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  1. The Pushup Challenge

    Not actually sure if this'll upload as I think the file's too large.... Give it a go though. Poor poor effort of 10 sorry to say. Excuses? Chest day prior and way too long since I've last done any. Bonus points for wearing a Gymnation stringer? Might give it another go on Saturday. Link via you tube P.s. not sure sound's worked so will have a play later. And video full cuts out my feet - so will try for full body in next vid/attempt. Understand if it doesn't 'qualify' currently Alright - 2nd attempt was only 18 - an improvement on the 1st, but still not nearly enough!!! Ah well, uploading out of principal
  2. The selfie topic.

    Feeling way too soft with all the Xmas slacking..... Time to get the pump on - off to the gym!
  3. Where did you start from?

    Had a few starting points due to having kids, but my latest (and my proudest) is in the last year. #2 son born in November 2013 (photo of me 6 months pregnant August 2013). Put on 24kg during the pregnancy, weighing in at a whopping 86kg at full term. Re-joined gym 6 weeks after having him and managed to get back to 65kg by April - at which time my husband decided he was competing in first bodybuilding comp this year and I thought - why not!? Second pic is of me day I competed in first comp (August 2014), weighing in at 54kg, 30kg down from my 'starting' point and my proud moment with a 9 month old and a 3 & 1/2 year old at home!
  4. CrossFit chicks can Squat

    Impressive alright!
  5. Kumura salad

    One of my salad's of choice: Roast kumura (cut into chunky strips) approx 35-40mins. Once cooked, add to: Baby spinach leaves, tomato, slices of avocado. Top with a few pinenuts and drizzle with a blend of avocado oil & basil pesto (1tsp of each will suffice). Depends on your intake limits as this one is quite high in oils due to avo & pesto - but this can be limited.