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  1. Duromine

    I scored some Duromine a while back from the bro, and it is legit the best stuff to help drop the kilos. The bro told me that it might be hard for me to get the prescription, because I have to be quite huge 100kg+. I weigh 82kg, but I am trying to get my weight down to 75kg and can't seem to reach my target. Are there doctors out there that would prescribe it to anyone who's trying to lose weight in general?
  2. sarmsnz.co.nz review??

    Have you tried it yet? Please let us know the results.
  3. Online gym clothing stores

    NZmuscle.co.nz have really cool 😎 singlets. They are building their brand up every year! They even sell car fresheners now.
  4. Giant Sports, Giant Rush.

    DMHA is suppose to be the new DMAA. Will it live up to it's hype? Apparently, It's only going to be sold in NZ and Australia. It looks pretty legit. The DMHA is an ingredient called: Kagelia Africana Extract (It's a fungi tree, I think, sorry if wrong) The stuff looks legit. So I ordered some and I should get it on Friday.
  5. Finasteride and minoxidil hair loss cycle

    I've had a few people message me so I have copied and pasted the following. Hello Bud, Okay, I found the clinic on www.whatclinic.com, and got in contact with them, made them send through medical certificates, patient reviews, clinic photos, cleanliness of clinic, etc. They then asked me for photos of my receding hairline. They then examine the photos and can figure out how many follicles you will need. The cost they decide is final, you can try to haggle them down, I did. Ask them how much more it will cost for all medicines, etc. I did all my research on whatclinic.com and India is by far the cheapest place to go. A few things to consider before you go. You do need a VISA. Get the E-tourist Visa as this also includes your medical certificate to allow you to get surgery done. It costs about $60 and you can do it all online. My VISA was accepted the next day via email. You print it out and put it with your documents. https://indianvisaonline.gov.in/visa/tvoa.html The flights I found were through: http://www.skyscanner.co.nz/ And the hotel I booked was through: https://nz.hotels.com/ . They have rooms in the clinic that are a lot cheaper. They are very basic looking. I decided to treat myself to a hotel. Only negative is that I should have got one a lot closer to the clinic. Okay, India! The place is a shithole. However, I was going only for the sole purpose of getting the surgery done, because it was an absolute bargain. Be prepared for a MAJOR culture shock if you do go. A few thing that will stand out: The air quality is bad (smells like either, death, stink, or pollution, even a mixture of all), It can get hot (go during their Winter period and you should be fine), very crowded, constant tooting of horns (the sound never stops, even during the nights), poverty is really bad, rats roaming the streets at night as if they own them. Now the positives of India. Everything is cheaper than Thailand. Food, taxis, shopping, gold, etc. are very affordable. The food is very tasty and they have different dishes from around the world as well. They don't eat beef, never ask for cow! (They will have their machetes out ready to kill you) Keep in mind I only stayed in Mumbai. Mumbai is the most populated city in India. I found the people to be friendly and helpful. Overall, I was very elated with how my surgery turned out. The clinic is very clean and modern. You grow a friendship with all the staff. Just be friendly and they will treat you the same. Even the shopping malls are pretty cool. Feels like you're stepping into America, as soon as you leave the mall, "HELLO INDIA!" My hair has almost all fallen out now. I have to wait for about another 1-2 months and it will start growing. In the medicine costs they also provide hair care products that will last you 6 months once you get home. Make sure they write a medical certificate, just in case customs try to take it. If you have anymore questions let me know. They have a Whatsapp number, if you'd like me to flick it through to you. In my personal opinion, if you're looking to get the surgery done on a budget, India is MOST definitely the place to go. If you're looking for surgery and a nice vacation, but happy to pay a bit more, then Thailand would be the next option. Just remember you can't get insurance for surgery overseas, It's a risk that you have to take. You can still get general travel insurance though, and I would highly recommend that you do. I paid only $1200nz for my 2000 FUE transplant. I said that I was a student and was shopping around for the best quote. They will tell you to send through photos via whatsapp. They then figure out roughly how many follicles you will need and give you a firm and exact quote on the cost (You can try to negotiate prices) ? just make sure to say that it's for an FUE transplant. FUE is a bit more expensive, but better than a FUT. The name of the clinic is Artius Cosmo Clinic. Search it in Google, they have an email address on their site. Yes, 1200nz was an absolute steal. I was on a budget and couldn't turn down that deal. India has loads of hair transplant clinics, it's a very competitive industry, that's why it's so affordable. Dr. Rahda's Whatsapp number. +91 84240 44639. Make sure to add the + before the 91 when you insert the number. If you're white, expect a lot of stares in India, especially if you're tall, or you have lots of muscle. They'll be asking if you are a wrestler or boxer, lol. You do get your hair shaved off before transplant :(
  6. Cutting cycle.

    Disregard this post. I have made up my mind and decided just to train harder without running a cycle.
  7. I still remember the first time I signed up to the old Golds Gym in Rotorua about 13 years ago. Bodybuilding wasn't as popular then as it is today. I have seen quite a significant influx of younger people, especially girls, joining the gym in the last 5 years. I think the average Joe Blog wants to be more than 'just average'. Social media is manipulating their minds. They see instagram photos of bodybuilders or physique models, and think that's not the average lifestyle, I want to be a part of this era. I personally think bodybuilding is going through a peaking trend and eventually it will stagnate again, over time. Callum Von Moger is the new Arnold. When young kids see photos of him they think, ' I'm going to look like that when I'm older'. The reality is, that these poor sods think it's easily obtainable, about 5 years later down the track after they joined the gym and worked the hard yards they realise it's never going to happen. So most guys then realise it is nothing more than just a distant dream. They then tend to look to a source of a more achievable physique that they can mimic. Sergi Constance is a prime example of what is a more realistic physique that most young people want to obtain as it looks aesthetically pleasing, well that's how the fitness magazines and social media betray the image. You see this ripped dude drinking a protein shake or some tasty alcoholic beverage and you see an aesthetic tropical background, or an expensive looking view of some sort that ties in with the fitness industry image. The fitness industry is HUGE nowadays and they are milking it as much as they can, while they can. People these days want to belong to something that will make them not 'just average'. It's not just bodybuilding. It branches out to other fitness sports like, Crossfit, MMA, etc. In regards to powerlifting not being as popular as the other fitness fields. My guess is that powerlifting is viewed as a really tough and challenging sport that is only meant to be for big solid people? http://spotmebro.com/dont-need-powerlift
  8. Finasteride and minoxidil hair loss cycle

    They give you a general anaesthetic. It doesn't feel painful at all. I'm sure a tattoo is way more painful.
  9. Finasteride and minoxidil hair loss cycle

    The hair-transplant took a total of 7 hours. The donor site they used was the back of my head. I spent 3 hours lying on my stomach so they could harvest the 2000 follicles from the donor site. Then they flipped me over and started planting them into the areas of my receding hairline. It took a bit longer for them to plant the hairs. There is no downtime, I was allowed to go back to the hotel an hour after the operation. I only had a list of rules to take back to the hotel, along with medication, pretty straight forward really. 3 days after, they gave me a drugstore of hair care products. The success rate of the follicles surviving varies from person to person, but once they are firmly implanted they are there to stay for good. I was reading somewhere that the success rate is pretty high, like 90%+, depending how you look after the hair post-op. The clinic ran blood tests prior to the op. They also said that my receding hairline was due to aging, and that future implants will be necessary over periods of time. To be frank, I'd rather start tackling the problem now, then having it be a BIG ISSUE when it's too far gone. I told the clinic that I would be back in about 6-10 years time to get another transplant. Hair transplants are popular in Navi, Mumbai, as you see these clinics all over the place. That's why it's cheaper, more competition. I was actually told that I could have gotten it even cheaper. However, I ain't complaining, I still got big savings. My transplanted hair is starting to fall out now, it's a part of the cycle. The follicles then lay dormant for about 3+ months, before they start growing again like normal hairs. They even have robotic machines that can perform hair-transplants now.
  10. Nar Labs debate

    It makes you wonder how many other protein brands are actually underdosed. Companies these days will try anything to cut costs, just to get a more competitive edge through conning the consumer into thinking it's legit, when in fact it ain't jack shit.
  11. Finasteride and minoxidil hair loss cycle

    I just got a 2000 FUE hair transplant. I only paid $1200nzd. Had to fly to India as they were the cheapest, even cheaper than Thailand. I stayed in Navi, Mumbai. All up, I paid, $1200 for hair transplant/medicines/taxes, $1200 for the flights, and $1000 for Hotel accommodation (10 days). I was on a holiday for 10 days, whilst I was getting the transplant. Food, transport, and shopping are cheap az chips. It's been 2 weeks post op and I am overly happy with the results, thus far. I had a receding hairline and I just wanted to make it look like my early 20's again. It actually looks better than what I had in my 20's. This is the place where I got it done: https://www.practo.com/navi-mumbai/clinic/artius-cosmo-clinic-kharghar Dr. Sagar and his team are very professional and the clinic is very clean and modern. Nurses are very polite and attentive. Just be in for a culture shock, if you do decide to make the trip over. Also, book a hotel that is close to the clinic. I stayed at the Yogi Executive, it was a bit too far away. Had to pay a bit extra for transport fees. Oh, and make sure you go during there winter period. Even during Spring it averages about 30-40 degrees. Luckily, I only just found the heat to be bearable, mainly thanks to air-conditioning . If I got the operation done in NZ it's about $5, probably even more, per follicle. That's $10,000!! Better to go for a holiday to India/Thailand and get the operation done and still come back knowing you made savings. Photos below are the results, taken a couple of hours after transplant. You can see where the new hairs have been planted in the 2nd photo. They wrap a band around your head, don't know why though??
  12. NZ Fitness Expo

    You actually look pretty good in comparison to him. I heard that he's well known. Keep training hard bro.
  13. NZ Fitness Expo

    BAHAHAHA! You are a cheeky fellah, Maccaz.
  14. Hey _jco. You have a good base physique to start from. You can only get bigger and better, if you stay on track. Best of luck with your competition. Let us know how it goes.