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  1. Blood test NZ

    they ask for your name, give a fake one if you want. how would they go on your medical records?
  2. Blood test NZ

    just go to the same place you got your last blood test done and pay for one. They send the results directly to you and then you can discuss them with your doctor
  3. first time user after a bit of advice

    why is talking about dosages, in terms of how many ml's you're taking, even a thing? if you have itchy nips, go get your E2 checked and get that under control before you grow boobs
  4. 1st tren/test cycle

    This is the same for me, i have run into progesterone issues before with my blood work, but controlling e2 while on tren means i don't have these issues.
  5. Training / Partner / BJJ Teach Fundamentals

    Van and Hamish both do PT sessions, although when starting BJJ its much better to start in a class so that the coach can show you what you are doing wrong. Its much more difficult for them to explain the fundamentals when they are trapped under you, can't see where you're positioned or chocking you etc.. to improve at BJJ you need to roll with other people, and being a fish white belt rolling with a brown belt isn't much fun.
  6. Training / Partner / BJJ Teach Fundamentals

  7. Takaways/Lunches

    My go to meals when I haven't got something prepped/dont feel like eating chicken and kumara are: 1. 5 grilled tenderloins from nandos with either spicy rice or salad 2. Chicken breast Pita Pit with extra chicken 3. St Pierre's half carb sushi with brown rice 4. Chicken Kebab on salad or rice, double meat
  8. Gymnation Protein Testing - let's make it happen!

    A lot of people on social media who have "influence" will be sponsored athletes and their sponsors probably will not want to be a part of this/have their athletes promoting it. How about contacting some sports/fitness/bodybulilding "nutritionists" (the guys that sell online plans) and get backing from them, so they can be confident in the products they include in their plans
  9. Gymnation Protein Testing - let's make it happen!

    I have already pledged, and would be very keen contribute to see a single test of a specific brand if thats the way things go. I have used Nutra Tech for the last couple of years due to the price, made from NZ whey etc and, according to the label, has the same/similar nutrition profile as more expensive overseas brands. I agree that getting interesting results from a single test will help get the ball rolling on testing multiple brands, but what happens when you test a brand and it comes back the same as stated on the label?
  10. Progrestrone Gyno

    why not get you bloods done now to test prolactin and progesterone? i had blood tests done recently while running tren, progesterone was through the roof, prolactin was fine, e2 slightly elevated. I got tests done cuz my nipples started to get a bit sensitive and there was a slight lump behind one. adex and nova sorted it out, e2 back into range after 10 days and progesterone dropped back as well
  11. Blood test results

    I had pre cycle tests awhile ago (2 years), I don't have the results handy. Does it sound like its dosed correctly based on the blood test is what I'm asking. New source and just checking if it's worth going back for next cycle
  12. Just got bloods back, currently on 250mg Test E per week. been on for four weeks now. I did my first jab of week 5 about 9pm last night, test was taken at 7am this morning. total test is 31.1 noml/L ref range (8.0 - 29.0) Does this sound right for the dose I'm on?
  13. 250mg test P and 525mg tren A per week and i sweat a lot more than usual. both in and out of the gym. Sleep is a little more restless but thats about it. Same as above blood tests shows Cholesterol is all out of whack
  14. Pre-cycle Blood Work

    Vitamin D??? I don't know if I would get all that measured. Probably just Test free and total, E2, cholesterol, LH FSH. Just so when you come off cycle you know how well you have recovered. While on get cholesterol, liver function and E2 tested. Probably no point in getting test tested as will be outside of measurable range >50 (unless bunk). Liver function if running orals and cholesterol in general. I'm probably missing a few things, but I'm sure some one else will fill them in. Also get blood pressure tested regularly, can get a home kit reasonably priced. Maybe test pre cycle, mid cycle and post PCT. I don't think your going to find a friendly doctor that is going to let you get all that tested though... just do it private. If you go on some medication like acctuane they will test your liver function and cholesterol every four weeks or something. My Reasoning is that you might as well get everything done before you cycle so you know exactly what your normal levels are. Obviously don't need to get all these tests done every time you get a blood test.
  15. Pre-cycle Blood Work

    Full Blood Count (FBC) Androgen count Estrogen count Thyroid function t4- t3 Total Cholesterol (including HDL and LDL) Liver function Kidney function Prostate (PSA) cortisol, RT3, and vitamin D LH FSH prolactin If you find a friendly doctor to order all these for you you want have to pay, if you go straight to Labtests and ask for self ordered blood tests these will be pretty expensive ($200+)