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  1. The Shadow!

    Absolute Legend. Met him at Gymeez yesterday, got a bit starstruck by the whole thing and kinda mumbled my words when I got to talk to him, that's ok though it's not like it was a once in a lifetime thing right? Where's the seminar being held?
  2. Overheard in the gym.

    Other guy - "Yeah my mate got real fat so he can turn it into muscle" Me - "You mean he's bulking and putting on a bit of fat as a result?" Other Guy - "Nah he didn't train, he got fat so he had more fat to turn into muscle"
  3. NZPF Bench Press Championships Results

    Will definitely come for a watch hopefully I can make it for the 2pm lifts. :nod:
  4. New to New Zealand CHCH and need a BB Gym

    Now, now chemo Snap is still a step up on Jetts. At least they have free weights, now I know the ChCh Snaps arent great, but I train at the one in Wellington and it does the job for now, they've got a couple of power racks and dumbbells go up to 45's which isn't too bad. Space for deadlifts and olympic lifting too. Leg press can take 12 plates a side. For a 24 hour gym i'm pretty happy with it. As for ChCh I'd say Fitness Canterbury or Eastside. Try them out and see which suits you better. Personally I'd go with Eastside, but then again what do I know I train at a Snap. \:D/
  5. Great way to start a workout

    No better way to start your work out
  6. Royal oak Jetts gym

    and it is obvious you don't like persisting with things. One post wonder. Is the training like this too? One bench press and no need to return? Oh I am talking to myself. :roll: Hey that's not fair, maybe there is a queue to use the computer.
  7. Overheard in the gym.

    aesthetics crew pack leader - "the sled weighs 75kg, so thats 115kg i'm leg pressing" well technically you're right. :roll:
  8. stretch marks

    It's true my friend :shifty: got them when he started training with powerlifters.
  9. Sore Triceps from Pullups

    Dead hangs, and I usually start with pull ups. (after a small warm up). You couldn't get me do kippings if you paid me. *UPDATE* Tri's were fine today, so hopefully it was just a one off. Cheers to people for their opinions/help. Back is now nice and thrashed.
  10. Hey Guys, Was doing a back workout on thursday and while doing pullups the long head my triceps started getting really sore . Now i've noticed they get a bit of work when I start fatiguing on pull ups previously, but this week it was agony, of course I kept going coz seriously screw not finishing my workout. They feel fine now but I want to make sure i'm not gonna do any permanent damage. Is this just a case of being fatigued from my chest/tricep workout on monday or should I be a bit concerned. Does anyone else find this or is my form just not quite right.
  11. stomach flatening, possible?

    Probably unlikely but do you have Lordosis? I see it in a lot of guys who don't do enough work on their transverse abdominus, and have weaknesses in their glutes and "lower abs".
  12. Muscle Ups

    Just an idea but if your gym has an assisted pull up machine try practicing on that.
  13. bench goes horridly wrong

    Not gonna watch it... Nope deifnitely not... No way I want to see this... Ok just a quick look, It can't be that bad... F#%k that :shock: , I actually feel physically ill now. :puke:
  14. Anxiety after substantial weight loss

    I can understand that, When I first stepped into a gym I was 108kg and didn't have the strength/control to bench press the bar by itself, and talking to women was basically a no go. over the following two years, I started "training" and was runnning 40k a week, I lost 34kg, so I was basically a stick. To be honest it didn't improve my confidence or anxiety either, screwed up my knees pretty good though. At the end of the day while it does feel better and is far healthier for you to have a lower amount of bodyfat it doesn't always equate to confidence. My advice would be to look into joining a community (as you have now by joining this site :wink: ), or a sports team or taking a job with a lot of human interaction, while it may seem scary, being part of a group really does help your confidence, especially when you have the support of your peers. The other thing you can do and is probably one of the reasons you joined this site is to start training with bodybuilding/powerlifting in mind, I find alot of people who start out bodybuilding do so because of a lack of self esteem (I'm probably gonna be crucified for that statement) they don't have the confidence to approach others so they make themselves bigger and more muscular thinking it will draw people to them. What you will find however is by taking body building/power lifting seriously you become part of a larger community both in and out of your gym and that can do wonders for both your anxiety and confidence. As someone who knows what it's like i think it's already a big step you've taken joining this community and i think it will do wonders for your anxiety.
  15. The leg press makes a good

    Interesting, Um I'd say as long as sitting in the Leg Press Machine doesn't affect your form and no one's waiting to use it for, you know, Legs. Go nuts.