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  1. Good girl

    What in the f*ck is this shit
  2. Looking to buy Dianabol

    Yeah what the f*ck happened to this site. Came back on today after a few years being overseas Just a bunch of kids asking for gear or fake advertising. Is their any decent nz bodybuilding sites or I'll just go back to my Canadian forum.
  3. Best way to lose weight?

    Start off simple. KISS Wake up drink a couple glasses of water then go for a walk. Nothing crazy just what you feel comfortable with. Come home eat something simple like oats mixed with protein powder and peanut butter and some fruit on top. Join a gym and get a pt to show you the basics. Eat good food and not too much. Don't bother counting calories until u realize what good food is and how to eat properly. There's no easy remedy it takes years to make fitness a habit and not a chore.
  4. Global gym, the Mount

    Sweet keen as where abouts do you train? I usually train first thing in the morning but can fit in with you.
  5. Global gym, the Mount

    Do you compete bro? Yeah I had a chat to Kaye and she's happy to help me out so will definitely get onto that, just trying to find some like minded people here as well don't really know many people here apart from work mates.
  6. Global gym, the Mount

    Hey bro bodybuilding, I've got myself near ready a couple of times but never really had the knowledge to jump up on stage so keen to talk to some guys about it.
  7. Hey just seeing if anyone here trains at global gym in tauranga? Been in Oz for the past 5 years and just moved back home recently, came close to competing over there but once the misses got pregnant everything got a bit full on with work trying to save as much as I could. Keen to train or just chat to some guys that train there and get to know some guys that compete here.
  8. Sustanon 250 length and pct

    oh sweet I used to train at pioneer but moved to anytime coz the gears a lot better and I didnt like the opening times of pioneer, I was reading your stats seeker your a big boy :nod: I'd love to have that sort of mass on me...one day :pfft: yeah i find it the same i find people to train with but i seem to be the one thats always pushing them, should have a train sometime. anytime cashmeres a good gym all new gear and descent size you should check it out.
  9. Sustanon 250 length and pct

    where abouts is the gym beastbuilder? do you have to be a member to come check it out?
  10. Sustanon 250 length and pct

    hey seeker and beastbuilder im in spreydon and training at anytime fitness cashmere just because of the convince of it being 24hr. where do you guys train I see eastside barbell on your profile beastbuilder I've heard of it but never been. I've been training for a few years but trying to get a bit more into the bodybuilding side of training over the last year just need to meet some people with the same drive I do for the gym (which is bloody hard!) ive got a couple of mates that compete up north but don't really know anyone down here that's into it.
  11. Sustanon 250 length and pct

    Whoops! I mean 10% bf
  12. Sustanon 250 length and pct

    Yup this is my first cycle so that's why all the questions, I thought the guy I got it off was giving me good advice :? Thanks heaps for all the advice you've been a huge help and yip trying to put on some mass and strength, strength has gone up a lot and getting alot of compliments on how I'm getting slot bigger, I probly could of put on a bit more size just didn't want to put on a lot of body fat I'm at 20% now and 83kgs. If there's anyone down I'm Christchurch that's reading this and into bodybuilding I'm always keen for a yarn about training I don't know that many people down here only moved down here for work.
  13. Sustanon 250 length and pct

    Sorry spelt that wrong I mean armidex. Should I use that with the nolva for my pct, or should I start taking it now so ive got less chance of anything going wrong while I'm away just a bit worried ill be stuffed while I'm overseas and any side effects started happening.
  14. Sustanon 250 length and pct

    cheers for the quick response guys, gutted I didn't come on here sooner. I feel I've been pretty ill informed by the guy I got this off and now a bit worried how I'm going to do pct, I've got some armodex as an ai and nolva for pct but I'm going overseas for 15 days on the 11th may and the way he told me to do pct I was going to do 11 weeks on sust and 3 weeks nolva before I left but if I have to wait 18 days to start I cant really do that so would you advise me to do 14 weeks (first shot was 30/2/13) then start pct when I get back which will make it around 18 days from last shot, just a bit worried that's too long a cycle and if anything goes wrong while I'm overseas I wont be able to get anything over there. thanks heaps for the replys.
  15. Sustanon 250 length and pct

    Hey just wanting some advice on a sustanon 250 cycle..how long do you typically run it for and whats the deal with pct Iv'e had mixed answers with people saying run it for 14 weeks while others say 10 and also some people saying start pct straight after last shot for 3-4 weeks while others say wait 3 weeks then start pct. cheers fullas