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  1. Pre-fatigue or keep the weight up

    Regarding shoulders after chest. I have not had a shoulder day for over 2 years now. I used to get really bad rotator cuffs with overhead work. I only do some lateral raises and maybe some light overhead presses after doing chest work. I still have decent delt development which I think comes from just bench pressing. Training chest also trains the anterior deltoids and rows train the posterior deltoid so all you really need to do is the medial deltoid. I find that for me, 4 sets of lateral raises with really good form is enough to keep them in proportion. That may just be me though
  2. Big dick playa

    Yeah man shadin is way easier. I pay 500 for each 3 hour session. Lines feel like you're being stabbed then the blade is dragged down your skin.
  3. Big dick playa

    Hoping I can get it finished in 3 more sessions, maybe 4
  4. Big dick playa

    Pic attached after second session
  5. Big dick playa

    On Monday I did deadlifts sumo went up to 220kg for 2 singles then couldn't get 240 off the floor :/ Then Wednesday I did bench, got 130 for 7 reps touch and go which is a PB. Did Jiujitsu on Monday Tuesday and Thursday night too which I'm loving, so much fun. On Friday I went up to Auckland and got my shading started on my back tattoo. Attached pic. Took a few tramadols and a codeine and the pain was a lot more manageable than the first session. Only downside was it made me feel nauseous on the 3 hour ride back home to Rotorua and I ended up spewing. Really happy with how my inks turned out, another 3 sessions to go, should be finished by January. The phoenix needs to be coloured in gold and the warrior will be coloured in too, not too sure what colors yet.
  6. jimmybro's eurotrip

    Good writeup bro. Sounds like a mean trip
  7. Drying out for comp

    Water loading is indirectly manipulating sodium. Urine contains electrolytes such as sodium and potassium. When you drink lots of water, you're flushing out these electrolytes which causes the level of these electrolytes to drop. When this happens, your body will hold onto less water (piss more) because it wants to maintain a constant concentration of electrolytes in the bloodstream. Just like in the opposite way, if you eat lots of sodium your body holds onto lots of water to keep the electrolyte concentration consistent. So water loading is going to drop levels of sodium in the body even if sodium intake is kept constant, due to the fact that its being flushed out when you piss. I think just minimize carbing up at the tradeoff of being fuller. Its a fine balancing act but I don't really think extreme water manipulation is either necessary or beneficial.
  8. .

    You got a belt now? You didn't used to use one did you? Anyway still strong as.
  9. Meet Lifts vs Training Lifts

    I usually perform better at comp. Due to two things I believe. The first is that in the gym you train in a fatigued state but before a comp I'll take a week off lifting completely to let my body and CNS recharge fully. The second is the adrenaline rush and the atmosphere of the comp, I think. Best gym lifts I've done are 280/155/250. Best comp lifts are 290/155/260
  10. Big dick playa

    On Saturday I did some squats 60kg x8 100kg x5 140kg x5 180kg x2 220kg x2 (wraps on) 250kg x1 220kg x5 250 felt heavy and was quite slow. I had planned on going up to maybe 280 for a single just to see where my strength was at but decided to leave it at 250. The 5 reps with 220kg was pretty easy, I should've done 8 tbh I wasn't really motivated though and just racked it after 5. SLDL 80kg x12, 2 sets Leg press x20, 3 set Seated leg curls x15, 3 sets Leg extensions x15, 3 sets
  11. Big dick playa

    Did Bench last Thursday. Got only 8 reps with 112.5kg which is shit considering I got 16 with 105kg the week before and 7 with 120kg 4 days prior. Think I was just really tired and a little bit sick, had symptoms of flu which didn't really turn into anything thankfully. Didn't do squats cos I went up to Auckland on the weekend and ended up staying awake for 25 hours after starting work at 3am and then going out to town etc. So did deadlifts on Tuesday and did 2 reps with 200kg sumo. First time trying sumo again, felt ok but glutes were cramping up which is why I could only do 2 reps. Today i did some bench before Jiujitsu at that place and got 10 reps with 120kg which is a PB. I think the barbell may only weigh 18kg and the plates are all over the place though so might've been way less but still happy with it. Previous PB was 9 reps which was when I was strongest in May or June and I benched 155kg. So hoping that my bench will improve as it hasn't really moved since November last year. Bodyweight was 89.1kg this morning which is the most I've weighed. I don't think I've been over 89kg before. Wanna get to 92kg morning weight by ProRaw so I have 8 weeks to put 3kg on. Don't really care if it's fat and water and I'm a bloated mess. I just want to hit big PBs at Proraw and get the numbers up.
  12. The Benchpress Arch

    Usually if you have a big arch you're either a female or really small so in the end they're not doing big numbers in absolute terms. So I don't really mind tbh. Same thing as big guys having huge guts and belly benching or even having a barrel chest can cut ROM by a few inches compared to someone skinny
  13. What are some easy fast Meal Ideas

    Half a chicken and some fruit
  14. The Benchpress Arch

    Some people always gonna take it to extreme and can't really change the rules but it is a bit of a farce
  15. Real jokers!

    Fucking scum. I don't even wanna live on this planet sometimes