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  1. Hey gym rat/jim jim

  2. rich much

    http://www.streetfire.net/video/ferrari ... _term=img2
  3. Getting ready for summer.

    touche :clap:
  4. Getting ready for summer.

    eat more dude that's no where enough food to put on weight and start going to the gym :pfft: Dont worry about cutting and what not your 17 just eat clean, train hard and do some cardio people get so preoccupied with "bulking and cutting" just eat clean all year, or is it just that people use that as an excuse for being fat and their diet of bk is just for "bulking"
  5. Girls that piss me off

    hahaha manadvice
  6. Girls that piss me off

    she should have included air lats
  7. Girls that piss me off

    fucking oath stupid bitches
  8. Cameron fight

    alot of talk about tyson he was an animal, and had shit for brains they way these people go through money is mental 50cent must have got a deal on his house though. Mani Pakieow* spelling is wrong a kbf finding the word. the malaysian guy is fricken wicked boxer
  9. Cameron fight

    Your not wrong my good sir not wrong at all, hes like one of those bobble heads as the fight last night showed so badly. Green will out box Shane all day and night long nuff said
  10. Cameron fight

    Who watch his fight last night on Moari tv? Was great best ive seen in along time, very brutal with Shane taking alot of hits with his face i was almost thinking he was going to fail. Just as i say to the mrs Shane will lose on points, bam he unloads with a great combination and the dudes legs turn to jelly, good tuff fight whoever the other dude is he fought very hard. Cameron is looking good at the weight he is now, fight between him and danny green on the cards next?! Cant wait for that one
  11. Hairy hairy hairy sooo hairy

    haha not the way i do it buddy she held out almost a week \:D/
  12. Kronic

    my good sir i like how you pass judgement without even knowing me Im hurt that jimjim thinks im a boob :cry: you made my point for me \:D/ WINNING
  13. Hairy hairy hairy sooo hairy

    ahahahaha i knew you guys would feel my pain, shell be right treat em mean keep em keen its good for her to know i dont always do what she wants me to do lol However no women even look at me now hahaha FAIL Can you say rapist
  14. Kronic

    POO ive smoked once in the last two months you tit :clap: Dont take the piss out of my dreams dude ive worked hard to get where i am by myself from nothing. unlike alot of others i dont have anyone to rely on i am an orphan and this is why i am driven to be "mr millionaire". Good to see out of all that info and relative points the only comment you could come up with was taking the piss, this is the problem with this country no one gives a flying f*ck but you all bitch and moan. That was generalized at everyone jim not just you, i write like i talk "bro" wasn't aimed at anyone
  15. Kronic

    as matter of fact i have, but the facts are that "refer" can lead to mental illness however this is only due to long term over use i.e. smoking all day everyday for years and more often than not there was an under lying condition or history of mental illness in there family. Same thing happens if you smoke or drink everyday and this is legal. The fact of the matter is that marijuana has never, i repeat never killed anyone ever full stop! Can we say the same about the acceptable "drugs"??? Refer madness was created out of false facts and fear, it was used to scare people in an age when people would believe in what they where shown or told without doubt. There is a big difference between having a smoke to relax and smoking all day everyday, this is the same with drinking the odd drink after work on fri is not bad for however drinking two 18 packs of beer every day is just going to lead to issues. but once again this means looking at our own culture and ourselves which we don't like to do at all. And believe me drinking like this is not uncommon at all, i work in a bottle shop so i am abit more aware than the average chap. I am not condoning going and getting "blazzed" off your tits as it where however people need to face the facts, weed is one of the popular drugs in this land and the world, next to booze and cancer sticks however which one kills person upon person every year every day in fact and why are these "drugs" accepted into society? tax this is way This country has one of the worst rate of alcoholism in the world, yet the govt is still pumping out propaganda and pro prohibitionist information like no tomorrow, still spending millions on getting rid of a "plant" and wasting police reasouces when they are despitly needed else where. I think personally it is more than time that we face facts and look at the real issues we have and get tuff on them. Pot is not the root of all evil and this is the real truth! FYI it might pay to look at the facts before spouting out info, recently a world renowned Professor on alcoholism visited NZ and gave a talk at Auckland uni. He recommended to the govt that they act now in order to prevent serious future problems, he alos stated that this country has a culture of binge drinking, drinking in total excise and drinking to get drunk this is in our culture and has been for generations. His conclusion was that it shall not change until someone in a position of power i.e. a rugby player stands up and says this is a serious issue and something needs to be done. Makes people nationwide aware of this epedemic and the issues it is bringing to our society as a whole and the negative impacts it has on us all. This is just the same as the situation as we are facing with depression, and the solution that has been so successful with the ads that feature John Cirwin. Not everyone who smokes "pot" is an idiot who has nothing to say of value is uneducated or a crazy bogan who has no goals or drive. Before you take things at face value, get the real facts bro in this day and age it is easyer than ever. btw i work about about 30 hours a week, go to the gym four to five days a week and train hard, have almost finished my degree in business marketing advertising major, have a successful relationship with my partner and plan on becoming a millionaire and very successful business man. I smoke pot to relax the difference i don't let it run my life i can take it or leave it not a problem, how many people who drink or smoke cancer sticks can say this...........