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  1. N Acytel Cystine

    Yeh sounds like a great product, also sounds like you should be taking it everyday even when not on cycle
  2. N Acytel Cystine

    Anybody use this while on cycle? In particular to protect the liver during a dbol cycle
  3. Another should i question..

    Hi Pseudonym, Yeh i got everything checked (first thing he did was BP), i went to the doctor before, during and after. Having the AI during the time i was having them though helped and to be honest it was only for the first few weeks(test flu?) (sry left that out) Would the AAS increase protein synthesis kinda balancing it out? Im on Holiday soon for a month so the Keto will be gone , just wondering whether to return to it once back thats all. Ill most likely follow your advice now and find maintenance calories (macros) on holiday and work out whether to continuing cutting or starting bulking when back maybe just adding Winny if i continue to cut. Thanks dude.
  4. Another should i question..

    Thanks Eddie, i know had a high e2 because i got the base tests and midway tests though a doc, it was thought having the high e2 might have raised my prolectin levels which caused the headaches, long story short having 12.5mg of AI EOD helped Yeh was thinking of adding Deca but was wondering if i should just keep it basic again , since id be around 10% less in BF maybe my E2 levels wouldnt be raised so much and id get bigger gains..or maybe im just overthinking it all
  5. Hi guys, regular lurker here Looking at setting up for a 2nd cycle (first was 500Test E for 12weeks, with an AI used due to getting these bad headaches) Now when I started the first cycle I was around 91kg and 21%ish (I know way to high , which meant my E2 was high -thus the headaches) ended up around 95 after pct with lessons learnt ATM I've cut down to around 14% bf @ 84kg and are looking to start a cycle soon, should I do another run of test e only maybe for 15weeks, or test e and another compound or possibly a blend? Bearing in mind that I'm at a lower BF this time thus will have a lower e2 result hopefully resulting in not using an AI Also I've gone keto for cutting, possible to do keto while bulking and on cycle? Stats, 43yo 6ft, current weight 84kg 14%ish Thanks for the advice in advance
  6. Coke Zero - Bad?

    Ok, So I've a slight sweet tooth and tend to drink a fair bit of Coke Zero (maybe a litre a day) Its low in calories, and apart from the aspartame is there anything wrong in doing this? I.e spiking insulin all over the place?
  7. CNS Fatigue, For real?

    Thanks all for the replies and help I should have mentioned i got a bit eager and decided to break from only doing 3 workouts per week to 4 (doing Ice-cream 5x5 program) and i did this for a few weeks Now the DOMS seems to stick around for days and i feel fatigued, not sleeping the best either. I've since reduced my WO's back to 3 days and put myself on a deload phase but recovery still isn't coming back that fast, thus why i wondered if there was anything else to do (extra multi?) or just take a week off? Diets in check 325C 85F 300P (3400cal) @95kg 23%
  8. CNS Fatigue, For real?

    Anyone here had CNS fatigue, or know ifs its real? I understand what it is from, overtraining, but can't really find anything i should be doing to overcome it (assuming i have it) I've been doing a 5x5 training routine and might have pushed a bit too hard
  9. bulk chicken- Welly?

    Beffneggs, Any luck with the chicken at Prestons? I normally get it on special at countdown so it would be good to have an alternative plan
  10. Chicken Tenders with Rosemary

    Im not to sure if this should be classed as a recipe, as its just to easy to make but tastes so good Chicken Rosemary Seasalt Olive oil Cut chicken into strips, coating both sides with sea salt and rosemary, and then fry with teaspon of olive oil Quick, easy, tasty
  11. Off for 6Weeks - Starting again..

    Cheers, Thanks Guys
  12. Off for 6Weeks - Starting again..

    Thanks jimmybro, Size/Str mainly, At the end of Dec last year i weighted 98kg after a dirty bulk so went into a slow cut mode and prior to getting sick i was quite happy at 81kg @ 14%, i was about to start the Layne Norton bulk program but now im not too sure It is a bit sad, but i decided to start a new workout just so i dont compare weights to what i used to do.. and try and stay away from mirrors Ive heard it mentioned that you get back to your old weights back on twice the amount of weeks you were out? (for me thatl be 12weeks) is there any truth in that?
  13. Hi Guys, Firstly Great new look for the site Bulking or continue cutting? Recently i got hospitalized with Cellulitis in my left leg which meant spending around 6weeks on my ass and away from the gym ,during this time i lost a fair bit of visable muscle due to not being able to eat correctly or move Yesterday was the first week back at the gym and my weights have gone down big time So the question is before i got sick i was cutting and hoping to get the BF down to 10-12%, I think im around 14-16% at the moment, should i continue to cut? Assuming ive lost all the Muscle mass i was going to lose , or start carbing up again and look for mass? Heres hoping muscle memory isnt a myth! Thanks in advance Age : 39 height : 178 (5'10) Weight 78 (sitting around 14-16% i think)