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  1. Game Changers

    Got evidence that non-refined carbs are bad? Got evidence that higher % fat calories as opposed to protein and carbs is the preferred energy source? Even though I think TMAO is inconclusive, I think legumes are a healthier option than meat. Got evidence of a plant that is missing an amino acid? 2.5k calories of pea protein, tofu, lentils, broccoli, sweet potato is 538g, 293g , 200g, 170g, 56gp protein respectfully. Just because historically we ate meat, doesn't mean it belongs in an optimum diet. I don't know about hydrochloric acid but it's solely for "digesting and breaking down meat"? Seems a bit dubious. To my knowledge there's no sole adaption we've made for eating meat. @jimmybro1 Dr Avi is a medical doctor but specialises in research. He has meticulously addressed each point in a recent "debunking" of the film.
  2. Back of shoulder pain

    I'm experiencing a sharp pain at the back side of my shoulder when I dumbbell bench press. Maybe it's just below my shoulder? No pain going about my day. I think it's from a lack of rest/overuse, I did not experience a sudden injury. I have been pushing myself to my limit lately. Doesn't seem serious but what are the chances that it's serious and any insight/suggestions? Lastly, should I do any training in the mean time? Thanks.
  3. Do you even protein?

    The reasons I became a vegan was for my health, the environment and a philosophical stance on mortality, not due to whole plant based bodybuilding. The aim of this thread was to merely suggest that animal protein is not critical and that there may be some bodybuilding benefits with replacing animal protein with plant sources.
  4. Do you even protein?

    Yes. Initially, I resisted the idea of going vegan as I was certain it would impact my physical performance. Now I'm confident that is not the case and with an appropriately planned diet I feel I had an advantage. Whatever the case, honestly I couldn't really care less about being exact. As I got older, I've learnt social approval is just completely horseshit. The size of my muscles doesn't phase me like it used to.
  5. Do you even protein?

    I thought this video was interesting. According to the research, vegans have higher blood protein levels. According to this study, vegans have higher testosterone. Lowered IGF-1 from a reduction in animal products doesn't seem to hinder muscle mass. If exercise and eating healthier naturally lowers IGF-1, logically it doesn't make sense it would. Why would improving your health lower the rate of muscle growth?
  6. Predicting a shift in bodybuilding foods

    Thanks, I wouldn't of got this far without you.
  7. Predicting a shift in bodybuilding foods

    Oh look, he isn't even a MD and sells books. https://www.amazon.com/Mike-Sheridan/e/B00KSD0UFE " Despite conventional beliefs, Eat Meat And Stop Jogging contends that the instruction to limit red meat, restrict calories, increase fiber, run long distances, avoid saturated fat and reduce cholesterol is increasing our waistline, decreasing our lifespan, and leading to an unnecessary struggle. " Who wouldn't like to hear good things about their bad habits?
  8. Predicting a shift in bodybuilding foods

    Don't you mean meat?
  9. Predicting a shift in bodybuilding foods

    I have a genetic dysfunction on the last bones in my lower back. I forgot the name. It causes no pain normally unless I sit for a while. Basically, I strained the area or something and woke up the next day with severe debilitating pain. Then from that injury I was excessively standing so much because I couldn't sit down which gave me I guess a repetitive strain/pressure injury in my knees. Then I excessively used my phone in bed and screwed up my elbow from continuous repetitive use daily for months. Also, a massive strain in my back from a lack of exercise and being in awkward positions.
  10. Predicting a shift in bodybuilding foods

    "You need to take into account steroids with those bodybuilders to ." It's okay for non-vegans to take steroids but not for vegans? "Have they been vegan all their life or did they build their base from an omnivore diet." I'm guessing the majority built their base from an omnivorous diet but why are they able to maintain, make further progress and prevent from shriveling up? It's a fallacy to appeal to the majority, for evidence as to why an omnivorous diet is superior to a vegan diet. "Some still eat eggs and milk." Then they're not classified as vegan are they. " It's kind of like the whole majorly out of shape P.T giving lifting advice ." Yea lol, however, the size of ones muscles is not always relative to their level of sound knowledge.
  11. Predicting a shift in bodybuilding foods

    You're* I've explained why I haven't put up pictures. As I've posted twice before, here are a tremendous amount of vegan bodybuilders. It clearly illustrates that you don't turn into a prune when you stop eating the supposedly magical elements of meat, dairy and eggs. Again, I don't know why you would take my single set of photos as proof. Since when did anecdotal evidence become trustworthy robust evidence? https://www.google.co.nz/search?q=vegan+bodybuilders&espv=2&biw=1366&bih=662&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&sqi=2&ved=0ahUKEwj-yNeU8qHPAhXBpZQKHdpIAfkQ_AUIBigB A Brazilian who turned 126 years old last week could be oldest living person. He has smoked a packet of cigarettes a day for the last 50 years. Are you going to tell me smoking is the key to longevity, based of one single person? Are you going to purely base your judgement of the effects of a vegan whole plant based diet on muscle growth on one single case, me? http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/southamerica/brazil/10968734/Brazilian-who-turned-126-years-old-last-week-could-be-oldest-living-person.html Lastly, if you bothered to read what this thread was about then you would understand the point isn't to convert people to a whole plant based diet. I'm making a future prediction and I've provided evidence as to why I think this.
  12. Predicting a shift in bodybuilding foods

    "Stop preaching this shit if you can't back it up. " Good thing I've backed up why I think this
  13. Predicting a shift in bodybuilding foods

    I'd love for you to quote me where I have "knock everyone for busting there asses at the gym to get gains and better themselves". I'm sorry for expressing that I personally don't like the word "gains" and that it irritates me. I'm sorry. I'm guessing it's became an annoying cliche to me. I wasn't intending to put others down or hurt them. Vegans use the word "gains" and it's still the same story.
  14. Predicting a shift in bodybuilding foods

    I'm not sure why these points are been made in regards to my prediction of the bodybuilding foods of the future. "Since the beginning of the human race we were primarily meat eaters. We have incisors for tearing meat, and molars for grinding it up." The Paleolithic period represents just the last two million years of human evolution. What did our bodies evolve to eat during the first 90% of our time on Earth? "Our bodies were genetically programed for optimal functioning on a diet including meat Our genes were developed before the agricultural revolution, the human genome has changed less than 0.02% in the last 50,000 years. In hunter/gatherer societies 45-65% of energy requirements were derived from animal sources and heart disease, obesity, cavities and type 2 diabetes were not a problem. With the introduction of grains and processed foods, these diseases popped their heads up pretty quickly." If you were concerned about disease the evidence for a whole plant based diet is quite demonstrably clear as being the healthiest. It's silly to rely on the past for concrete evidence. Up until 1860 the life expectancy was only between 25-40 y/o. Modelling your diet on people that lived that long is retarded. http://nutritionfacts.org/topics/plant-based-diets/ "If it wasnt for humans eating meat we would never have advanced to the modern point we are at the moment where you can choose to be a self righteous emo vegan without dying from malnutrition." Instant fail, appeal to tradition.(Assuming that's your justification for eating meat) If it wasn't for incest, rape and slavery we would never have advanced to the modern point we are at the moment. You can also choose to be a self righteous meat eater without dying from malnutrition. "Ill stay honest and true to my human nature and have some quinoa with chilli tuna and boiled eggs for breakfast. Cheers big ears." Why do something simply because it's always been like that?