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  1. Thanks Dinah will give the green tea extract ago, yeah not to fust about the fat burners just like the energy pre-work out gives me (when iv tried rapz's) always feel way more enthused and commited at the gym. Due to my total lack of experience i have no idea what BCAAs is, may have to do some research *help* have you ever done any competing?
  2. Hey guys, been on a cut now for 4weeks and im wanting to to try a fat burner, pretty caffine sensitive though!. have looked on websites but rather hear someones opinion. Brought one once and It was way to much for me, literally bouncing off the walls -ended up just giving it to ma partner. Same with Pre-work outs, looking for something that doesn't have ridiculous side affects, or is two intense but gets me going at the gym... Let me know what ya think!!! *smile*
  3. hey people.. was convinced (forced) by my partner (rapz) to enter this competition, also though it would be a good incentive to get in shape this summer i really hope more girls enter haha p.s ive never done anything like this before, good luck to everyone *biggrin* my befores