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  1. arimidex instead of nolva/clomid for pct?

    it's gonna have an effect whether you are on gear or not. PCT for me is: 1.keeping LH/FSH healthy on cycle (basically keeping balls prostate running as normal) 2.clearing out excess hormones when coming off (metabolites and the like can mess with feedback loop that turns on/off the testosterone signal) 3.running products that help boost recovery 4. tapering down AAS (optional - some guys like to go from high to low and rip the bandaid) arimidex kinda helps with number 2 by clearing out excess estrogen, although you have some rebound estrogen (bigger issue for those on cycle) with arimidex.. where as aromasin doesn't have the same problem [unless there is new information on this]... but generally excess estrogen isn't a huge issue for most PCT. Nolva and Clomid are more number 3, there are a few studies showing they help boost recovery. I'd also be careful running tren right to the end of cycle, tren metabolites can be lurk around like an angry ex girlfriend for months on some people. 200mg is pretty low though.
  2. PCT or no PCT

    think we already discussed this somewhere, but I would get on a longer halflife testosterone if you wanted to try again. test-d for example or half the testosterone and use half EQ... honestly EQ is underrated for HRT ... converts to estrogen at half the rate of testosterone and converts to DHB not DHT (better for hairline). Longer half-life, less water, more RBC is a testosterone derivative unlike deca.. stuff is money for moderate cycles
  3. Steroids in NZ

    If you see someone at gym that's unnatural, just ask if they know someone for TRT. China has said they will ban the production of all raw powders Jan 1st 2020. Seems more like a sales push pre-Chinese New Year but if it is legit then you'll probably see prices go up pretty soon. A lot of the NZ scene is UG labs as customs are pretty good at stopping finished product.
  4. Side effects of test e

    There's a few too many variables to know what exactly is going on, you really need bloodwork done and you need to be able to compare to normal levels. if you didn't get bloodwork done before starting or while on, then I would start there. Any additional changes you make / homeostasis you can objectively see what's going on. right now it could be there are sensitivity issues going on with receptors, or metabolites of hormones lingering, lack of test production I think if you do decide you want to go back on, then you need to do a bit more research, there are some doctors in the US that are pro-HRT and will do a skype call with you for a fee, they will be able to give you the best advice from a professional point of view and would save you trying to work out what's right and wrong on the internet. my 2c If you do decide to go back on, use an app like https://steroidcalc.com/ to work out what frequency you need with which compound to get stable blood levels and research a bit more how long until you can expect all 2ndary effects/derivative hormones to find homeostasis. Also I'd research what you can take to keep your LH/FSH active while on.
  5. Steroid side effects

    It's not that bad, but honestly how would you feel if your boss stopped paying you for 10 weeks? That's kinda what you're doing to your boys. take hcg while on! cheap and nut friendly. if you go on permanently though, don't rely on HCG.
  6. Side effects of test e

    what was your bloodwork/numbers like before and during? Test/E2/RBC/HDL/blood pressure etc.. a doctor is going to look at your numbers and then provide a hypothesis, that in its self has its own pros and cons. right off the bat test-e has a half life of 4 days, so any longer between shots and there's going to be fluctuations in hormone levels which can cause drama. A lot of guys cruising on 250mg-300mg will go for testosterone-decanoate if they want to shoot every 4 days because it's more stable than test-e (longer 7 day half-life) more importantly aside from just what testosterone does to the body, you have all its derivatives (DHT, E2 etc) which then have their own derivatives (3a-Anderostanediol for DHT etc) All of which have their own secondary effects on the body and are also all neurosteroids affecting the brain .. also you have certain sensitivities/desensitization that have accumulated over your entire life. If you've spent 30+ years of your adulthood natural then you throw in 250mg of testosterone-e, there's going to be some calibrating... there's just such a myriad of 2ndary effects/chain of effect etc... I would be more surprised if you felt normal after 2 weeks even if you were dosing with the correct frequency there's a period you need to ride out until your body reestablishes homeostasis, and when you have a fluctuating / changing catalyst. It's going to mess with calibration... especially when the system has been operating a certain way for 30+ years. I'm not saying you should go back on, or that the internet doesn't have pitfalls.. but you get what you pay for.. that goes for $$ spent, but time spent researching too.
  7. Tapering compounds and libido

    Also isn't that well documented what is going on within the HPTA at a synapse level from not getting enough GnRH,
  8. DNP in nz

    really like dnp I like the mechanism that it raises your metabolism I like how your body doesn't have a feedback system to fight it, so there's no signicant adaption (AFAIK?) I like how heat is the detriment the problem is it's too good and people are stupid. Only ever buy DNP powder is the #1 priority. Don't ever take more than 200mg. If you think you need more or you want to lose fat faster you are doing it wrong. 200mg for 7-10days every 6-8 weeks, will keep you lean through a bulk much less risk some people only 100mg understand how it works.
  9. I would love to experiment more with doing meso-cycles between cruise dose + 250-500mg taper up-taper down with over-reaching done accordingly but it's just too much work for me right now. I think we could see more and more people looking at cycles like the way dieting and reverse dieting has changed over the last 10 years. What can you sneak "under the radar" so to speak,
  10. just to be devil's advocate here the study is founded by an Anti-Doping agency, HCG has been shown to not only increase size but also count of leydig cells, so cell death isn't really an issue, however there could be something else going on. for me personally the bigger detriment of long-term cycles is more mental, the higher level individuals who have success, status in gym. The addictive feelings from where they are at, feelings of importance etc are not maintainable and can really be quite dire once it's time to pay the piper. If your status/success in gym is the biggest factor, motivator in your life and it's more externally driven you are in for a shit time taking steroids, either by what you need to do to keep those feelings, or what happens when it's time to go off... unless you are the 1%
  11. Gotta be careful with it, pretty much has the potential to be just as bad for your head/relationships as your health. Whenver I start a tren cycle I really nail it into my head that I'm going to use this time to build mental fortitude and that whenever a negative thought or feeling enters my head I will replace it with a positive one. be proactive and prepared for what it can do, and use that time to really build a more proactive less reactive mindset (7 habits of successful people)
  12. I agree with keeping it simple, and taking fat loss low I think tren has its place in dieting, but it's serious and can be an overkill if you aren't peaking for something.
  13. Mir sue ppl responsable for this
  14. Longest cycle?

    in reality/legally/logically traveling with a vial is not that audacious
  15. Clomid/Nolva in NZ

    I would taper regardless, there are very few cases where people don't return to normal production post cycle, it's just how long it takes. Nolva/Clomid can help improve the recovery. it sounds like you have semi-limited knowledge on this, so I would find someone that can guide you through, even if you have to pay a little for it.