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  1. dunno what you talking about kiwi? Maybe it is I saw it on this site lots of people posting before after pics so yea maybe common
  2. 1000 Pushup Challenge

    I'm gonna try this seems like it would be fun
  3. Lifting in the House

    Awesome vid man!
  4. Hey everyone I'm new here looking at doing a Tren Ace / Test Prop Cycle I'm currently 6'1 101kg 14% Bf been training for 8 years currently 26 years old. As far as training and diet I'm spot on done plenty of research and talked to experts at my gym. I also am looking into running anavar and clen along side it. Here is what I'm thinking of doing cycle wise 12 Weeks - Test prop @ 400mg week 10 weeks - Tren Ace@ 50mg Ed Not to sure about the anavar and clen though is it needed? For PCT I'm thinking Clomid, Nolva. I'm new to cycling so I'm opening to what ever you guys think is best just let me know! My goals are to get to around 108 lean though. I'm finding it so hard to keep getting bigger without getting high body fat I have tried to stay eating a really clean bulk but I'm stuck at 98-101 and I can't move I have tried everything. I think this is just my natural limit on my size.
  5. so my doctor said...