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  1. how dangerous is clen?

    lmfao hahahaha
  2. Heard it ain't to great for your heart would a 2 week cycle at mild doses say 60-80mcg cause any problems? Anyone ever experienced anything dodgy on clen? Like heart palpations etc etc
  3. dunno bout worst case but i think its just a letter home and ur address gets blacklisted for future deliveries and shit.
  4. Quick clen questions

    swt swt thanks fellas
  5. Experiment 101

    Lmfao ur fukn huge good shit bro go hard
  6. Quick clen questions

    Thanks for the help fellas my only dilemma now is drawing it out i think a 1ml oral dropper should be sweet any idea if there avaliable from most pharmacys around aukz or should i jus sus it online? Cheers again
  7. How should i dose it for the first 2 weeks and then the last 2 weeks after the break? is taurine the only supplement i should take alongside? 3000mg a day?? if its in a vial i take it im supposed to draw it out with a slin needle and squirt it in my mouth(no homo) thanks
  8. So my upcoming cycle is going to be a 16 week 750mg test e per week and dbol week 1-4 cycle, my previous cycle was a 12 week 500mg test e cycle with no ai during and minimal bloat, my source only has liquid letrozole and im not sure how to run it while im on cycle anyone have any reccomendations? Its dosed at 2.5mg per ml/10ml vial.
  9. customs advice

    Lol wat u order and wer frm?
  10. hm have always wondered this no matter what most say he was definetely on substanical doses im guess dbol test/primo or something along those lines they ran cycles for most of the year but definetly came off.
  11. Lets talk about shutdown

    How come u went for 20 weeks bro? Did u see gains like after week 12? Just give it time i reckon it will just take a bit longer to get back up there.
  12. Lets talk about shutdown

    Yea bro thats what the plan was to run the test 2 weeks after i drop tren cycle would look like this week 1-12 250mg test e week 2-10 350mg tren ace week 14-20 nolva/clomid recovery after my first test only cycle was great luckily just double minded bout this 1.
  13. Lets talk about shutdown

    Oh k, well im asking this questions because im keen on a test tren cycle as my2nd cycle with tren at 100mg eod for 8 weeks things that gives me second thoughts tho is all these people online saying how horrible tren shut down is
  14. Ive been doing some research lately about hpta shut down, now i always thpught that shutdown was shutdown theres no way u can past 0. So what im wondering is why people say that 19-or compounds eg tren and deca shut u down harder? I can understand that the deca could be due to the long acting deconate esther which will linger for longer which would be evident to why your shut down for longer but tren i always presume that due to the acetate esther it would clear out of your system faster leading to a quicker recovery??
  15. Better cycle out of the 2?

    Hey man thanks for the reply this set up sounds great! I will defintely pct off using nolva and maybe adex.