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  1. Hi all. I'm curious to know what you all do for leg training as its my favorite body part train. I currently do squats at 140kg for 5reps (trying to get it up to 10reps before next weight increase), fronts at 100kg for 6reps ( aiming for 10 reps ), barbell lunged at 50kg for 10 reps each leg, stiff leg deads at 80kg, good mornings at 35kg, calf raises in a smith machine at 100kg for 15reps. I do 3-4sets of each depending how the body is holding up. any input would be great. Cheers
  2. Skin fold testing

    First skin fold i ever had done had me from memory around 39% when I was at my heaviest of 145kg. Bit of an Oompa Loompa back then. Now around 113kg. Can't wait till I get under 20% as my next goal then hopefully under 15%
  3. Skin fold testing

    Hi all How often do you get a skin fold test done and which sites are commonly used? My last skin fold was done was last week and had me at 25.79% bf. Had a drop of 3.21% bf over 3.5months from my last test. Still a long road ahead of me. Sites used were bicep, tricep, sub scap and hip. just curious to know what others do and how often. cheers
  4. BCAA question and info please

    Well I tried the Aminimorph but it's not for me. It is sickly sweet and just not my thing. Couldn't even finish a bottle of it as it made me feel queezy from the over the top sweetness.
  5. Just an update on those exertional headaches I was experiencing, they have stopped - FINALLY!!!! I took 2 months off all lifting and just did light cardio which was incredibly boring but is much better than the headaches. After the 2 month lifting holiday i am slowly working my way back into lifting under the guidance of my trainer and am starting to get my strength back. Big thanks to all that gave their advice on this topic as these headaches definately freaked me out cheers. Beez
  6. BCAA question and info please

    The BCAA's Aminomorph are in a powder form. Says 8g BCAA's in 1 scoop
  7. Hey all I have a noob question here in regards to BCAA's. I have been given a new tub on Aminomorph from a mate but I don't know much about BCAA's. Is it worth while in using this, when do I take it and how often? Sorry about the noob question. The only supplement I have ever used is whey. cheers for help. Beez
  8. Its $105 for 5lb and $195 for 10lb from Payless supplements online store
  9. I have used optimum nutrition whey before but the French vanilla flavour. Have never used muse tech, was curious. Price wise I'm leaning towards optimum due to the fact that $99 I can get a 5lb tub vs $99 for a 4lb tub of muscle tech. kind of makes sense to get most bang for my dollar.
  10. Hey just throwing a question out there in terms of protein shake. Am looking at changing what I'm currently on. Can't decide between On Gold standard extreme chocolate whey or Muscle Tech Nitro Tech Whey. Opinion please
  11. Thanks for the advice everyone. The worst part of the day if I'm on a day shift is around 6.30-7pm if I'm on a day shift as I get home and try put kids to bed so i end up nibbling (I know its bad but hunger pangs then really suck). If I'm on a afternoon or night shift then it's pretty easy to keep it all sorted as I train first thing in the morning. I eat when possible as i work in theatre in a hospital so i usually have to eat on the run a lot but I kind of have it worked out when it is possible to eat. Here's hoping I can tighten up my eating to reach that sub 100kg mark. Still loving my lifting sessions especially leg days ( I know I'm a lil strange for liking legs but I love my leg days ) will keep you all update on my progress and hopefully can take some decent pics to show progress.
  12. I've lost the weight over 2 and a bit years. Been a slow decend but getting there. My sanity has been in lifting keeps me going to try to better myself and hopefully at some stage be able to have a some sort of decent physique from all the training
  13. Hey all. It's been a while since my last post but I'm in need of a little advice etc. I'm trying to get my body weight under the 100kg mark on the scales. Two and a half years ago I was tipping at a whopping 145kgs and I am now down to 112kg. Im still lifting 4 times a week with an upper lower split and I have introduced some road running to try shed a few extra calories with cardio. My eating plan is geared around 2300 calories a day now which I will be honest, I am struggling a bit with trying to keep to it as I am hungry especially towards the end of the day from work and before training. Any tips or advice on how to try stick to this calorie goal but not feel hungry all the time while trying to break that magic 100kg mark? Cheers
  14. It feels like a tightening at the base of my skull then boom an excruciating headache hits out of no where. It could be hydration issue so will try guzzling more water through my day. Will go another 4 weeks of just cardio and hopefully it settles down
  15. At first i thought it was blood pressure issue but my resting bp is normal. Could be dehydration that caused the tightening today as I did a lil bit after a 4km jog. Who knows to be honest???? I'm hoping it all settles down as I'm missing my lifts. Maybe a massage might be in order to try loosen up my traps a bit