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  1. Best option for PCT

    Heres a quick question for you guys; Would a Novla only PCT would be alright? If i were to only use Novla I'd still run at 40/40/20/20 as i would not be taking anything else. I've done some research into Clomid and the compound seems rather harsh with the sides. I've also read that quite a lot of people fine that Novla only is suitable for people whom are just coming off of their first cycle.
  2. Cutting while Cruising

    What have your results been like while cruising on clen? I take it you are in a slight defict; Not loosing any gains from your last cycle? Hey man, I have a similar idea to you, get that b/f down a bit more before next blast. I'm sitting around maintance atm and hoping a bit of cardio + clen will slowly take the body fat back a bit. So far so good Sweet dude; Would love to hear how it goes. How many weeks have you got left on your cruise?
  3. Notice good gains with these dosages? how long did you run for? Also how much ED or EOD were you pinning Tren?
  4. Cutting while Cruising

    What have your results been like while cruising on clen? I take it you are in a slight defict; Not loosing any gains from your last cycle?
  5. Cutting while Cruising

    Cheers for the advice; Yeah I can imagine I am indeed holding a lot of water weight. Probably a good idea like you said to just monitor after 3-4 weeks after the last blasting Pin to see where I'm sitting at. Another rule of thumb i suppose is to cruise for as long as your blasted for? Am I correct? I.e 15 week blasting therefore 15 week cruising?
  6. Cutting while Cruising

    By the end of this cycle i'll most likely be sitting around 100-105kg (Predictions); Seems i have put on a considerable amount of bodyfat (Going to say i was around 9-11% at my leanest (around 83-85kg) and Now i'm probably sitting at around 14-16%. I'm wanting to get this number around the 10% mark again before looking at going on the next "Blasting" phase.
  7. Hey Guys, What are your thoughts on Cutting while Cruising inbetween cycles; I was thinking of running a small 200mg Test-E cycle while cruising before starting my next cycle; Also implemented a small calorie deficit of 300cals below maitance. Was also thinking of maybe adding some Clen/T3 to assist with shedding BF while on the cut. Please note this will be my first "Cruise" as I will be just coming of the bat of my first AAS cycle (15weeks at 500mg test-e p/w). What are you thoughts on this idea? Has anyone attempted a small cut while cuising before?
  8. Best option for PCT

    Those doses for Nolva and Clomid are far too high..IMO I've papers somewhere show Nolva is perfectly adequate at 20mg taperd down to 10mg.. Clomid has been used sucessfully as part of fertility treatment at 25mg... 50-20 tapered to 25-10 is fine.. I'd be inclinded to forget traditional PCT and taper off end of cycle 500-100-75-50-OFF..!!! Thanks for the input. What would you recommend as a perfect PCT option then?
  9. Hey Guys, Just want to know from some of you experienced members, what are you thoughts on the best options for PCT? Currently; I'm on my first cycle, running the Standard Test-E at 500mg p/w for 12 weeks. I've been reading online that the standard PCT seems to be along the line of: Novla 40/40/20/20/20Clomid 100/100/50/50/50 I've done a bit of research online and have stumbled across this http://www.theironden.com/forum/threads/5505-Nolvadex-vs-Clomid-for-PCT; It seems that Novla alone seems to be the best recomendations to just run it alone for PCT? I've also looked into Clomid and have seen a lot of people reporting sides; Just wanted to know what are some of your thoughts on possible PCT's?
  10. Thoughts on Cutting Cycle..

    Cheers; Yeah was thinking about just Running Clen/Low Test... Defo looking like i'm going to try and stay away from the Winny, reading a few articles online and it deffinately looks to cause a lot of joint pain for users.
  11. Thoughts on Cutting Cycle..

    Winstrol reduces the integrity of connective tissue, Omegas & Glutamine won't help you (do you mean Glucosamine)..? Won't help you either.. !! Unless your a Tested Athlete or a serious Body-Builder on a pre-comp cut.. Stay away..!! Anavar (if legit) can strengthen connective tissue considerably and improve collagen synthesis.. 40-50mg/day.... A Better Cycle might be Low-Test, Tren, Masteron.. Keep Test low for less E' sides when combined with Tren... Masteron can reduce the estrogenic/progesterone sides associated with Tren.... When combined with Test Masteron will assist muscle and strength gains faster with less bloat, stacked with Tren will burn body fat faster... Ideal for pre-contest hardness, dropping sub-cutaneous water and intra-muscular water, gives muscle density and hardness, brings out vascularity... For a first time user don't go mad with the Tren (if legit) 50mg/day should be sufficient, keep Test low 250mg to reduce sides from aromatised Test converting to Estrogen causing issues like Tren gyno.. Mast: 200mg should negate sides from E2/Progesterone... So you are recommending: 250mg Test-E p/w 50mg Tren-A ED (350mg P/W) 200mg Mast p/w What are peoples thoughts on pinning Tren-A on a daily basis? Could you pin every other day and just pint 100mg EOD?
  12. Thoughts on Cutting Cycle..

    oh gotcha. was just going of pics you posted couple months ago, looks like youve made good progress since then. should chuck up some pics
  13. Thoughts on Cutting Cycle..

    I'm currently sitting at 100kg; 6ft 1 around 13-15% Bf..
  14. Thoughts on Cutting Cycle..

    f*ck; Yeah excuse the mistake. (MG). Relatively new to AAS scence; Currently running the standard 600mg Test-E 15 week Cycle; Putting on some great mass. PCT would be in the the standard 4 weeks Nolva 2 weeks after the last Test pin. Yeah i've seen a lot of talk about winny fucking up peoples joints; was thinking about supplement with extra Omegas and Glutamine to hopefully help with the sides. What would you recommend for a relatively new AAS user as a "Cutting Cycle" Rapz? Thinking about jumping on a Test-E; Tren-a cycle next time round.
  15. Hey Guys, Just wanted to know from some of you more expeirenced AAS users what are your thoughts on the cutting cycle below: Weeks 1-12 - Test-e at 250mcg pw Weeks 1-12 - Clen - Ran 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off Weeks 8-12 - Winstrol at 50mcg ed Any input would be greatly appreciated.