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  1. First Tren ace Test Prop cycle

    I definetly will let you guys know was just curious haha
  2. First Tren ace Test Prop cycle

    could anyone share their opinion on if they've found it makes a difference the time of the day they pin tren? I mainly ask for the reason of if they found they slept better if they pinned in morning or not?
  3. First Tren ace Test Prop cycle

    I have a bag of 50 on hand if I do run into problems so I am prepared, im starting tomorrow morning. this is probably going to sound like a stupid question... but I guess you don't know till you ask.. has anyone who's ran a tren cycle before found it makes a difference what time you pin ? morning - pre work out - afternoon or ?? just curious...
  4. First Tren ace Test Prop cycle

    So I've noticed haha, will start up a log soon on first day
  5. First Tren ace Test Prop cycle

    ill keep arimidex on hand and use if symptoms arise, ill be getting mid cycle bloods and logging the whole cycle on this website. think im going to stop using American forums they get a bit confusing man...
  6. First Tren ace Test Prop cycle

    thanks for all the replies and advice. negative or positive ones, its all one big learning curve which is what im here for also to grow haha. Ive been reading a lot on thinksteroids.com and ugbodybuilding.com it does get difficult when your genuinely just trying to get good advice but you have ten different people all with different opinions advice and ideas. this is the first forum to tell me not to run arimidex at .25mg eod unless sides arise, all others recommended .25mg arimidex eod from first injection until last.. all I know is from experience on my last test prop cycle I used no ai and had absolutely no issues with gyno or anything..
  7. First Tren ace Test Prop cycle

    yeah I have read that ed can reduce side effects but Im just not willing to pin ED I couldn't see myself doing it and ive read a lot of people who have done eod fine with tren, if sides do become extremely unbareable I will switch to ED injections. can anyone who has tried tren ace and test prop before comment if I would be good to start tomorrow with this cycle?
  8. First Tren ace Test Prop cycle

    tren ace can be pinned eod and for the sake of me not liking eod injections let alone ed ill stick to eod haha. every other forum ive read or posted on that ive presented this cycle or read a tren ace cycle with 250mg test per week they have all said and did take ai during cycle? any reasoning for why I shouldn't ? id rather be safe then sorry and do pct especially since its my first time using tren ace... the fact im going to be shut down quite hard because of lack of access to hcg is specifically the reason I will do nolva and clomid. Iv already got pre cycle bloods done will get mid and post cycle also
  9. hey so im about to do a bulk cycle and my friend got me a deal with tren ace and test prop so im going to be running that its my first time using tren ace ive used test e and test prop before though. Bodyfat: 9% weight: 78KG height: 176cm weeks 1 - 8 100mg tren ace EOD / 350mg per week weeks 1 - 10 70mg Test prop EOD / 250mg per week weeks 1 - 10 .25mg arimidex EOD 3 days after last injection pct nolva 40/40/20/20 clomid 50/50/25/25 how does my dosages look for cyce and pct? open to all advice opinions and comments
  10. I will be taking arimidex .25mg eod during cycle just looking for some support supps to try look after my kidney and liver as best as I can
  11. Title says it all what would you reccomend for support supps while on a bulk cycle of tren ace and test prop? Would. Just Tudca Vit c and Fish oils be fine?
  12. All fine only had bout 4-5 drinks was having fingerfood through out too onto the water and a meal before bed, yeelang no i didnt get bloods before i started would it be worth getting bloods half way thru cycle and after pct ?
  13. wont affect me majorly having 6 RTD's? i know personally it doesnt affect my eating or training the next day if i have 6 but when we get round 12-15 im fucked for days lol. from previous experience when i wasnt on gear..