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  1. Gaining Muscle

    well ive gained abit of weight mainly muscle, been trying to stick to training and diets, ive stopped kick boxing lately so thats helped me as far as not burning as many calories. when i first wake up weigh my self usually sit between 75- 76.5kg and before i go to bed usually am about 78kg without shoes on etc, so pretty happy, now i really want to get to 85kgs, ive still got my abbs, but not really that great compared to what they use to be but still can be seen! Thanks guys for the help, ive tired to sticking to the diet and have done pretty well, but ive added a few things in there as i find i get hungry sometimes...
  2. Gaining Muscle

    Sweet, you reckon I have enough food and positive calorie intake to still gain Lean muscle mass? im pretty skinny 180cm and 72kgs
  3. Gaining Muscle

    Thanks for that! Will start that tomorrow let you know how I get on, With that Hi Calorie day, its just one meal? or for the hole day?
  4. Gaining Muscle

    yup was born in 1990 Im 72kgs and Want to about 75-80kg I no i could get to that if some of that was fat but i dont want to lose my abbs at the same time. Diet nw? Breakfast Protein Shake Cereal/muesli with Milk bit of fruit Morning Tea one Square meal(1 bar) Tuna Sandwich-brown bread Lunch Filled Roll, either chicken,beef, etc yoghurt x 1 pottle Half Can tuna bit of fruit some peanuts Afternoon Tea one Square meal bita fruit some pea nuts Tea time... wateva cooked, but meat and veges sometimes something after but not usually. I do abit of cardio this will effect me putting on lean muscle wont it? Road Ride wednesdays, tues and thurs kick boxing 4 60 mins, and 20-30mins runs some days after the gym(weights) So what calorie rich foods should i be having? Thanks guys
  5. Gaining Muscle

    Hey, I've got some good results from doing hypertrophy training in the last 5 weeks. Gained 4 Kgs mainly muscle. But I've had my 1 weeks rest in between programs and have started back this week, but ive put alot of fat around my stomach which i've never had..use to have 6 pack, now you can hardly see it.. What am i doing wrong? More cardio and eating less calories? remember im trying to put on more lean muscle mass though? any suggestions? Rough meal guideline Breakfast 3 pieces of Toast jam and butter 2 yogurt pottles 1 Banana Glass Water or 2 Morning t 1 square meal bar apple Lunch Filled roll quite big lettuce chicken tomato mayo cue comber white bread tho:S Banana or apple 2-3 yogurts drink of water 2 glasses Afternoon tea 1 square meal cookie time After training Protein(horleys) shake mixed with horleys body build stuff 2 scoops each! Tea time depends usually, meat, with 3 potatoes,1 carrot, some greens Ice cream sometimes after tea. any suggestions? Thanks David
  6. Personal Trainer Courses

    Hello, Wasn't sure what forum to put this in.. But I'm looking at doing a Fitness/Personal Trainer course next year.. Was wondering if you guys could give me and good and bad points on some of them. Im in Christchurch, and have been looking at these ones: Southern Institute CPIT NZ College of Fitness NZIS after I've completed the course, I want to start working in the gym... Cheers
  7. New Routine

    im not new to lifting I have been working out for 6 months, but I haven't had a gym program set in concrete.. yes i added squats, i just need to know that this program will give me more mass and add some weight to me, I want to be some where between 75-80kgs and im at 70kgs now.. thanks for the advice guys, im taking it on board, ive added squats now, did my first day of legs today... Cheers!
  8. New Routine

    its a three day split.. im wanting to gain mass and put on weight as im a runt, 180-181cm and sit between 69-70kgs.. yes I am doing abb/core exercises..
  9. New Routine

    Hey guys/girls Just wondering your thoughts on this program.. advice would be helpful.. its for gaining weight.. Cheers Day 1: Legs Deadlift 3 sets of 8 reps Single Leg Press 3 sets of 12 reps each leg Hamstring Curl 3 sets of 12 reps Calf Raise 3 sets of 15 reps Day 2 Chest and Back Bench Press 3 sets of 8 reps Bent over Row 3 sets of 8 reps Pec Flyes 3 sets of 12 reps Lat pulldown (narrow grip to front) 3 sets of 12 Day 3 Shoulder and Arms Barbell Shoulder Press 3 X 8 reps Lateral should raise 3 X 12 reps Overhead Triceps Cable Extn with rope 3 X 12 reps Biceps Curl 3 X 12 reps Cheers
  10. Cheap Protein and Creatine? any ideas where the best deals are for this? e.g over the internet or what shops? Cheers
  11. New Program

    hmm yea, im a downhill mountain biker though, rd training for fitness and leg speed, thats a good point, if i do hills in top gear that will work on my leg strength better than a leg press machine.. but in this thread i was wondering what your views were on the upper body for a nice all round upper body..
  12. New Program

    Weights Program Upper Body Started 13/6/07 Weight Sets Reps Completed Bench Press 20,30,40Kg 3 10 Shoulder Press " Free Weights " 12.5,15,17.5Kg 3 10 Barbell Curls 14.5Kg 3 10 Dips 3 10 Seated Row 45, 55Kg 3 10 Pectrols Machine 110,130, 150Kg 3 10 Bicep Machine Curls 39. 40,49 3 10 Laterial Rasies 7, 9Kg 3 10 Crunches 2 25 Medicine Ball Twists 2 30 Leg Rasies 2 12
  13. New Program

    Hey guys.. just made my self a new program no legs.. im a cyclist tho and want to focus on my upper body for moto training, i do this program every 2nd day... will this build up a nice upper body? and advice would be great.. Cheers weights program simple upperbody.xls
  14. My Program Tell me What You Think?

    yea.. could you please give me some tips with that?anyone?
  15. My Program Tell me What You Think?

    thanks for the feedback.. so with a few changes my program should work for gaining muscle size etc?