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Found 92 results

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  2. Digitizing restaurant menus are a great way to increase the amount of traffic your venue receives! With digital menu boards, you can create one or more different screens that show off your menu and also offer specials. Plus, these menus can be updated in real-time to reflect any changes or additions that happen throughout the day. What is Menu Boards? Menu boards are the visual representation of a restaurant's menu. They act as a menu itself, visually displaying the dishes that are on offer and what they cost. Menu boards can be digital or physical and typically have a magnetic surface for easy organizing.
  3. Ecommerce websites can offer a variety of products to their customers, but the challenge for many eCommerce companies is selling those products. There are many ways that you can come up with a way to sell your products, such as social media advertising, email marketing, or even in-person marketing through sales associates. This blog post details some of the best strategies for optimizing your website so it can sell more products. Brief History of eCommerce In the last decade, eCommerce has become a vital part of the global economy. Whether you sell clothes, electronics, jewelry or even books on Amazon, it's vital that your eCommerce website succeeds. A few years ago, we published our first guide for optimizing your eCommerce website. This time we've released an updated version with more comprehensive steps and resources to help you improve conversion rates and increase sales. What is online marketing? Online marketing is a multibillion-dollar industry that's constantly changing. So first, it's important that you understand what it is and the types of strategies used. Online marketing can mean many things, but the most common ways to market your business include social media marketing and search engine optimization. Why is it important to have a great website? The web is the primary place where people find information and purchase products online, so it's important that your website is up-to-date and showcases your products correctly. The information an eCommerce merchant needs to have about their website is more than just knowing how many visitors they get each day - there are certain steps you should take to optimize your site for success. The 5 Components of a Successful eCommerce Website The key to a successful and custom eCommerce website is to come up with a plan that is going to make it easy for your audience to find what they want. It's important not to get bogged down in the details, but rather focus on creating a good product and making it easy for people to find. Factors for success in the world of eCommerce There are a variety of factors to consider when optimizing your eCommerce site. These include: marketing, customer service, conversion rate, and more. Be sure to balance these areas of focus with the needs of your business and industry standards. Ways for newbies to succeed in this competitive industry It's no secret that when it comes to eCommerce, there are a lot of players. It can be daunting to enter the industry, but there are steps you can take to optimize your website and make sure that it succeeds. Conclusion A great marketing campaign turns into a memorable experience for your customers. So, if you're looking to grow your eCommerce business, it's time to take a step back and review the resources available to you. The guides listed in this blog are some of the best that we've found while working with our clients.
  4. Selling breast milk

    Would anyone be interested in purchasing breast milk as another form of protein? I've read that there's quite a market for it among bodybuilders.
  5. Cheap Whey Protein

    Hey guys I posted the other day about finding some cheap protein and have gotten a quote from Davis Trading for the ALACEN 450 WHEY PROTEIN CONCENTRATE INSTANT which is 79% protein and unflavored. I have attached the nutrition information if anyone wants that as well. It only comes in 20 kg sacks so i am looking for some keen people in Christchurch that want some of the remaining 9 kg. I will be charging $70 for 3 kg . If you are keen let me know. Also if this post is outside the site guidelines please delete it. Cheers newzealand80.pdf
  6. until
    Central Districts Powerlifting Association's next comp is the Hastings 3-Lift and Bench Club comp and Qualifier for Regional Champs. Date - 19 March 2016 Venue - Hastings Fitness Centre Enter here: http://cdpowerlifting.org.nz/cdpa-hawkes-bay-club-3-lift-bench-press-qualifier-march/ Should be a great meet, it's a great venue for a comp (last year's CD Regional Champs were there), very supportive and a great warm-up area. It's the last qualifier for CDPA lifters who've not otherwise qualified for regionals (by doing the Wellington comp a couple of weeks back, or last year's CDPA champs), so it could be a big day.
  7. Balance IntrAmino

    Hey check out Balance's new IntrAmino intra-workout drink. It's a pretty solid formula that comes in grape and watermelon flavour. The formula is pretty straightforward: 8g of BCAAs (2:1:1 ratio), 3.7g of Glutamine, added B vitamins. I've been smashing it back during my workouts, I reckon it's good stuff - But I work for Balance, so you be the judge. Let me know what you guys think...
  8. Ditching being weak

    I visit this site daily, and to be honest haven't been training that much. I came back from Highland Games Worlds (came 11th) in June and haven't trained consistently since. With a goal set of doing a decent super total in 2016 - squat, bench, deadlift, snatch and clean and jerk; I figure it's time to train consistently. I've moved my weights into a tiny little shed, and I intend to do most of my lifting in there. The goal is to shoot for 3x a week, totalling at the most about 3 hours. Yes, I mean that... I have no interest in training 10+ hrs a week like I used to. Let's do this.
  9. The 2015 Commonwealth Champs are on right now in Vancouver... today was the women's classic, and NZL is doing AMAZINGLY! Golds to Trish Muldrock, Dora Togiaso, and others, an epic Silver to Carli Dillen in a class of eleven Open U63s, including a gold medal squat and silvers in bench and dead. Link is http://cw.plmeet.com/ - Vancouver is three hours ahead of NZL. Look out for other Kiwis including Tui Halotokoua, Josh Tukua, Ivan Madsen and Vincent Capes earlier tomorrow, and Ethan Foote and Joe Whittaker in the later sessions.
  10. Re-Peak for Pro Raw

    Hi all, So I'm lifting at Pro Raw 7 in a few weeks (under 80kgs) and am doing a re-peak programme. I've never done a peak then re-peak like this so thought I'd log some progress. Background to this is that did a 12 week relatively high intensity peaking programme for mid September (GPC worlds). Took two weeks off, did 1.5 weeks of high-ish volume and am now starting a 4 week re-peak. Target is to hit 620-630kg total. Current comp best is 600kg [220/140/240 (w wraps)] at 73.5kgs at GPC nationals this year. Anyway... Week 1 Day 1: Squats165kg 4 sets of 6132kg 1 set of 10 (had a small puke after this, pretty much cardio) Deficit deads (about 4-5cm deficit)165kg 3 sets of 3 (used straps to save grip) Bench139.5kg 3 sets of 3 (failed last set only got 1 rep) GHR 3x10 Abs 3x10 I'll be sure to post some updates as I go along.
  11. Training to failure

    Hi all I'm starting this journal to keep track of my strength progress after 6 months out of the gym. I'm roughly 1 month back in to it. I'm 72 kg @ 180cm. Front squats 80 kg * 5,5,5,5,5 Squats 80 kg * 10 Dumbbell flat bench press 42.5 kg (individual bell weight) * 5,5,5,5,6 Barbell row 72.5 kg * 5,5,5,5,6 15 mins stretching and light ab work
  12. Russian experiment.

    Righto thought it was time that I started my log on here. What better time to start than my testing week. Few stats about myself before we get started with some boring numbers and hopefully less boring videos Age: 23 - last year as a junior for IPF Height: 6'2 Weight: 103kgs - just staying under 105 for competition Comp PB's: 230/140/280 - 650 Training PB's 240/140/310 I started training for powerlifting in 2013 and started competiting in 2014, I started lifting seriously with a few mates in our final year at university starting on stronglifts eventually moving onto madcow and then stronglifts advanced and now have been following the Russian sheiko styles for close to a year now. 2014 Comps: Comp - Date - Squat/Bench/Dead - Total @Bodyweight liftsout of/9 - Thoughts on Comp WBOP Ice Breaker 15/2/14 - 200/120/260 - 580 @96 8/9 - first comp after a long 6 weeks off over summer failed a 210 squat but I was happy. WBOP Champs 12/4/14 - 200/120/270 - 590 @91.75 - 6/9 - first mistake cutting to under 93kgs... failed two attempts at a 215 squat also failed 130 bench.I had been hitting much higher numbers in training but the weight cut killed me. Should have learned here. North Islands 16/6/14 - 210/122.5/265 - 597.5 @92.9 - 4/9 - made the same mistake again under 93kgs.... came away with a 10kg comp squat and 2.5kg bench PB deads just didnt happen today I failed a 275 on a technical and then went to 280 and just couldn't lift it. Nationals 9/8/14 - 230/140/280 - 650 @103.7 - 8/9 - (10kg weight gain in 7 weeks hahah) This was a fantastic comp went 8/9 only failed one deadlift on a rookie mistake which meant I couldn't risk trying for 300. My goal for this year is to go to Oceanias in December and bring back a gold in the junior 105kg class. 13/10/14 Squats 115 x 5 140 x 4 160 x 3 185 x 2 207.5 x 1 220 x 1 232.5 x 1 - 2.5kg PB 240 x 0 220 x 1 240 x 1 - 10kg PB Bench 70 x 5 85 x 4 100 x 3 105 x 2 x 3 Flies Hypers Bench and Deadlift testing on Wednesday
  13. Thought I would make this journal, and let you all know that I am now hiring GyzzBrah and GymRat as my personal trainers, nutritionists, and advisors on what gear to use. Today was a low carb day Breakfast was 3 whole eggs with 2 slices of smoked cheese and 2x white bread slices with some grape juice Snack 1 was a flake bar Lunch was sushi with a 473 can of redbull Snack 2 mince and cheese pie and a can of big red Thinking of getting a pizza for dinner Training I did arms today curls other curls and some curls and some presses/extensions felt really good and I am looking forward to getting a totally different and new program by one of my trainers as he reckons changing your entire program and goal every week is the best.
  14. Strength journal

    Journal round 3. been doing 5x5 just bought a power cage, bench, oly bar and plates time to get more serious will keep doing 5x5 till i get sick of it, but im reading up on strength programs to follow that let me train every day or mostly every day (just because i enjoy it) at the moment im going to keep doing 5x5 mon wed fri, and on the inbetween days do 10 x 10 bar only squats for flexibility anyone able to recommend a good strength program that has not too many if any days off? priority is 200 dead asap current 1rms are 130 90 170 @ 79.9kg
  15. Rebuilding the Wookie

    Because Pseudo is a nice guy, and a few people may be interested in how I'm rebuilding back to get in shape to compete in strongman. Weds 23 July Military to 120, 125 then 8x95x2 Snatch grip BNP: 8x60, 8x65, 8x60 CG Bench 8x70, 7x120, 8x110, 8x100 ------------------------------ 25/7 at Wookie Barbell Squats 8*60, 5*140, 5*180, 5*230 Bench 8*60, 5*100, 3*130, 3*140*2 Cg Feet up paused 10*100 Start the 5 week Wookie template next week --------------------- 30/7 Week 1 Overhead Repetition 1 Military Press: To 1x120, 1x130, then 8x100x2 Snatch grip Behind Neck Presses 8x60 Rushed workout, but good. ------------------ 1/8 Wookie Barbell Week 1 of 5 Week Template Squat and bench repetition 1 Squat (no wraps) 5x100, 3x140, 2x160, 1x230, 1x270, 8x240 Knee a bit tender after, left there. Wraps next week. 8x240 was my top set last cycle when I did 317.5, and this was 8.5 RPE vs 10 last time. Bench 8x60, 5x100, 1x130, 1x150, 8x135, 7x130, Slingshot, 150, 1x160, 3x160 Narrow grip bench: 12x100, 10x100
  16. Back to it

    Last six months has been a bit of a right off when it comes to training and good eating as my new careers taken off . Now that that's underway I can get back into lifting with the hopes of competing again by the end of the year Unfortunately Im weak as a kitten and sloppy as hell so the next few months will be focused on tidying up the eating and building a solid base. Back Deadlifts 120x5x5 Pullups 4x8-10 Pulldowns 4x8 Cable rows 4x12 DB rows 4x12 Shrugs 3x10 Good workout. Done in less than an hour. I am going to be adding weight slowly as the body adapts to lifting again.
  17. Got to 79.9 kg look skinny and lean as i wanna be. Sick of doing splits etc and strength always being shit. Few people at my work recently did their first pl meets and sounds like fun. Going to aim to do one in less than a year from now, closer to that time will lock in a specific one which will keep me on track with a date to aim for etc, probably do one that my workmates are doing. Going back to stronglifts 5x5 starting from scratch, will follow it 100% until strength stops improving Going to eat clean and lots and not count cals too carefully but keep an eye on bf% dont want to gain much if any sl 5x5 says start with 1/2 of 5rms so i did a little less than that, first few weeks will feel like a waste of time but hopefully keep up linear strength gains for a while. 5x5 day 1: Squat: 40kg x 5 x 5 BB Row: 30kg x 5 x 5 Bench: 30kg x 5 x 5 Should I add any assistance or just do it as prescribed?
  18. Very midget :(

    So been lurking for a while and decided to post - Hopefully keeps me on point and progressing. I'm fairly new to lifting. Started in 2012, did stronglifts the entire year - First time ever lifting. Went back to study in 2013 and got lazy - canceled gym membership. Just got back into the swing of things about 12 weeks ago now. Misc Stats: Age: 22 Height: 5'5 Weight: 94.2 (Want to compete in 83kg div) Lift Stats: Squat: 200kg 1rm (tested a while ago) - Completed 4x3 @ 180kg last session (Video of 3rd set: - Was checking form mainly) - Feedback on depth would be good - I feel it needs to be another inch lower?Deadlift: 200kg 1rm (Tested 1 month ago roughly) Bench: 117.5kg 1rm (paused) OHP: 5x3 @ 60kg Bent Row: 5x5 @ 80kg
  19. Sup! Havent been online for a while but have decided to have a crack at a new journal! My main goal is to increase my bench press and front squat. Due to a few injuries, these two lifts are ones I have the most desire for and stay healthierest with, haha and i want to compete as a bench presser some time. Also through this journal I will be dropping a little bit of fatness and also have enrolled in the Australian Institute of Fitness in Melbourne, and start that in August. So that might be of some interest to people too. Currently training at Good Life. They seem ok, have 8 squat racks and elite bumper plates....although I dont know what becuase there doesnt seem to be many serious lifters. But the racks/barbells n plates are nice! I dont think I had 1 straight bar back in NZ when I trained stricklty from my gargae so this is a change, and there are more TVs in the weight room than I have ever owned in my life. Haha but its all good. Currnet best bench is 130x1 Paused and best Front squat is 150x1. I was front squatting everyday for around 45 days and wish I logged it here but meh. oh well ended up with 150. Then deadlifted and pulled something....so have dropped some volume. Bodyweight is just under 90kg. So I have dropped a few kg over the last couple of months, I look like crap but just want to lift stuff. Sooooo today I did "Comp grip Bench" 6x2 @ 125kg paused Volume PB "Sling Shot" 1x4 @ 140kg 1x2 @ 147.5kg "Bench various grips drops set" 100x10-80x10-60x10-20x100 "Rear Delts" 100 reps
  20. Do I even Strong Brah

    Thought I'd start another journal for my brief return to Strongman *bye* mainly to help me gather my thoughts on training programming after having been in bodybuilding mode for four years now. Started my first training back into Strongman at Human Performance Centre (HPC) with Alex Orwin on Staurday 10 May 2014, almost four years since I lifted implements & damn was it hard!! :-O Said goodbye to Les Mills for a while, will be training Implements at HPC Wednesday (with 3 time NZ Strrongest Man Colm Woulfe) and Saturday with U90kg Strongman Champ Alex. Weights sessions to be done at Wolfs mainly. Sat 10/5/14 Steel Log - rows & cleans to warm up (70kg), then press 3x70, 2x80, missed 90 *NO*, 1x90, 1x90. Technique was very average as expected, time to rebuild motor patterns to make the most of increased strength. Comp time in 9 weeks & max overhead log and reps with 95kg are the events! Zercher walk - 70 x 40m, 110 x 40m, Zercher hold 150kg for 30ish secs. Conans wheel with 270kg is the event here! Herc hold - 90kg per side for 1min 20 secs. Hercules hold is 122kg per side, record is 1.22! Good intro session all things considered! Sun 11/5/14 Leg extn - 4 sets Rev Hack Squat - up to 160kg for 8-10's Leg press - sets up to 400x12's 1-legged extns / Leg Curls Calves - 3 exercises Mon 11/5/14 AM - Cardio walk 30mins PM- Push Press - up to 100kg singles DB Press - up to 50kg x 8's Inc Bench - up to 120 x 10 Lat raise machine Pec Dec Dip machine Rope TPD Tues 13/5 AM - 20min HIIT Crosstrainer (1min all out / 2 mins cruise)
  21. A fagit lifts - Texass baby!

    Hey guys. UPDATE 11/04/2015 21y/o 6ft 18%ish 80.4kg UPDATE 21/02/2015: 21y/o 6ft 16-18% 79kg Squat 140kg Bench 95kg Deadlift 180kg Im 20, 5'11 and about 18-20% Bodyfat id say. Which is ideally to high but ive been around the same visiable bf ever since i started the gym (60kgish). Ive been hunting around for a new programme and ive found the candito training programme (six week). Just wanting to get stronger so what the hell ill give it ago. Its different to anything ive done before so im a bit dubious. But johnny candito is fuckin crazy strong so its gotta work. Eating at the moment is alright, cant say i count but i get enough of protein, probably half of its from milk haha. Been slowly gaining weight lately so it cant be to far off anyway. Goals are after i finish the six week cycle(training) is to deadlift 160, bench 90, squat 105-110. Stats as at 10/03/2014 at 79kg Deadlift 150 ishBench 85 ishSquat 100 ishStats as of 10-13/04/2014 at 82.5 Deadlift 165Bench 82.5Squat 112.5All in all im happy with the strenght increases. Bench hasnt really gone down, if anything i would say its improved as im doing more reps just cant push out a heavier max. Going foward working on mobility will be important aswell selection of accessory exerices. Stats as at 24/05/2014 at 82.5 Deadlift 170Bench 85Squat 115Dont really feel like i gained much over this cycle, will be switching to 531.
  22. Lifting and lock ups

    Moving to wellington to start police college next sunday. Trying to get stronger while keeping fitness and bodyfat at acceptable levels. Front squat 20x10x2 40x5 60x5 80x5 90x3 100x3 110x1 120x1 125x1 Klokov press 20x10x2 40x5 52.5x3x7 Barbell row 60x10 60x8 85x5x6
  23. Journey Journal

    No idea what exactly I'm doing diet and excercise wise, but any step is a good step in the right direction I figured. Currently go to Jetts in Grey Lynn since it's like 2mins from my house. 1yr free from relapse after 5yrs of EDOS anorexia and bulimia. Stats as of 03/02/14 Age: 21yrs Height: 173cm Weight: 63kg Waist: 25.5" Hips: 39" BF% Unknown Day 1: Upper body (Chest, Back, Shoulders, Biceps, Triceps) Day 2: 20min cardio (Body-for-Life) Day 3: Lower body + Abs (Quads, Hamstring, Calves, Abs) Day 4: 20min cardio Day 5: Upper body Day 6: 20min cardio Day 7: Rest Cheat day Saturday (Alcohol), only if gone to the gym everyday. Goals: To slowly increase caloric intake in order to gain muscle Lose body fat rather than weight Depending on current BF, get down to 20-22% BF by birthday (05/07/14) Have more energy
  24. Hey guys . Thought id start a journal on here to keep me honest and keep a track of where ive been and where im at. Current stats .... 34 years old 170cm 82.5 kg average weight Bench 1rm 150kg touch n go ( not bounce ) August 2014 Dead 1rm 250kg September 2014 Squat 1rm 215kg August 2014 Have recently just completed 2 x 6 week strength programmes which have brought my bench up considerably and are due to start the Smolov squat base cycle next week on Monday after just completing the two week introductory cycle . Fell off a roof a year and a bit ago and broke heel bone and doctor said i would never lift heavy again even talking about fusing my foot if it didnt heal but it seems to have healed exceptionally well and have full mobility and only minor ache in cold weather. I feel my squat and dead both have much to be improved on as i have only recently began lifting heavy again. I will be running the same strength programme i just done as my upper body accessory focussing on bench as main upper lift and ditching the squat and dead part for the duration of my Smolov cycle so wont be doing any deads for the next 3 months. The programme i have recently used is the 6 week strength programme at www.canditotraining.com and are real happy with the results taking my bench up a good 15kg and DB shoulder presses went from 35kg each to 40 kg each for 8 reps likewise with DB rows and increasing all over upper body mass. Also my ability to just rep out weights on the bench has increased massively so really happy with the results but i need to focus on my cotton bud legs and build some mass as i react better to more volume although being ectomorph in shape ill never have the masive frame. But thats enough for now and i will start with half weekly or weekly posts. Peace
  25. Crossfit to PL

    So after a year of absolutely mucking around, I've decided I'm going to focus on lifting and get into Powerlifting for 2014. I've been really inconsistent in training this year after a rather large change in my home life (stressssssss), but the last 2 months I've been quite regular at the gym with wods, and did a Smolov Jnr for squats as well. Thinking I'll do 5/3/1 as it was nice and simple to follow (just don't get me started on Beyond 5/3/1 hello toooo many variations wtf). Current maxes: Squat - 92kg Dead - 105kg - Has been like this for a year, as soon as I go even 2kg over I can't pick that fucking bar up. Bench - 45kg Goals: Squat - 100kg Dead - 120kg (have managed 115 once) Bench - Around 55-60. (have done 52.5 before) No time frame yet, just want to get regular with lifting. I train out at Body Business at Crossfit East Tamaki too, we do a fair bit of Oly lifting there which I think will be helpful. So yay journal