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  1. hey guys can anyone point me to a decent workout plan just to build muscle and power?? like a 4 day plan or something like that..thanks
  2. awesome bro! thanks for the advice!!! :clap:
  3. cheers mate, im really keen to hear peoples advice on suppliments? like whats the best type of protein i should get and should i be taking anything like kre-alkylin etc?
  4. Hi guys my names dan just joined up tonight. im a former rugby league player (national age grade) and now a current coach for a youth rugby league team and im really feeling the buzz to get back into training unfortunatley i have been out for 6 years and in that time i have had 4 kids and let myself really go. i just turned 24 years old, 130kgs and really out of shape, still have quite big shoulders and arms just the big gut lol...i find it really difficult to get a solid routine going being so busy but have found a local gym thats 24hrs so thats good. i have just purchased iSatori PWR as i find that i need a extra kick to get me through a workout...any advice and/or help for me to reach my goal of 110-115kg would be awesome! im new to these kinda forums so yeah sorry for any noobie mistakes i make lol. cheers guys look forward to chatting with you guys! Dan