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  1. Bench. 60x1x5 80x1x5 90x1x3 92.5x5x5 Rope pull downs 5x15 Ezibar curls 5x12 Cable rows 3x10
  2. Deadlift 60x1x10 80x1x5 100x5x5 Speed deads, 4min rest between sets.
  3. Bench. 90x5x5 3.5min rest between sets Light rope tricep pulldowns 5x20 Ezibar curls
  4. Ride Stationary Bike: 10mins Squat 90x5x5 Light Stretches for 20mins
  5. Cardio. Bike 45mins Barbell cleans 40x5x3 60x1x3 hard these ones.
  6. Bike 5mins Leg Press 2 plate a side x lots Light stretches Squat 87.5 x5x5 OHP 47.5 x5x5 Barbell Rows 47.5 x5x5 Assisted pullups 3 x10 Chinups 1x10 Ham Curls 5x12
  7. Bike 5mins Squat 85x5x5 Bench 82.5 x5x5 Deadlift 120x1x5 4x20 standing cable crunches 4x10 tricep pull downs Ezibar curls 4 x15
  8. Squat 82.5x5x5 Bench 80x5x5 OHP 45x5x5 Cable pulls x lots no weight standing cable crunches 4x20 Lying bench rows 40kg 4x10 DB rows 30kg 5x2 each arm 1x hour 20mins.
  9. From what ive seen online it appears Jon Jones has tested positive to a banned substance, USADA hasnt said what it is. Whst happens now?
  10. Mcgregor for the fookin nook out.
  11. 10min bike Squat 80 x5x5 Bench 77.5 x5x5 Deadlift. 110x1x5 Ab pull downs 5x12 Db flyes 10kg 5x12 Leg extensions 5x12 Duration 1 hour 15mins
  12. Stationary bike 10mins Bench 75x5x5 Squat 77.5 x5x5 Row 45x5x5 Leg extensions 5x12 Ham curls 5x15 Duration 1 hour 15mins.
  13. Bike level 11, 85rpm 5mins. Squat 75x5x5 Light stretching hams, quads, groin. Lots of band exercises for shoulders, arms, tris elbows. Ohp 42.5x5x5 Deadlift Up to 105x1x5. Assisted Pull ups Close 4x10 Wide 1x10 Assisted dips 4x12.
  14. Squat 70x5x5 Bench 70x5x5 Deadlift Up to 105x5x5 Assisted pull ups 3×10 Pushups 3×10 Bi's 4x10 10kg dbs Tris 4x10 ezicurl bar 5kg on each zide Eat.