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  1. does anyone know whether there is a difference between Liquid LGD and Pill form?? I've read a couple of conflicting opinions online. cheers
  2. Nzifbb Nationals

    I believe it's a pretty expensive procedure.
  3. Training / Partner / BJJ Teach Fundamentals

    Dreadmouse is right. you're better off starting in a class, learning the fundamentals properly then getting some solid one on one time up.

    yep, will be judging should be a good show
  5. What am I doing Wrong?!

    Hey there, thought I'd add my two cents. Your diet looks fine as it is, I probably wouldn't go changing it a whole lot if you find it easy enough to stick to, if you cut any more calories out you run the risk of losing some muscle which is not ideal. TeamFatBoy may be right, you might have lost BF and gained some muscle which is why the scales say you've gained some weight. Other than that, 10mins of cardio might be a little on the short side, try increasing it either with time or intensity that might help a bit. And make sure you're changing up or increasing your weight programme (which I'm sure you are). Keep up the hard work :)
  6. anyone going to the WFF show tomorrow?? I heard she's a sell out
  7. Ongoing GoT thread

    Jon is still a bastard hahahaha
  8. NZ Fitness expo

    you're probably right. pretty sure their big special guest is Joseph Rakich...I don't necessarily dislike the guy, I just don't see what's so exciting about an over glorified PT.
  9. NZ Fitness expo

    anyone going to bother with the Fitness expo this year? can't say I'm too keen to see a bunch of tweens rolling around in stringers. seems to me like it's getting worse and worse every year.
  10. Connor McGregor retires

  11. Connor McGregor retires

    that makes sense
  12. Connor McGregor retires

    I seen that 10M thing around but then I watched a vid on youtube where in an interview Dana White said that it had nothing to do with money at all and that theory was just fabricated on the web
  13. Connor McGregor retires

    anyone calling BS on Connor retiring? I for one hope he'll be back

  15. Flex Friday

    haha yeah it was about 3 weeks out