the 3rd. Then four training sessions in the gym before flying up to Auckland on the 11th. Was thinking today tomorwo will be a good experince for me being my birthday won't be able to have a cheat meal oh well something to look forward to after Nats. Prep is going very well and doing everything on my own with out the use of a traininer plus given my run of bad luck with trainers given that there are not many bodybuilding trainers in Dunedin compare to other main centres through out nz . Looking to come at 77kg for when I weigh in a few weeks time. Got my post comp dinner planed which is macdonlds hunger buster won't care what the macros will be in it plus it will be very rewarding after months of hard work. Walked some pizzas in new world on the way home from work today . Thought looking forward to off season and being normal for a while which which will be very nice. Current split it monday quads,60 minutes treadmill tuseday heavy back session 60 minutes treadmill wednesday chest and calfs 60 minutes treadmill Thursday delts and hamstrings 40 minutes cross trainer friday back pump 40 minutes cross trainer saturday arms 40 minutes cross trainer strength levels have been good at times and other times have to drop weights back a bit for when my strength levels have been average.
  23. After recently reading the best set of diet articles I have ever read, I was inspired to start tracking what I was eating a bit more closely. (It helped that I was going to be interviewing the guys from Cirque du Soleil, and I had visions/nightmares of taking my shirt of beside seriously shredded athletes.) For a couple of weeks, I counted calories, and the results were great. The fat dropped, and the body weight stayed the same, indicating a gain in muscle. Unfortunately, for the last couple of weeks, I've fallen off the wagon. I have plenty of excuses - mostly that working on Gymnation 2.0 has left me with no time for meal prep, and lack of sleep means no energy in the gym. But that doesn't help me get the results I want. So... I'm back on track. I've taken some before photos - and they were a bit of a shock. They were taken cold, no pump, and after a fortnight of crap diet and crap training. Also, my lighting sucks. But even taking that into account, I'm not happy. My physique looks depressingly like where it was several years ago. And (slightly embarrassingly) the photos don't match up to the mental image I had of myself either. Ooh, shit. The goal is to get a bit bigger, and a whole lot more shredded... by summer. Yep, it's a "vanity" goal. I'm okay with that. As the title suggests, this log is not going to be a daily thing. I'll track a couple of days eating in it while I get started, then probably only update it periodically to assure you all I'm still on track. Here we go...
  24. Hey so i've been bulking for about 16 months now, started off skinny fat and now I think i'm just fat with a bit of muscle lol. Probably was bulking at 3k+ cals a day (rough estimate) Stats: Age - 22 Height - 5'9 174cm Weight - 64kg in first pic, and now at 93kg) I’m going on a cut now; probably look into tracking cals (2400 cals, 200g carbs, 85g fat, 210 proteins) - Do my cals and macros look ok? What do you think of progress? (Be honest, I can take criticism lol) How much bf% do you think i'm at? What do you think would be a good form of cardio and how often? I was thinking HIIT 3-5times a week 20mins at a time? Also if you got any recommenndations for any good fat burners, please let me know First pic is at 64kg (pump) the next few pics are at 93kg no pump at all (All pics attached below, for some reason wouldn't let me upload to a website and embedd them :S) If you got any questions, feel free 2 ask
  25. We'll seeing I have been on my mission for 13 weeks already and have about 40 more weeks to go I thought I would start a new journal. I will post photos as I journey along and put my start ones up with them. i am training 6 days a week at present and sometimes twice a day if the energy levels are up there as they seem to be at the moment. 06/08/14 Squats (ATG) 12/50, 12/50, 12/50, 12/52.5, 12/52.5, 12/50, 12/50 Static Lunges - 5 sets of 12 each side Leg extn (superset) 12/49, 12/49, 12/49 Leg curls 12/35, 12/35, 12/35 Body weight single leg calf raise- 3 x 24 each side incline sit-ups- 10/10/10/10 Planks- 40s, 31s, 31s Any comments welcome. I do have a trainer who I go to once a month for flab grab etc so will post the results as I go along.