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  1. Do I really need to see a dietitian?

    Awesome! Thanks for the tips guys, I will definitely be implementing your ideas. Not looking forward to vegetables for breakfast, but it has to be done!
  2. Do I really need to see a dietitian?

    Yeah I've been 98kg's for longer than a month now. A typical days diet would be... - 10-14 weetbix - 5 scoops of yoghurt mixed with sunflower and pumpkin seeds - usually chicked or other meat in a pretty hefty sandwich for lunch - after the gym ill have a protein shake - 5-6 scrambled eggs - dinner, meat of some kind, potatoes, vegitables. Every day obviously isn't going to be exactly the same, but this would be a normal days routine.
  3. Hey guys, just looking for a little advice, preferably from experienced eaters. I currently weigh around 98kg with roughly at my guess 10 solid kg's of fat which I am looking to lose (at least a good majority of it). I was going to see a dietitian but before I do I would like to hear from others on how I should approach this. Should I just start eating healthy with lean meat following some of the meals on this website, or does counting your daily calories really matter that much? Any input would be helpful, let me know what you think.
  4. suggestions on snacks

    any other suggestions would be highly appreciated.
  5. suggestions on snacks

    helps a lot thanks
  6. suggestions on snacks

    this will sound like a stupid question to some of you but recently I've stepped up my diet and cut back on shit food resulting with a lack of knowledge in what to eat for snacks (for meals I'm eating the usual, meat, eggs, etc). Anyway my question is what do you eat for snacks, at the moment my main source is rice crackers because they have plenty of carbs.
  7. Brought "Mass-Peak" but it doesn't mix well?

    adding the ice mixed in a blender made it 100% better thanks for the tip.
  8. Brought "Mass-Peak" but it doesn't mix well?

    Awesome! thanks for the help man
  9. Brought "Mass-Peak" but it doesn't mix well?

    awesome, cheers. hopefully that works better than hardening up
  10. Brought "Mass-Peak" but it doesn't mix well?

    I guess I will just have to "harden up" maybe add a bit more water...the blender isn't a bad idea, thanks. I've been going to the gym for a couple of years now, but I am only just realizing that consuming the right nutrients is essential ( I know it took me awhile...). Anyway no I am unaware of my calorie intake requirements and I am also not counting my calories, I am just consuming as much protein as I can at the moment.
  11. Hey, I brought 4kg's of protein powder yesterday called mass peak, the company I think is called inner armour. Anyway I've tried mixing it with water/milk and even yogurt but it always mixes into a fine paste and it makes its texture is almost impossible to drink without dry reaching. Has anyone else brought this product and is having the same problem? if so what would you suggest I mix it with?