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  1. Predicting a shift in bodybuilding foods

    I doubt veganism is going to take off any time soon. Whats more likely is 'meat' being mass produced cheaply in a lab.
  2. I've had this happen when lifting and also while doing other sport. If my mind isn't focused on what i should be doing, then performance will be off. Doubt can be a huge factor in being able to do something.
  3. Predicting a shift in bodybuilding foods

    Why manufacture a nutrient and take it as a supplement, when you can just have a bit of meat in your diet? With all the veggies to get the other essential nutrients as well
  4. Making your own protein powder.

    Cant you just buy 20kg bags of plain whey powder from somewhere, instead of milk powder?
  5. Cream of rice OR Creamed Rice

    Looks like cream of rice is just a course type of rice flour, it should have the consistency of sand when dry. Like semolina, which can be known as cream of wheat. edit: just looked at the dates on the original posts, looks like we're a bit late
  6. Peanut Butter.

    I go for Pics. Peanuts and a bit of salt, none of the other shit that goes in the cheaper peanut butters
  7. Hip imbalance/weakness

    I have an issue with my right side glutes not working properly while running. I will be trying some single leg squats to try and wake them up /get more balanced with the other side.
  8. Bench grip

    I grip the bar so my forearms are vertical with bar on chest, pinkies just inside the rings for me.
  9. what do you drive?

    Trusty old Nissan terrano 2.7 turbo diesel. My one is slightly less like a slow old road slug than the average terrano
  10. Anyone here ride motorbikes?

    I've always been more of a dirt fan so my last motorbike was a YZ250. also had a YZ125 before that and a Hyosung GT250R for the road. I once had a go on my flatmates ZX10 ninja and thoroughly scared myself, which made me realise a powerful road bike would be the end of me haha
  11. how much sleep do you get?

    I usually get 8-9 hours.
  12. Pretty much the only unprocessed part of the supermarket is the fruit/vege section, and the meat section. In the rest you have the fizzy drink aisle, the baking goods and jams/spreads aisle, the confectionery aisle, and the cereal and pasta aisle, plus all the rest.
  13. ditching sheiko for the wookie

    I used to get really sore elbows and shoulders doing squats. I eventually figured out that I was holding some of the weight with my hands, as soon as i stopped doing that the pain went away. Might be something to watch out for. Those shoulder mobility exercises helped too
  14. 1000lb total within a year

    I'm coming up to a year of proper strength training and my numbers are about there. 165kg squat, 100kg bench, and 190kg deadlift at 83kg body weight
  15. ditching sheiko for the wookie

    Babies are perfectly built for squats, having short legs and long torso makes it easy