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  1. Daily rates in Auckland

    Thanks for the tip, mate. I am staying in Parnell.

  3. Protein Shake

    Which NZ Whey Protein brand is the best. I have always had ON, but it is so expensive down here!
  4. injection pain or just bad gear

    Winstrol always, always hurts. If you keep injecting at the same site, it will hurt less though. Tests are usually painless, unless you try them at the calves. Then, you won't be able to walk for days! Any water-based gear is going to hurt a lot, be prepared for it!
  5. Daily rates in Auckland

    I am living in Hamilton at the moment, but staying some weekends in Auckland. I may need to work out in AKL two or three days per month. Does anyone here have a nice gym suggestion, that offer daily rates?
  6. New person looking for advice on 'Clean Bulk' diet

    Yeah, I have been searching such a diet for years. But the sad truth, there ain't such. You either have to eat a lot to gain weight or to eat much less to loose it. It is so obvious, it sounds idiot, but I have always tried to cheat that rule. No success...
  7. Chicken Breast - Raw vs Cooked.........

    Try to cook it with steam. You won't loose any nutrients and it tastes really good!
  8. Online Pharmacies

    When pills are ordered, the chances they will pass are way higher. When it comes to liquids, it gets much harder, because most x-rays can recognize it fast! I would not order a GH Cycle on the Internet.