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  1. Proviron

    I agree Daz, proviron sucks.
  2. Proviron

    Daz69, how does the A ring modification interfere with aromatase binding??
  3. Proviron

    Diet is allgood no junk
  4. Proviron

    Yea i know it wont work as well as an AI but from my research it looks helpful. I just havent found Arimidex to be strong enough even at 1mg a day on split injections 125mg every 84 hours i still have water retention and high blood pressure etc...So i was thinking that Adex and Proviron or pure DHT in conjunction would work...
  5. Proviron

    Thanks for the link. Im wanting it to help control estrogen and its side effects while on TRT.
  6. Proviron

    Does anyone know if Proviron is available for prescription in NZ? It is not listed on the PHARMAC website.
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  9. HRT