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  1. True, though I'm still going to look a bit stupid standing there with a full beard and no boobs competing against women I guess the issue here is that MTF seem to have an advantage wheras us FTM guys are at a distinct disadvantage in the mens comp but there is no way we should be in a womans comp. I'm more than happy to compete in a mens comp though, I chose to become legally male, it's my own problem that I'm not as physically strong . . . it's a bit harder on MTF though, conventional medical and training wisdom would put them at an advantage in the womans comp
  2. So the solution is to not compete at all?
  3. By that definition though I would get to compete as female . . . With all the bonuses of 5 years of testosterone . . .
  4. I tend to agree on all fronts here. I do think she has been advised not to speak. I get the feeling this whole thing is bigger than just the competition.
  5. I think probably because you are calling someone who has medically and legally transitioned to female a "dude" your comments could be construed as hate. As an aside, I have heard really good things about Hubbard in terms of who she is as a person, gutless doesn't come into any of them. Someone had to stick their neck out about this and she has done so . . . As expected it's brought about a bigger conversation around this sort of thing and has people thinking of potential solutions . . . Admittedly at the expense of a who heap of people who don't know her questioning her motives and character. I wouldn't call that gutless to be honest . . .
  6. I know there are FTM specific powerlifting and bodybuilding comps in the states. They are pretty niche and the competitor pool is pretty small but they do exist. I'm not sure on MTF type stuff but I do know they have specific beauty pageants (which I would say a bigger proportion of them are into vs powerlifting . . .) I have a feeling a lot of people will see that as akin to the "separate but equal" argument about apartheid however. They would like to be able to compete aginst their recognised gender instead of banished to their own category. I get both sides, I would like to compete against guys, I also get that physically I will never be fully equal and would be better placed in a comp against trans guys. MTF are a bit more complicated though as all logic points to them having an advantage in standard competition. Just a sidenote, this is all entirely my own opinion, I would venture a lot in the trans community would like to fight to be in standard competition . . .
  7. While I tend to agree here, without her deciding to compete this issue would never have come into "wider" discussion and therefore a solution would never have been discussed. As much as it's shit for all involved, someone had to stick their neck out to do it . . .
  8. My legs look far better in heels now I also wear more makeup now than I ever did before. The whole thing is a clusterfuck of politics and science and I don't think there will be a real answer to this any time soon.
  9. Your jealousy is showing PETN, just because you can't rock the fishnets and heels doesn't mean you need to attack those who can :-P
  10. Lol, I tend to end up in that position as soon as I out myself to people anyway I'm not 100% sure, it would depend on what the research said but I would think there would need to be some changes made in the category people are placed in. Whether seperate TG catergories (not ideal) or some form of grading/hanicap system. For me, my current life example is the police force fitness test. I am being graded as male on the 2.4km run. On the face of it this seems fair enough, I am legally male and have a full beard . . . I also, however have smaller lungs and heart to that of someone born male so the test is a fair amount harder for me than for them. In this instance I could fight to be classed as a special snowflake, the reality is I will just work my ass off harder than the rest to make the grade. My ideal though would be that I was graded aginst the time for the age bracket above mine, I would see this as a fair compromise. I'm not asking for female times, 5 years of T means I should be doing well better than that, the science is too far behind on this one thought to know exactly where I should be.
  11. Howdy I know the issue isn't exclusion however even in the instance a separate category isn't really viable either. Like you, I would like to hear from others at the top level on this one. I would also like to see way more research done. Again all as I really have here are anecdotes and personal experience but the hormones and body structure you have in your formative years seems to have a huge impact on strength and physical fitness post-transition, going both ways. With very different strength and hormone profiles I don't think a single TG category would cover it either. For most sports it should be fine to throw FTM guys into the male category, I can't think of too many sports where we would be at an advantage. It's definitely a tough one though.
  12. I know based on my previous posts I am probably expected to jump in here and say something completely PC. The truth is though, based on my own experience of transitioning the other way, there are physiological differences and advantages of the lifetime of testosterone that can not be underestimated. I don't think the solution is to bar trans athletes from competition and those who are competing now are doing so within the rules and boundaries of their sports (I know for a fact that trans wrestler didn;t want to compete in the womens section at all) but there needs to be a metric shittonn more research done. Interestingly enough, even in social sport this is an issue. Up until about a year ago I could have been forced to play indoor netball as a female, complete with full beard, just because that's what my birth certificate said . . . Realistically I could train and lift for the rest of my life and never be able to reach the strength I would have if I had have been born male, should this exclude me from all sports though? Same goes the other way, potentially other solutions about competing in different weight classes etc could be used, more research is most definitely needed though.
  13. Anyone know about Army/NZDF training?

    Thanks, I'm putting swimming in as the cross training and as soon as I can comfortably make the run standard I will be doing more of a functional fitness type thing so I am all round fit for entry. 12 weeks wouldn't be a problem, I am down to 3 weeks before my first practice. I think I will just have to suck it up and realise that this will ONLY be a practice and I will be pushing shit uphill to pass this time around. It's all learning though and by the time I book in for the next practice I will be smashing the time.
  14. Anyone know about Army/NZDF training?

    Thanks man, perfect solution. I will start that. Sounds very similar to what I am doing unintentionally with the swim I'm already doingh pushups straight after my run as I had a feeling I would struggle after the run (and I was right)
  15. Anyone know about Army/NZDF training?

    Thankfully round 1 is a practice anyway so failure isn't such a bad thing. But you may well be right there . . .