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  1. This was an awesome competition and great sponsorship. It was my first competition and I'm hooked now so the training starting next week. majorflavazz you were as tough as I expected after we warmed up together I suspected I would have my work cut out for me. Great work to win your class and then step up to the next weight class and take out number 1 there too mate. Was a great turnout and great to see the pics by pseudonym up there so quick. Looking forward to the next one now!
  2. Very cool! I'll see you there, hopefully there are a few guys to challenge in the 100-110kg class.
  3. You can get them locally from http://www.miadasport.com/EQUIPMENT-STO ... l-products
  4. You can get these online from Ironmind website http://www.ironmind-store.com/Crushed-t ... rtments/7/
  5. Hey vracula, those CoC grippers became a bit of an addictive hobby more than anything. I don't really train grip specifically as they seem to get a pretty good workout by default if you don't use straps for everything. I've won many pub arm wrestling comps and recently started attending the only arm wrestling club in Auckland if not NZ which is pretty fun and a good group of guys: http://sonsofsamson.com/
  6. Hey soundsgood, yes grip strength is an odd one to gauge. I believe like most things genetics gets you 3/4 of the way then hard work. I used to be a stone mason which helped and now work in IT. I'm 6'3" and 109kgs as of today.
  7. Hi there, thanks for welcoming me on here. Pseudonym, I have not heard it referred to specifically that way but I have been told the average body builder will struggle to close the #1 and that only 12 are certified worldwide on the number 3 this year. No one from Australia/NZ have been certified for the number 3 either. I have only met one other that can close the number 2. Takes training and a natural strong grip I think to get there. Only 5 worldwide have closed the #4.
  8. Anyone had a go with these? I'm working on closing the No #4 now. http://ironmind.com/ironmind/opencms/Ma ... crush.html No #2 = 195lbs No #3 = 280lbs This is me on the #2 and #3 today...