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  1. Anyone know about Army/NZDF training?

  2. Sterile viles

    Customs seem to be passing on glass vial packages that they find to medsafe now...
  3. Doctor shred

    Thank you for your resume - if only I was looking for such a qualified and experienced individual such as yourself. OK sure, you don't do cookie cutter diets. PS. Yes, I have been to see you and to clarify, it was your unprofessional manner both during and after our appointment that resulted in your business, Champion Nutrition, receiving negative feedback from me. If you want to continue this conversation in this public forum let me know and I'll air the laundry.
  4. So Dianabol...RE YOUR POST 7th March 2016[ In my defence as you have made a negitive comment towards me and my bussiness but wont say who you are or put your name to your comment ] 

    Have you been to see me as a client have you?  you say our nutrition plans /diets are cookie cutter diets ,ask anyone who sees me for Nutrition if  I do cookie cutter plans.If you come to me for a consultation and nutrition plan I actually write the plan out at in front  of the client including the calories ,which they take with them ,so its hardly a cookie cutter plan ,If you purchase an online plan ,then it is personalised depending on the goals ,if you have seen one then you would realise they are not cookie cutter diets/plans .I dont usually say anything about myself or waht I have achieved or what titles my clients have achieved but you make me so angry to make a statement like that when you know nothing about me .

    I have had a part in 8 of the current NZ pro athletes nutrition on their way to Pro  ,also 3 current MR NZ Bodybuilders from INBA [Overall Bodybuilding] , IFBB Pro Classic  [Classic PRO men] WFF [Overall bbodybuilding ]NABBA[overall bodybuilding] and 2 Current IFBB MR NZ title holders [mens physique and Classic men] as well as the Current INBA MR NZ mens physique champion [who also went to Natural  Olympia and won Gold  Dec 2016 , Also 2 weeks ago My female client came top 3 at the NABBA Worlds in Spain [you can see on my IG that it was up against top quality competition ]  thats to name a few ,ask any federation and they will tell you Champion Nutrition always has quality athletes who make the overalls in every show they enter ,IN fact last year I had 122 Athletes compete sucessfully and over 80 first places ,ask any one of them if I do Cookie Cutter diets .... ask Alymer Porter , since you seem to know him .I also have 15 world titles myself and a PNBA PRO card ,and also have pages of transformations on my website [true ones] ,so I dont need to write cookie cutter plans ,as i do have a bit of experience .. maybe you may have seen or heard of a low calorie plan from me ,but probably dont know the circumstances ..a guy or girl that needs to drop a lot of weight or fat to make a comp/Fight ect  in a short time[because they have cheated or have a short time frame]   and has a strict plan to get to that goal .

    So how many clients did you have compete or what have you won ? Or have drooped 50 kilos of Fat and gone on to win a comp ? Or dropped weight /fat and felt really good about themselves ?

    1. PETN


      Read down to the bit where you said you've trained a bunch of guys that compete in what I'd loosely describe as the faggot classes of bodybuilding. Didn't read rest as assume it's irrelevant.

  5. APS

    http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/crime/92446716/christchurch-highflyers-illegal-bodybuilding-drugs-business-ends-in-jail 2 years! nzclen RIP
  6. is iherb still the place to buy stuff from ?

    Used many times bro - both reliable. I live in Aus now tho... Not sure what the status of these meds are in NZ.
  7. is iherb still the place to buy stuff from ?

    Wrong - afinilexpress ship to NZ, duckdose dont.
  8. is iherb still the place to buy stuff from ?

    Duckdose I think ship to NZ
  9. Mast - bulking?

    Masteron is rumoured to have mild anti-estrogen effects...
  10. Mast - bulking?

    I'm holding a lot of water at the moment.
  11. Dnp, t3 and Clen two week cycle

    DNP / T3 /Clen and no AAS? Good luck man
  12. Dnp + t3 + Clen = full retard?

    Haha yeah bro those were 'the days'
  13. Pec Tear

    Actually saw that mentioned on a Marc Lobliner video. I'll look into it...
  14. Pec Tear

    Happy with progress - strength & mobility. Scar tissue is the main issue, he wants me to see him more but at $120 a pop once a week is enough for me.
  15. Pec Tear

    I'm in Australia for those who don't know, I didn't have private health insurance at the time of the injury so it would have cost me around 15,000 to have it repaired immediately. I've been referred to the Gold Coast Hospital but I'm still waiting to hear from them, tear occurred 5 months ago now. Progress wise I've been doing physio / massages and I'm on my way back. I can get 3 sets of 100kg / 10 reps on the bench which I guess is ok for this far out? When I do any type of chest exercise there is relatively low to zero pain or stiffness 75% of the time. It seems to just be my strength that is taking some time to come back.