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  1. Is it this simple

    Thank you, this is exactly what I needed 😃 And no I'm not being sarcastic
  2. Is it this simple

    Right oh, so all I'm looking for is a yep your on the right track or nah just so this or change this and you'll be good. Right so goal is bf reduction. I'm 35 trained on and off for 15 years, bf when I started was 35% (3 months ago). Goal is get to a guesstimate sub 20% Im "over weight", 170cm weigh 95kg, started at 106kg. What I've been doing so far is using mfp, making sure my protein is high around 150g a day, and making sure I'm in a deficit. lift about 4 times a week, it depends on work and commitments. Try to prioritise sleep. Cardio I do some skipping, rope work, kettles, stationary bike and treadmill max incline for at least 10 mins end of session. Lifting I go for big Compounds and some accessory, I have about 8 different programs I follow doing at least 7 exercises a day. If I want to loose weight and body fat am I on the right track? Deficit is sitting at around 500cal def. Work is reasonably sedentary, truck driver on rotational shift. Any advice appreciated or if you think I'm on the right track and it's as simple as cals in cals out and lift heavy that's good. Don't wanna be super man, just a big lighter and have a bit of muscle underneath once I'm done. Not interested in keto, don't believe it's required. Any advice appreciated
  3. Intermittent fasting

    Thanks for the input guys. Will read that link pseudo. And agree all about what works for the individual
  4. Intermittent fasting

    Anyone do it? Or tried it? Pros, cons? Your experiences? Most interested in Michael moseley suggested 5 days non 2 days fast. Just as a general interest. If you think it's shit say so. Any information would be great
  5. Chicken

    Pak n save, $8.49/kg Friday - Sunday, skinless boneless.
  6. Some thoughts for the future..

    OK yeah all meals are very close to even. Timing I have to make I fit what I'm doing. How should I asses each change? Time frame for result? I do get what you mean by play around with it. My next step would be if it doesn't work, drop protein to 190 and up carbs? Edit. Had an additional thought, if I find it tiring to do training on night shift, should I change to lifting on dayshift only and leave night shift for rest (days effectively 6 including days off, nights only 3) always sleep better for nights than days. I get what your saying Harry too about just experiment and see
  7. Some thoughts for the future..

    Cheers Harry. From what I observe, when I drop my carbs to 150 I feel fucked all the time, usually on nights I can lift after if I'm up around 200 last night on 150 I was that tired I had to go home and sleep. Should I perhaps, drop protein back to 200 keep carbs at 200 and put the rest into fat? Or just play around until I see the scale move? Thanks for the advice
  8. Some thoughts for the future..

    Harry 200~220 lately 220
  9. Some thoughts for the future..

    ok thats cool and thanks My main worry is im actually more sedentary than i estimate, hence no scale loss. I read this..... http://rippedbody.jp/complete-diet-nutrition-set-up-guide/ As recommended by yourself in another thread, it seemed to make sense, it would also imply that i havent been consuming enough fats. My fat intake is generally only 43-55g, but it suggests anywhere from 65-90g based on my LBM. *edit* fair to say i should have been consuming more fats? Following that i also calculated through the navy seal method that my LBM is 69kg, and my total weight being 99kg, giving me a depressingly high BF% of 29.9% Should i just be focusing on overall cals not macros as the guide suggests? i did find interesting what he said about water and fat cells filling. however i havent yet experienced the woosh. What i have adjusted in my diet from reading this is, increased fats, added vegetables to every applicable meal (I was having them with tea, but added some to lunch), added some fats, added fruits (banana at breakfast, apple at lunch). Good idea, bad idea? should i bother to adjust anything? my problem is, i reckon 150 Carbs is pretty low, and am i going to have to drop more if and when the weight drops, if so, im going to have f all room to move, i reckon i could get it down to 80, but thatd be the end of the line. Thoughts Pseudo? Maccaz im just trying to gain greater undrestanding and make it sustainable.
  10. Some thoughts for the future..

    It's not the same question. And I'm asking cause I'm not really getting a straight answer. Even something like set your variables and adjust from there. How do I know what to adjust. On days I'm c150 I feel emaciated and fd. I don't believe I should go lower but scale weight isn't changing that's why I'm asking. I was interested in what pseudo had to say.
  11. Some thoughts for the future..

    OK. Makes sense. So if I am a relatively sedentary truck driver. Lift 3-4 times a week, cardio 3 times a week, which activity level do you think would fit best? I'm pretty consistent with eating and lifting, muscle looks like it's developing, but scale weight doesn't really change. I would have thought given what I'm consuming, I would expect to see a drop? Or am I wrong? Cheers for the more in depth explanation
  12. Some thoughts for the future..

    Cheers. So is all this bmr just unrealistic or doesn't matter or just a number or what? Depending on where you look the variance is huge.
  13. Some thoughts for the future..

    Been doing some reading, probably not the best thing to do but anyway just thought I'd get some feedback. A lot of things I'm reading is saying go 200 below bmr. My bmr according to most calculators is between 1900 & 2100 cals a day. Currently I consume around 2000-2300 cals a day. I reckon 1900 or 1700 is too low. Am I right? My physical weight seems fairly constant, 99kg. Even with cycling and doing low intensity cardio, even when I'm doing 220p150c60f there are periods of the day I feel emaciated and fucked. I do think I'm getting mirror change. Deloaded Squat 10% about three lifting days ago cause I felt it was getting too much for knees. Should I be changing exercises altogether? Or just add more assistance type? I'm not saying nothing is happening I'm just crossing fingers I'm doing it right cause I would have thought scale weight should shift also. Or do I opt to not weigh? Not quiting or getting cold feet!
  14. Some thoughts for the future..

    Just a quick update, actioned what was suggested and seem to be improving again, although some days I feel pretty drained. Side note yesterday I went through 6.5l water. Destroyed my ohp plateau and everything else coming along nicely. Have started cardio every other day either 30 mins rowing, or 20 mins Eliptical fasted. on days off plan on doing a longer mountain bike ride of around 1-1.5hrs. Am carb cycling which I don't find too bad, stomach definitely growling like f some mornings though. Thanks for all suggestions if there are any others please let me know
  15. Some thoughts for the future..

    OK I'll give that a shot thanks Harry. If I'm going climbing should I introduce more carbs on that day? Typically three to five hours up and two to three back or just see if I can do it with normal food and let body chew through the fat? And one last question. My fitness pal, so what is the correct macros for beef schnitzel uncrumbed? Around 30p6f per 100g? I find some of its a bit inconsistent and hard to get a true measure. Is there somewhere that tells you whats what as far as meat goes? Or Is all red meat the same? I know probably dumb question