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  1. Cycle after a break

    Thanks for linking! When you say start at the lowest effective dose, is tapering up from 50mg/week (that was my final dose on my last taper off) a good starting point? How much would you increase by every week? I have about half a vial of test E left so hopefully that's enough without having to try find a new source after being away for a few years.
  2. Cycle after a break

    Thanks, yeah that's what I'm hoping; same gains with less gear. My first cycle was just 500 mg every week and nolvadex for PCT. At some point I came across the taper off technique on here which I felt (anecdotally) made my recovery much smoother and I barely felt like PCT was necessary. However, now I'm seeing recommendations floating around for a taper on strategy too. I understand the intention is to avoid homeostasis for growth purposes but other information I've read suggested that you would want your hormone levels to be in homeostasis (even if they are artificially enhanced) to minimise side effects from fluctuations. With my cycles I did feel that the sides were worst in the first few weeks and pretty mild after that (once my blood levels stabilised?) What are peoples' experience with taper on, any difference to side effects from a conventional cycle starting at max dose and did you notice a longer period of consistent gains?
  3. Cycle after a break

    Hey guys, I've lurked on and off throughout the years and recently came back to NZ for work and settling into my training again. I've done a few cycles in the past, started off with 500 mg test and repeated it a few times because it always gave good gains. I did get my best gains (97 kg, 6'1", 12%) however from stacking test with deca, about 2-3 years ago. I kept most of my strength from the deca cycle and even improved some lifts over the years but I'm down in size a lot from travelling and irregular diets. What are your thoughts on a cycle near the end of the year, could I go back to just a test cycle and still get good value? I have a couple of vials of deca and some arimidex from my travels but I don't mind saving them although the joint protection properties of deca are tempting to include. Thanks in advance.