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The English version:

Play nicely

Too many forums have been ruined by members turning them into a slugfest. On this site, we are determined to avoid that. NO PERSONAL ATTACKS WILL BE TOLERATED! Discussion and debate is encouraged, but we will not allow members to abuse each other.

Speak clearly

W0t r u ppl tlking all dum 4? We're not spelling nazis, but we do prefer people who try to write properly.

Read your replies carefully before posting – people are easily offended, and what you mean as a joke may be taken the wrong way. If in doubt, use a smiley.

Post your questions in the right forum. This makes less work for the Moderators, and it means you get the best people answering your question.

No spam

You may give positive feedback on a product or service, but we do not tolerate spam. As a general guideline, we define spam as being an unsolicited advertising message, or an ongoing promotional campaign. If you wish to post a balanced review of a certain product, or reply to a question with a product recommendation, that’s fine. But the moderators reserve the right to remove any promotional material.

No drug dealing

THESE FORUMS ARE NOT FOR POSTING SOURCES. Anyone caught providing or seeking illegal sources of drugs will face an immediate and permanent ban. That means no, you can’t ask where to find steroids.

Allegations of drug use (whether true or not) have the potential to ruin a career. Therefore unless an individual has publicly confirmed such use, anyone suggesting this (even jokingly) may be disciplined.

The legal version: