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  1. 4 months of progress

    Just cracked 230 pb deadlift @ 70 kg , goal for this year is 240 but its still early see how It goes https://www.facebook.com/plugins/post.php?href=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2Fsammy.ioannidis%2Fposts%2F10204889829280183&width=500 Hoping to do another comp this year. Get my squat and bench numbers up alsop
  2. 4 months of progress

    PB on the weekend lads 225kg @ 70kg body weight http://vid687.photobucket.com/albums/vv232/byza213/Mobile%20Uploads/2016-02/VID_22260110_060239.mp4
  3. 4 months of progress

    No plans for stage , I personally don't like the vibe from the body building culture..maybe in the future who knows. :)
  4. 4 months of progress

    Thank you Sir, feeling really good at the moment Consistency is paying off :) However I prefer to lean bulk so the process is abit slower
  5. 4 months of progress

    heres my current state lads
  6. 4 months of progress

    nice man ill be there to watch and see some of the meat heads that inspire me lol!!
  7. 4 months of progress

    yea man be good to meet ya, You going to the Arnold classic? Spoke with Alex going to be joining in the next few months when my work situ changes. Cant wait!!
  8. 4 months of progress

    Meeting with Alex tomorrow for a chat, he stoked I enquired Yea id love to compete at some stage so I guess I coach would be the way to go!!
  9. 4 months of progress

    Yea 1 rms once a week lol! Yea I could imagine proper program would benefit me!! One of the coaches added me on FB going to message him find out rates etc , I work in South Melbourne so not far at all , yea im training at such a average gym lol. Cookie cutter? yea man let me know either way will be good to follow something , thing is at my gym people don't bash around weights a lot of poses, I think im the only one who wear chucks lol
  10. 4 months of progress

    Sort of, not on paper just in my head , 2 heavy days 5x5 mostly and 1 day building up to 1 rms that's deadlifts and squats , also mix it up with 80% of 1 rms and do 3 - 5 reps 5 sets.. I could probably start doing bench twice a week , I train mixed hypertrophy and strength as I want to look good also lol How come you ask , what your thoughts?
  11. 4 months of progress

    THANK YOU SIR... THANKS FOR THAT MATE, pretty good indicator, those numbers are possible!
  12. 4 months of progress

    thanks man....yea really stoked hard out slowly paying off.... Yea i hard more in the tank to push..but being my first comp i think i was being abit conservative lol hoping for 120 bench squat 180 to 190 deadlift 240kg in 3 months time ☺ be interesting to know the numbers for my weight class be awesome to actual do a proper comp
  13. 4 months of progress

    Sup lads, Long time no post, Did my first Novus comp at PTC South Melbourne Won the mens weight/ weight ratio , weighing at 70kg Squat 170kg Bench 100kg ( least fav never do , failed at 112.5kg) Deadlift 220kg Need to work on my bench, squat and deadlift looking to step up my numbers on the next one, wasn't a struggle.
  14. 4 months of progress

    Awesome that makes me feel abit better being a complete NOVUS!!