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  1. RIP Old Bull

    Peace be upon you OB. Mr consistent in your journal - many lessons learnt for athletes at all levels. Respect to you my friend.
  2. Bilateral Quad Tendon Rupture (complete)

    Ha! I should have come here earlier :D
  3. Beaten Paths are For Beaten Men

    Still the best journal here OB. Hope you are good bro, great to see you still amongst it.
  4. Jack of two trades, master of none!

    I had to scroll up ... didn't recognise you without your hair :D ... looking good mate. You know you are a pro just waiting to happen ;)
  5. If you are new to the forum

    Right after I did that set I went for a single at 265kg ... blew out my rotator .. took 16 months to come right :P I have gone to 240kg with a kiwistrength destroyer band ... and benched 245kg in a shirt though. Weight is uncomfortable even idle above that.
  6. If you are new to the forum

    Thanks @Wookie - @PETN I have damaged the tendons in my left shoulder 3 times now (reasonably serious tears). These don't heal back the same as muscle. Each time it's happened I lose a little more tightness in my ROM (and approx 10kg of comfort with weight on bar). Last year at the Arnolds I benched 215kg and had 225kg on my 3rd. My subscapularis gave out at the bottom of the bench and caused a minor tear I the sleeve of my pec. Fortunately the spotters were on point. The injury is also compounded at the moment because I potentially tore my biceps tendon after an incident squatting. I know I can bench 500lb but training weights are difficult because the tendon can only handle short bursts of training before pain sets in. So basically I have no way of getting enough progression to redevelop the strength. some things you can correct - aging is one you can influence but not overcome based on historical injuries. But idelly the strength is still there.
  7. IPF Worlds

    That was a great lift ... lost my shit when they called it no lift due to finger placement. Glad they over ruled it.
  8. Cycle Advice

    Solid advice for anyone ...
  9. You can not go past a chicken breast or a tin of tuna for protein content ... just sayn :D
  10. @Realtalk totally agree. you do the program then they listen to their no leg, skinny, ab only, Muppet friend and don't follow the plan and then complain because it didn't go so well.
  11. Beaten Paths are For Beaten Men

    Still the most consistent journal on GN. Good to see you are still following the numbers and getting results OB.
  12. Intermittent fasting

    lmao!! Good TEDx on the effects on the brain and brain related illness through intermittent fasting. Most of my clients use a similar program - nearly all of them report an increase in vitality, better sleep and more sustained energy (alongside weight/bfat los)
  13. creating accountability

    I keep a closed group on facebook bro - all of my clients and their partners are in it. They post up their before photos and have to check in every week. I find it way easier to have them all together in a controlled environment. It also gives them a team like atmosphere. It not a competitive feel at all - it's all about encouragement and support. Social media has made it so easy now to keep people connected. I drop in my own training log there too - it's show them everything I do - i.e I don't post it up on my main page now - that way they are getting something no one else gets. They also feel like they are supporting me too which makes me fel good at the same time. Agree with @MiltonFriedman01 regarding the need to get them to be stoic in their approach to reward. Because I am like this they see it in my own journal and so they no reward meals etc are for only when you are ahead of your planned milestones.
  14. I was just watching that infomercial the other day and then after considering decided I could just write it myself. There is some good info online about myofacial stretching used alongside resistance training which will potentially do exactly the same thing. I think his program though will be well dialed in to the latest views and technology. Keen to here how you get on too bro. :) ... either way a change to programming always over turns a few opportunities for development beyond your last periodized cycle.