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  1. Can a mod please move this to the garage sale section? I just saw it... sorry.
  2. Hi Guys, I have a brand new unopended tub of 28 serve VPX Shotgun that I'm looking to straight swap for protein powder. I am cycling of highly caffienated supplements while I focus on my cardio... dont need this (still finishing off my last tub) but need protein. Here is the listing on TM: http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=701430584 Im sorry if this is the wrong spot to post... I'm sure I saw a dedecated buy/sell section but I'm really having trouble finding my way around this site as of late. Thanks guys.
  3. Melvin Manhoef

    Yeah man! watched a bunch of his K1 matches a while back... the guy is impressive to say the least.
  4. Tua v Ustinov

    Wow, thanks for passing that on! great read. I really feel for the guy...... I think that I may have even seen that look on his face between rounds....there was one corner session mid way through that was quiet like a funeral.
  5. The Ongoing UFC/MMA Discussion Thread

    Yeah, I can see how GSP won too.... just...or at least I can appreciate the case that could be made. The stats could almost be edged either way (even though Hendricks has the edge) but to dethrone the champ you need the stats to be a little more one side I think. Still, I think Hendricks won this. He displayed a clear ability to dominate the champ in this fight. How the judges didn't give him round one is crazy.
  6. What size bar for deadlifts?

    Thanks man, yeah, I'll have to look into a better bar in the new year. I'm just trying to focus on getting my back positioning right, being 6'2" this will prob be the main challenge.
  7. What size bar for deadlifts?

    Man, how heavy? tbh I've only just admitted to myself that I need to get real about strengh training so all I have at the moment in maxing out an ezbar with approx 65kg of weight. I was so caught up in aesthetics this year so it was more med to high reps, so I need to score some more plates soon. The lighter weight is not too bad atm as I need to practice getting my form/technique down but I expect to be moxing into triple digits in the next few months.
  8. Tua v Ustinov

    I agree and its sad to see one of my sporting heros hang up the gloves without meeting his full potential, but hey, that time has long passed. In saying that, his performance on Saturday was not at all bad, it's just he really should have had a couple fights prior to this one to shake the ring rust. Its just.... the promotion would not have been as big. He barely broke a sweat, was sharp when he wanted to be, just not aggressive enough, was fighting a guy who did what anyone with that type of size advantage would do against a big hitter. I think Daid would have decimated Monty Barrett if he was in that kind of shape (for example). Still... 40 years is starting to push it at that level. I dont know that the result would be any different a few fights later... size matters, especially when you give up almost a foot in reach, but I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that David could still be very competitive in the world heavyweight division. I'm not saying championship bouts but I could see him in the top 20 rankings across the board if he applied himself...even flirting with top 10 .... that would need a lot of training hard word though. Anyone else notice how all the fighters on the undercard that were covered in Hydr8 sponsorship were lined up against fighters that were not up to their level? that was a shocker.... way to look after your sponsors aye. Anyway.... at least keep in shape and tell Tyson Fury that he could step in for Haye! haha
  9. What size bar for deadlifts?

    Woah, it bent at 100kg? I guess shorter bar the better then.
  10. What size bar for deadlifts?

    Thanks guys, good points to consider here. It's going to take me some time to build up to anything thats going to bend bars... but now that you mention it, that sounds like a good challenge! I see what you mean about the height and am glad that has been brougt to my attention. I'll throw a couple cinder blocks down.. Cheers
  11. Hey guys, I've finally decided to get it together and add deadlifts to my exercise regime. I really need to get a straight answer on bar size as the interwebz is all over the4 show. Does the bar size really matter? whether its 5ft,6ft or7ft? I know most would agree to the bar being 7ft due to Olympic bars being that size, but I cant afford an Olympic bar/weights at present and cant see any advantage other than the wider bar working your core more to stabilize? or is that me.... Anyway, all I know is that my faithful EZ bar is not going to cut it :-D Thanks
  12. Battle of the Fittest

    Haha, was the Bsc stand the one with the pullup rig? Saw some peeps having a go. Caught some of the action yesterday with my son, Don't know any of the competitors, but people were going hard. Handstand pushups to sprint to ring muscle ups.... serious stuff haha. Was a very good crowd and the fitness section was well laid out.. nothing really caught my eye but was able to show my son Olympic weights and show him what a crossfit comp looks like.... he didn't see the point really lol. Had a quick chat to an NZMuscle rep.... good peeps.
  13. ha, thanks for the comments. I'm as laid back as they come. Yup, have a few stress moments on occasion... but I breeze through them after a while...I'm aware that stress can cause all types of damage so I don't have time for it. Man, the more I've read up about it, the more I realize I don't need to really up my levels, and that the reality is I just wanted what most people in this game would want...... more RAAAAARH! more aggression... more power. I'm definately feeling age, but nothing is stopping me making progress at this stage. Glad I took the time to learn about these things however.
  14. Thanks for that, I'll read up on it.