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  1. Blenheim Gyms and long limbs

    im 6 foot and have long arms but you just a faggot if you think you cant grow them or blame genetics etc. just not training properly like most ppl on this forum who think just coz they lifted for a while they know their shit when they made like 0 progress whole time. mine over 19" pumped now and lean as and looks good. your arms look shit because 16" is small. and lol pesodo..why dont you just train your shoulders properly. i rather have same size shoulders and bigger arm than have shit arms and look like i dont even lift or like i said just train your shoulders properly. its not a particularly difficult muscle group to bring up, you just lazy and dunno how to train or eat properly. i cbf writing you out specific advice because waste of my time and im at work and got better shit to do but its all available online and just common sense and one bit of advice i will give you is ditch this intermittent fasting crap. never heard of anything as retarded in my life
  2. Azide's journal - contains 100% facts

    Hit easy 180x3 on bench today. Made up my own training program and it works because im making gains every training session. Not gonna tell you guys what it is though because [MOD EDIT: That's enough abuse, thanks] and also because most of people on here weak shit cunts and almost waste of time even reading this forum let alone posting because never learn anything from it anymore. Few GCs but mostly faggots. Oh and did I mention rebel aka female gym rat. If this was my forum itd be a thriving marketplace of gear and rec drugs and wealth of info but instead its like a breeding ground for betas.
  3. Clenbutrol post surgery

    clen is mint if you just wana eat whatever, smash drugs get shaky and heart palpatations/bang random sluts then fall asleep in your car chewing nicotine gum because you spent all your money on drugs for few nights a week but in your case probably wont make difference because you have shit genetics
  4. Clenbutrol post surgery

    Clen tren dbol test ghrp6 good stack. Most rapid muscle and strength gains I ever had were on that and got leaner too
  5. Why do you even have to do a course at all? What a waste of time, money and lost earnings.
  6. Supplement Advice for novice trainer....

    Yeah mate just suss your diet. Ensure youre getting enough protein and the right amount of energy for your goals. Even creatine is a waste of money IMO. I just use caffeine pills and protein powder which I just use for convenience.
  7. he just means to mix it so its uniform. its unnecessary but would probably work
  8. Experiment 101

    Fuark! Looking good br0. You dont look far off having full on abs either. Is this just a cut for summer ?
  9. Cyberbullying has cost you your Gymrat

    Get fucked. I haven't done anything to upset gymrat. Im leaving him alone. Fuxk off you stupid old slut go find some old guy to give u ur fix if cock coz id never go there even on rape drugs
  10. Cyberbullying has cost you your Gymrat

    Trolling or making useful informative posts?
  11. What would a good sumer cycle be?

    Whys that eddie? Does 200mg/ml not hold in solution? I made a batch of npp up 200mg/ml and another person said it crashed in cold temperatures. It may have held though if id used EO. Or do you just mean that brand has rep for being shit?
  12. Cyberbullying has cost you your Gymrat

    Pesodo can you please lock this thread now? Ive found another forum to post in
  13. bar hurts back when squatting(female)

    It hurts less if you just get used to the bar.
  14. Cyberbullying has cost you your Gymrat

    No you are quite right you don't lie to yourself just everyone else Azide previously banned from the site, turned female, then reincarnated! at least i am true to myself though eh..dont they say that's the most important thing?
  15. Cyberbullying has cost you your Gymrat

    why would i care i dont know the guy IRL. it will have no direct consequence to my life. hundreds of people kill themselves every day. their choice mostly. thousands die every day when they prob want to keep living mostly. majority (almost all) of those i dont even know of or hear about. sad yeah but not my problem and im not going to use my money to make a difference to someone elses life, even though small bit of money to me could be life changing to someone else with nothing. i rather save money to buy shit i want but dont really need, same as you. its normal to not care about people you dont know. dont pretend you give a shit. you just like everyone else that pretends to give a shit but does next to nothing. only difference between you and me is that i dont lie to myself